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The course provides students with a deep insight into the spread of English as an international language (EIL). The first part defines what makes up one such language and why it’s considered important for people around the world who communicate in any form or via technology. It then examines how this affects those that speak multiple tongues by looking at both bilingual users, and teacher educators on multilingual teams teaching EIIL education strategies and appropriate methodology used across cultures while also including cultural awareness so every student feels included in the learning process.

The second part of this course provides students with a more in-depth exploration of the spread of English as an international language (EIL). This section looks at how the use of technology has changed the way that people communicate and learn, as well as the challenges that come with teaching EIL in a digital age. It also discusses the different approaches to EIL instruction and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Finally, this section provides students with a variety of resources that they can use to teach EIL more effectively.

This course is designed for educators who want to learn more about teaching English as an international language (EIL). It will be especially useful for those who are teaching EIL in a digital age, as it will help them to understand the challenges and opportunities that come with this type of instruction. Additionally, this course will be beneficial for those who are teaching in a multilingual classroom, as it will provide them with the tools and resources they need to effectively teach EIL to their students.

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For those unfamiliar with TSL551, it is a global English language teaching method that focuses on developing the four key skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It also promotes student-centred learning and cooperative group work.

Assignment Task 1: Discuss the meaning of EIL

EIL is an acronym for English as an International Language. It is a label used to describe the use of English among non-native speakers in countries where English is not the primary language. The term was first coined by linguist Claude Levi-Strauss in 1967. 

There is no single definition of EIL, but it generally refers to the use of English for international communication between people who share a common language other than English. The term can also be used to describe the use of English in education, business, and other fields where people from different linguistic backgrounds come together. 

EIL has become increasingly important in recent years as the world has become more interconnected and globalization has increased. The rise of English as a global language has led to a growing need for people to be able to communicate in English. This has created opportunities for non-native speakers of English to learn the language and use it for international communication. 

Assignment Task 2: Examine the issue of standards of EIL

The standards of English for International Learners (EIL) vary depending on the context in which English is used. For example, the standards for academic English are different from the standards for business English. In general, however, three main factors influence the standard of EIL: usage of registered users and expert feedback.

Usage refers to how regularly a particular form of English is used by native speakers. The more frequently a particular form is used, the more it is considered to be standard. Native speakers of English usually have a good sense of what is standard and what isn’t because they use English regularly in their everyday lives. They learn about new developments through exposure to media and interactions with other people.

Registered users are people who have gone through a formal process of learning English. This could include taking classes, passing an exam or getting a certificate. The number of registered users is growing every year as more and more people around the world learn English for academic, professional or personal reasons.

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Assignment Task 3: Compare the roles of native speakers and bilingual users of English in teaching EIL

Bilingual users of English (EIL) can play an important role in the teaching and learning of English as an additional language. They are often more aware of the problems that students face when learning a foreign language and can provide useful insights into how to overcome these difficulties.

Their knowledge of two languages also enables them to compare and contrast features of the two languages, which can help students to understand the differences between English and their first language. Bilingual users of English can also act as role models for students, demonstrating that it is possible to be successful in learning a second language.

Native speakers of English also have an important role to play in the teaching of EIL. They are typically more familiar with the conventions of the language and can provide students with valuable insight into how English is used in day-to-day life.

Assignment Task 4: Critique the role of culture in teaching EIL

The role of culture in teaching EIL (English as an International Language) is a highly controversial one. Many people believe that culture should be an integral part of the EIL classroom, while others argue that it should be absent. There is no single answer to this debate, and both sides have valid points.

On one hand, proponents of teaching EIL with culture argue that students need to understand the cultural context in which the language is used. This can help them to better communicate with native speakers and to avoid potential misunderstandings. Additionally, learning about other cultures can be inspiring and eye-opening, leading students to develop a greater appreciation for global diversity.

On the other hand, some people believe that teachers should focus solely on the language itself, without any reference to culture. They argue that cultural differences can be a source of confusion for students and that it is more important to master the basics of the language before worrying about cultural nuances.

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Assignment Task 5: Appraise teaching methods to determine which are suitable for teaching EIL

When appraising teaching methods for their suitability for teaching EIL (English as an International Language), there are several important factors to consider. These include the learners’ needs, the goals of the EIL program, and the educational context in which the instruction will take place.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when selecting instructional methods for teaching EIL is that language learning is a lifelong process. There is no one-size-fits-all solution or method that will work for all learners in all circumstances. Rather, it is important to select methods that are appropriate for the specific learner’s needs and objectives.

The most effective instructional methods for teaching EIL will vary depending on the level of proficiency of the students. For beginners, it is important to provide ample opportunities for listening and speaking practice. This can be done through activities such as dialogues, role-plays, and simulations. As students advance, reading and writing can be incorporated more heavily into the instruction.

Assignment Task 6: Evaluate teaching materials to determine if they are suitable for teaching EIL

When it comes to determining if teaching materials are suitable for teaching English as an International Language (EIL), several factors need to be considered. 

The first is the level of language proficiency that the materials are designed for. If the materials are intended for beginning students, they will likely be too simple for more advanced learners. Conversely, if the materials are geared towards advanced students, they may be too difficult for beginners. In either case, the materials may not be appropriate for EIL instruction. 

Another important factor to consider is the cultural relevance of the materials. For instance, if a textbook features American children and culture, it may not be appropriate or relatable for EIL learners from other parts of the world. It is important to choose materials that feature a variety of cultures to best meet the needs of all learners. 

Finally, the teaching methods used in the materials should be taken into account. If the materials rely heavily on rote memorization or other traditional teaching methods, they may not be suitable for EIL instruction. Instead, look for materials that employ more contemporary and communicative teaching approaches.

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