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Sustainable Marketing Essay for Singapore Student

This is a sample essay on the topic of sustainable marketing.

In this sample essay, we will discuss what is meant by sustainable marketing, why it is important, principles associated with sustainable marketing, and its strategies.

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What is Sustainable Marketing?

Sustainable marketing is the type of marketing that promotes products, practices, brand value, etc that are socially and environmentally healthy and responsible.

Here, the brands practice ethical and moral values; it means that the products are not harmful to society or the environment directly or indirectly.

Likewise, the 100% recycled or naturally degradable products come under sustainable marketing.

Moreover, Sustainable marketing is not to be confused with green marketing as green marketing is practiced by a regular company to reach a target audience. Whereas, sustainable marketing is the goal of the company as a whole not just one campaign.

Importance of Sustainable Marketing

We all know that industries are destroying our planet. Wastes are being dumped into rivers, forests are being cut down. The majority of people do not know what is the true environmental cost of the products they are buying.

Therefore, now more than ever sustainable marketing is important. As it shows that the products do not harm the environment and help in the preservation of society.

Moreover, the sustainable marketing practicing company helps clean the environment without compromising the value provided to the people. This in turn creates a sustainable environment.

Principles of Sustainable Marketing

Since we know what sustainable marketing means now let us look at some of the principles that should be followed.

Furthermore, these principles contain ethical and moral righteousness values.

Nevertheless, the principles we are going to discuss are:

  1. The goals should be consumer-oriented
  2. The brand should work to improve Customer value
  3. Innovative thinking should be employed
  4. The campaign should have a Sense-of-mission
  5. Society’s preservation should be kept in mind. 

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Sustainable Marketing Strategies

Let us look at some of the marketing strategies employed in sustainable marketing.  We will be discussing three major strategies namely:

  1. Cause-related marketing
  2. Transparency and responsibility
  3. Marketing without branding

1. Cause-Related Marketing

As the name suggests, in this type a company attached their product or service to a cause that will help the environment.

Through this cause-related marketing, the company provides its customers with a good ethical and moral feeling as their actions won’t harm the environment or society.

Rather for each product being bought, the company will donate an amount of money or a product to an NGO or use it for a good environmental or social cause.

2.Transparency and responsibility

According to this strategy, the brand should outperform the basic legal requirement. In other words, the brand should have a sense of moral responsibility towards the society and environment.

On top of that, this will strengthen customer’s confidence in the company and its products.

As it is said those with good intentions have nothing to hide, a company should be fully transparent with their processes and product details, if the buyer knows what they are buying, they will be more satisfied.

3.Campaigns and initiatives without branding

In simple words, it means marketing for a common good cause instead of their own product. Here brands advertise and talk about the good cause and how they are a part of it.

Moreover, the brand due not keep their product at the front of this campaign it’s more of a long-run strategy.

In addition to that, This helps create a personal connection between the brand or the campaign and the customer base. As it reflects that the brand is working for a good cause rather than their profit as a priority.

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