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Self-discovery And Professional Development Assignment Example, Singapore

Self Discovery is a cutting-edge tool that helps you understand the motivations and personality types of those around you. The insights gained from this software can be used by any company to better cater for their workplace environment, as it will help them find common ground in human dynamics with everyone on staff or even just one person.

Self Discovery methodology uses a simple and memorable four-colour model to help people understand their style, strengths & weaknesses. We call these the colours – fiery red for those with Fiery personalities; sunny yellow which stands for Sunshine qualities like creativity or optimism in others; earth green if you’re more grounded than either of those then there’s an option called ‘green’, too!. And lastly blue means someone who sees things equally clearly no matter what is going on around them.

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Self Discovery is easy to learn and understand. It’s like a game where people try to figure out which colour best fits their personality. Once you know your colours it’s easy to spot others around you; sense what they are thinking or feeling; make decisions about what projects or activities suit them best; put together teams that work well together; create company-wide or small groups that truly gel & work most effectively.

Learning Outcomes In Self-discovery and Professional Development Assignment

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Assignment Activity 1: Explore and discover more about yourself

It’s important to explore and discover more about yourself! Wouldn’t it be nice if we knew everything about ourselves when we looked in the mirror every day? But you never know who you might become in a year or 10 years from now. There are so many things humans’ life changes for better or worse – take advantage of exploring and discovering more about yourself while there is still time for a change!

Pretty much everyone has hypotheses they keep exploring throughout their lives, testing them against reality and trying to learn something new whenever possible. And it’s no different when that hypothesis is “What am I like?” The only thing that will change is that what people do with this information varies wildly depending on the individual person, the context in which they live in and the time in which they live.

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Assignment Activity 2: Learn how to recognise and appreciate others’ differences

There will always be people who are different from you in some way. 

In order to make life more enjoyable, it’s important to learn how to recognise these differences and appreciate others’ individuality. This is easier when we understand that everyone has a unique perspective on the world, and, therefore, a different set of values and expectations about what is good or bad. We may not all see eye-to-eye on every topic, but understanding that respect for diversity means valuing differences in an individual no matter what they bring in terms of age, experience, race/ethnicity/culture, gender identity/expression etc is a step in the right direction. People with different experiences end up enriching their lives through their contributions to society and culture. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Assignment Activity 3: Learn how to adapt your behaviour to connect and to interact more effectively with others

Openers are a great way to start a conversation. There is an art to successful openers, and you needn’t worry too much about this for now. The best openers propel the conversation forward with minimal effort on your part, while taking into account things that have been discussed already in the chat.

Don’t forget that it’s not up to you to take charge of the conversation, but rather work alongside whoever else is in the chat at least somewhat. Keep chats lighthearted when possible and ask an appropriate question each time there arises a lull in speech or there is another question asked by another group member in another chat.

Assignment Activity 4: Take action and put your learning into practice (WAVE Goal Setting)

The most important thing to remember about WAVE Goal Setting is that it’s a process. It’s not happening overnight and you don’t need to make huge dramatic changes like with the crash diet. Ask for support with this change if your family or friends can provide it; people who want better lives for themselves will often do things like adopt healthy habits without a first discouraging word from a friend, coworker, or family member.

Take small actions each day on your new goal and help yourself stay on track by writing down your plan of action every day, perhaps in a notebook or at least as an email draft you can quickly look back on when needed. Revisiting the steps briefly as they come up is an effective way to remind yourself of what you need to be doing. As things start changing for the better, encourage yourself and congratulate yourself on these successes. Even if there are struggles along the way it’s important that you don’t give up or let it frustrate you, just return to your goal and remember why this change matters so much to you.

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