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TAX533 Landmark Cases in Income Tax and Handling Tax Controversy Assignment Sample SUSS

TAX533 Landmark Cases in Income Tax and Handling Tax Controversy Assignment Sample SUSS.

In this assignment sample, the course named landmark cases in income tax and handling tax controversy that incorporates core areas of the finance branch. The tax mechanism of the country determines the position of its economy and such mechanism is classified into two categories that are direct and indirect tax.

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The tax system is always known for its controversial matter due to which several distinct judicial pronouncements exist in the field of tax. Several landmark cases regulate and influence the income tax procedure and this solved assignment explains all such techniques that enable the student to pursue their career. The module prepares the students with the skills of taxation and the legal framework of it.

The taxation law is such a broaden course that entail various policies, provision, statutes, Acts, rules, and construct a strong legal framework. The course discusses the scope of income taxation in the economy and what are the various territorial principles.

The income tax not only includes the tax in form of income but many times it involves the tax in form of a cess, and surcharge in the case of income crossed the stipulated slab. The framework of income tax categorize in different heads and that is given in the legal rack of it. To understand the landmark cases of income tax, it is required to interpret the taxation laws adequately and then only such cases can be understood.

TAX533 Landmark Cases in Income Tax and Handling Tax Controversy Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the student will able to understand income tax and its legal framework with the help of the following learning outcomes:-

1.Analyze a case that is complicated either by the factual pattern, the legal issues, or the nature of the judgments pronounced by the courts, identifying what was in dispute, what needed to be determined, what was determined, what was argued, what was found and what the outcome was, based on the findings.

The course is wide in its area and the assignment sample involves the method of interpreting and judicial pronouncement correctly. As the legal language is different from the way laymen communicate and there are certain methods, maxims, and principles to construed the true meaning of the writings of judgment.

Every case has a specific dispute in an issue that advocates of the concerned parties present in the courtroom. Such dispute is represented with the support of case laws and enabling provision in the form of arguments.

Two means are representing the arguments in the court that are written and oral. The legal provision determines the way of arguments as to whether it should be in form of written or oral.

2.Evaluate the impact of the case on the understanding of the law as it stood before the delivery of the judgment.

Before the existence of an issue in dispute of any case, there is a certain legislation that provides a framework in resolving the dispute in the matter. In every case, certain legislation, judicial pronouncements, customs, and usages play a dispensable role.

As far as enabling provisions are concerned, they are introduced to establish law and order in the country. Therefore it becomes necessary to represent such cases with the help of law and that should be the correct one. As every provision is interpreted in the intention it drafted by the legislation and to do so interpretation of statutes need to be learned.

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3. Formulate a guideline for future practice based on the decision of a court and Critique a judgment from a legal or factual or a mixed law and fact basis.

The judgments passed by the Apex court in certain cases take a shape of judicial legislation meaning thereby such laws formulated by the court shall be applied prospectively. Such laws are considered as the guidelines formulated and drafted by the courts to resolve disputes in matters.

The assignment sample prepares the students to critically analyze the judgment not only on legal points but also scrutinizes the same on factual contemplation.

4. Compose a strategy to assist in the handling of tax controversies and examine and analyze legal materials which are written in technical or complex language.

The taxation law can be prospective as well as retrospective in nature depending upon the legislation so before formulating any strategy for handling tax controversy it is important to understand the principles of interpretation in constructing the true meaning of the provision.

The best to resolve and settle down the heated controversy in taxation matters is to resolve it harmoniously and with the help of enabling legal provisions. To draw a literal as well as hidden meaning in the legal language is an art that this course enables the student to learn.

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