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Singapore Airlines is one of the most renowned and standard carriers. Being the national carrier of Singapore and having an international presence, it serves as a supplementary of the Singapore Government. Moreover, Singapore Airlines is a global company and highly committed to offer air transportation services of premium quality and to maximize the returns. PESTLE is a business tool efficiently used to understand macro-environmental factors.

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Any of the certain changes in the regulatory framework of Airlines can directly impact the business. The PESTLE analysis is used to study the political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental forces affecting the Singapore Airlines industry. The students preparing essays on Singapore Airlines should research the various factors that have an impact on the economic growth of the airline industry. PESTLE analysis helps the students to study the impact of all such factors on Singapore Airlines.

  • Political factors

The political frameworks of the nation have a foremost impact on the various functions of the Airline industry. The Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) reflects that Singapore enjoys a lower risk related to political factors in the continent. Almost every country has a national carrier that holds the country’s flag and corresponds to that country. As such carriers represent the nation; they receive great support from the government. The same is with Singapore airlines as it obtains tremendous support from the Singapore Government and thus serves as a great factor in economic growth.

  • Economic factors

Since airlines function across all the national and international boundaries, provided their level of intensity, they are focused on the economy. One of the major threats to Singapore airlines’ economic process is the increase in fuel costs. Some airlines have opted to pass the increased costs of fuel on to customers, provided that Singapore airlines utilize a premium pricing strategy.

  • Social factors

On the operations of the airline business, social trends are also impacting profoundly. Whether it’s about faraway destinations or tropical locations, the travel industry has long been one of the wealthiest industries in society. There seems to be a heavy shift in the preferences of consumers from premium travel types to cost-effective formats. Singapore Airlines has experienced the same fall in preferences, but pride itself to be on the top for adopting innovations such as reclining seats, headsets, along with seatback entertainment systems.

  • Legal factors

Various changes to the repeated framework can have substantial impacts on the Airlines Industry, especially on those that are national carriers. The government of different nations brings with them multiple political strategies and outlooks. Moreover, the other changes occurring in the society impact on the Singapore Airlines industry and productivity.

  • Environmental factors

For environment-friendly services, there is a serious concern among Singapore Airlines passengers. Due to the reduction in carbon targets as well as an increase in the energy prices, the preferences for environment-friendly services will grow in the future. Moreover, some airlines have already initiated to deal with the green issue; incorporating it into the policies of CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility. However, Singapore Airlines has quite been slow to respond to the demand for environmentally friendly services from consumers.

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Sample essay on Singapore Airlines PESTLE analysis

Title: How technological factors impact the Singapore Airlines industry?

Technological innovations play a significant role in enhancing the growth of the airline industry. Airline suppliers apply various levels of R&D, Research and Development in creating new cabin products, fleets, and other services to promote sales. It helps travelers to enjoy new technology on Singapore Airlines, not only for comfort reasons but also for security. The advanced technology has lead to an invention of new fleets that suggest a sense of security for all the passengers. That is why; various technological developments had a huge impact on Singapore Airlines.

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