Posted on: 18th Jul 2019

How Can Homework Improve Productivity?

Homework is usually given by the teachers to the students for years in order to improve their productivity in the field of academics. It is regarded to be an important part in the fields of academics. Homework is given to the students to improve their skills and learning ability.

This is beneficial for the overall learning of the students. But in some circumstances, homework really does not goes out well with some of the students, especially when the homework is given more and students spend excess time doing homework.

How Can Homework Improve Productivity?

Homework should be given to the students in such a manner that it is easy to digest. If it is given in excess quantity it will hard for the students to digest it. This will also not improve the productivity of the students.

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Does Homework Improve Academic Productivity?

Parents and teachers alike realize the real struggle of doing homework which is done by the students. The young students studying from Kindergarten to high school toils hard to do homework. Moreover, the teachers also make the students learn the lesson perfectly in order to prepare for the upcoming examinations.

But when the teachers give more homework task to get completed, the students cannot improve their productivity because after returning from their schools and colleges they have very less time to practice new skills or revise their lessons before exams.

This is due to the reason that the students were exhausted after the learning session the entire day at schools or colleges.

Most of the times, both students and parents in Singapore think that if giving homework is really meant for improving and increasing academic productivity among the students.

Teachers think that homework is only meant for increasing the learning ability of the students. But in the end, both teachers and parents want the same thing and also wish that the students excel in their studies and learning for a lifetime.

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Significance and Importance of Doing Homework

Most of the students might disagree on this fact that homework has its own importance. It is very useful for the students to practice some of the subjects such as Math, Grammar or any other subjects which needs a lot of practice to excel in those subjects.

Repeated practice of homework task of Math and Grammar and revising those helps you learn new methods to solve the questions with the right answers. Doing homework every day will increase your knowledge and will also let you prepare for your upcoming tests and exams.

Another reason for homework having a greater significance in the life of the students is that it teaches them to have a deep study and research of the topics and lessons which are taught in the class.

The homework task given to the students especially at Singapore provides them the sense of independence and responsibility among them. As a responsible student, they learn to make themselves responsible for their own academic performance and also learn to take control of academic activities.

The capacity of Homework Students Can Handle

Students must be assigned the quantity of homework task on the basis of their education level. A first-grader must be given only those homework tasks which can be completed in 10 minutes. A high school student can expect to do homework every night in the duration of 2 hours.

Moreover, if there is a scarcity of time in case of some subjects such as Physics, then they can take Physics homework help online from the experts.

Students must be given only those homework tasks which can be completed within these time periods. This sounds quite reasonable if the students get only that homework which can be completed in those times.

If the students exceed these time period then they will have very little time to get involved in relaxation, sports or any other hobbies of their own. When homework tasks involve the useful practice of lessons and also understand students’ personal spaces, then it can be of great use.

This is useful for students who need time to revise their concepts and also increase their desire to increase their knowledge.


When complex homework is being given to the students by their teachers, parents seriously cannot decide what homework to be given and not to be given to the students.

They can just talk with their children and ask them if they face any kind of difficulty. Moreover, when they realize that their children are facing problems doing homework then they must not do the homework on behalf of their child, instead talk to their teachers.

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Therefore, these are the way which seems that homework helps to improve productivity. So, the students of Singapore schools and colleges can also take online help from experts. They can also get economics homework help like any other subjects at SingaporeTranslators.Com from the experts to get even good grades.


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