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TSL 561 Pedagogical Grammar provides students with an overview of past approaches to teaching grammar in second language classrooms, and the relative strengths and weaknesses. More recent conceptualizations argue that we must include both form-focused instruction as well as opportunities for interaction/practice so it is applicable within a broader conception on what includes understanding native speaker speech patterns when learning another languages.

A number methods are examined critically by their applicability towards TESOL classroom settings. The book provides suggestions for further readings at the end of each chapter.

It offers a great overview of various approaches to teaching grammar, as well as their relative strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, the book provides critical examination of more recent conceptualizations of grammar instruction, including the importance of form-focused instruction and opportunities for interaction/practice. Finally, the book offers suggestions for further readings at the end of each chapter, which is extremely helpful for those who want to explore the topics covered in more depth.

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Assignment Activity 1: Discuss past approaches to teaching grammar

There are a few different past approaches to teaching grammar in schools. The most traditional approach is to teach grammar rules in a step-by-step way, and have students memorize them. A more recent approach is to focus on teaching grammar through use, that is, by giving students plenty of examples of how the grammar rules can be used in practice. Some teachers take a blended approach, using both methods depending on the needs of their students.

Each of these approaches has its pros and cons. The rule-based approach can be helpful in teaching students the basics of grammar so they can understand how English works. However, it can also be restrictive and lead to students feeling like they ‘can’t’ use English because they don’t know all the rules. On the other hand, a more focused approach on using grammar in real-world contexts can make learning more relevant and engaging for students. But this method can sometimes be too open-ended and lead to confusion about what is ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ usage. Ultimately, it is up to teachers to decide which approach is best for their students, based on the needs and learning styles of those students.

Assignment Activity 2: Critique the Communicative-based and Task-based approaches

The Communicative-based approach is criticized for its lack of focus on grammar and structure, while the Task-based approach is criticized for its lack of focus on communication.

The Communicative-based approach popularized by Stephen Krashen believes that language acquisition occurs naturally through exposure to comprehensible input, or listening to and reading texts that are slightly above the students’ current level of proficiency. The main goal is to get students speaking and using the language as much as possible in order to facilitate natural acquisition. Critics argue that this approach does not focus enough on grammar and structure, which can lead to confusion and errors.

The Task-based approach, also known as the “skills” or “function” approach, focuses on using language for specific tasks such as ordering food, making a complaint, or giving directions. The goal is to help students learn how to use the language in real-world situations. Critics argue that this approach does not provide enough opportunity for communicative interaction, and that it can lead to learned helplessness if students are not given sufficient guidance.

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Assignment Activity 3: Distinguish between the notions in each of the following dichotomies: explicit versus implicit focus on form; deductive versus inductive noticing; planned versus unplanned focus on form

When we talk about explicit and implicit focus on form, we are talking about two different ways of approaching language learning. Explicit focus on form is when the learner is actively aware of the language they are trying to learn, and is consciously working on improving their skills in that area. Implicit focus on form is when the learner is not necessarily aware of the language learning process, but is still benefiting from exposure to new material.

Deductive and inductive noticing refer to how we approach language learning. Deductive noticing occurs when we are focused on specific rules or patterns within the language that we want to learn. Inductive noticing takes place when our focus is more general, and we are trying to piece together the language from what we observe.

Planned and unplanned focus on form refer to how we approach new material. Planned focus on form is when we have a specific goal in mind, and we structure our learning around that goal. Unplanned focus on form is when we take a more general approach, and allow ourselves to be open to new material without a specific goal in mind.

Assignment Activity 4: Appraise the focus-on-form methods

There is a lot of debate amongst educators as to whether focus-on-form methods are effective in language teaching.

One advantage of focus-on-form methods is that they provide more explicit guidance to learners. This can be helpful for learners who need more scaffolding and guidance in their studies. Additionally, since concise explanations are given during the lesson, it can aid in memory retention. 

Another potential benefit is that focus-on-form methods can make learning more engaging. If done properly, activities such as role-plays or simulations can make the material more interesting and thus increase learner motivation. When learners are engaged and interested in what they Proponents of these methods argue that they help students learn grammar rules and improve their language proficiency by encouraging them to pay close attention to the structure and form of the language they are learning. They also claim that focus-on-form methods allow for greater flexibility in how and when students practice, making it easier for them to apply what they have learned in different contexts.

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Assignment Activity 5: Evaluate grammar teaching materials in terms of their underlying approach, efficacy and contextual appropriateness

There are a few things to consider when evaluating grammar teaching materials in terms of their underlying approach, efficacy, and contextual appropriateness. 

One thing to look at is the focus of the material. For example, does it focus on explanations and examples of grammar rules, or does it provide more opportunities for practice and production? If you’re looking for something that will give your students a better understanding of how grammar works, then you’ll want materials that offer clear explanations and examples. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that will help your students become more proficient in using grammar, then materials that provide ample opportunity for practice and production would be more appropriate. 

Another thing to consider is whether the materials focus on form or meaning. Materials that place a stronger emphasis on form will likely be more rules-based, while those that focus more on meaning are typically more communicative in nature. This is an important consideration, particularly if you’re teaching to specific learning styles or language proficiency levels. For example, materials that are heavily focused on form may not be the best choice for students who are still developing their language proficiency. Similarly, materials that are heavily focused on meaning may not be appropriate if you’re teaching a class of advanced learners.

Assignment Activity 6: Design grammar teaching materials that are theoretically sound, effective and contextually appropriate

It is important to design grammar teaching materials that are theoretically sound, effective and contextually appropriate. There are many factors to consider when designing such materials, including the age and level of the students, the specific grammar points to be taught, and the situational context in which the materials will be used.

In terms of theory, it is important to make sure that the grammar teaching materials are based on a solid understanding of how language works. This means choosing material that is appropriate for the level of students and making sure that it covers all of the relevant grammatical points. It is also important to ensure that the activities included in the materials are designed to promote learning and allow for student practice and feedback.

In terms of effectiveness, it is important to consider how well the grammar teaching materials will engage and motivate students. This means taking into account factors such as student interest levels, the authenticity of the content, and the variety of exercises used. Additionally, it is essential to evaluate the effectiveness of the materials using a range of measures, such as feedback from students or test scores over time.

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