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WSQ Supervise Safe Lifting Operations assignment sample Singapore

WSQ Supervise Safe Lifting Operations assignment sample Singapore

Supervise Safe Lifting Operations is a mandatory safety course for those who supervises lifting operations involving mobile crane, tower cranes or any other kind of cranes in Singapore workplaces.

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Supervisors are responsible to make sure the operation goes smoothly and accidents don’t occur during their shift. In order to take this responsibility, it’s important for them that they have been informed on how these machines work as well as what needs be done when things go wrong – which should also serve as guidance if something does happen while you’re there because supervisors often get blamed first even though we didn’t do anything!

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 At the end of this course, Singaporean students will be able to learn WSQ Supervise Safe Lifting Operations module with the help of the following learning outcomes:

1.Prepare to supervise safe lifting operations.

Preparation begins with an examination of the workplace and its configurations. Knowledge is gathered about crane operations, rigging, overheads, and other considerations that will help when configuring a lifting plan.

Maintenance inspections are hooked up in rotation for specific pieces of equipment. Check-listing is used to ensure responsible supervision for lifting operations such as making sure all personnel involved are aware of the hazard areas to avoid collisions and other mishaps during operation.

Ask yourself these basic safety questions before beginning activities like these or any others on the job site:

  • Have you identified potential hazards such as fixed objects within vicinity lines?
  • Are there risks from overhead wires?
  • Do you have engineered plans for safe work practices?
  • It is the responsibility of those in charge to make sure the operation goes smoothly and accidents don’t occur.
  • Have you provided a safe environment for lifting operations?

The importance of training is that it equips supervisors with knowledge so they can be prepared if something happens during their shift.

2.Carry out supervision of safe lifting operations.

Usually, crane supervision is carried out by the engineer in charge of hoisting equipment, although it may be shared. The crane supervisor or ministers of transportation oversee loading and lifting operations. Crane supervisors are required to:

  • Control the load at all times to avoid damage during transport.
  • Follow safety procedures and work practices as they arise during lifting operations; including controlling material winds, alarms and other unexpected situations that may occur when working with mobile cranes.
  • Keep a log to record dates on which jobs were completed successfully without incident. They also note any errors or problems encountered, as well collect documentation (reports etc) for each project undertaken. When incidents occurred resulting in property damage or personal injury are documented too .
  • All lifting supervisors are required to follow the compliance procedure when completing lifting operation paperwork.

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3.Supervise reinstatement of safe lifting operations.

As a supervisor, it would be your duty to supervise the reinstatement of safe lifting operations. It is paramount that any coordination between staff and management be concise and clear so that all aspects of the operation are properly accounted for.

Your first priority should be assessing with your workers what they feel comfortable with for their lifting needs. Once you have an idea of what each worker feels like is best, make a list of the different methods sorted by job category to present to them in order to gauge which one they might find workable and share it with them.

The next step would then be surveying all outside stakeholders; such as accountants, secretaries, janitors and other support personnel so as not to forget those whose opinions may potentially be valuable to the process.

Afterwards, ensure all safety equipment is in appropriate condition and ready for use before beginning the operation. This includes ensuring that each tool is properly maintained and functioning correctly.

Being aware of any potential hazards will help you as a supervisor to make sure your workers are following safe practices at all times; adhering to procedures established by your company. Being aware of potential dangers will enable you to take preventative measures that may be used should any mishaps occur during the job.

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