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Updated on: 6th May 2023

PSY207 Developmental Psychology TMA Assignment Sample

PSY207 Developmental Psychology is a modular undergraduate course offered at Singapore University of Social Science. This course is generally opted by the students of humanities and social sciences. The SUSS PSY207 course is introduced to the Singaporean students in order to enhance their knowledge in specific portions of psychology.

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Key Aim of Introducing PSY207 Developmental Psychology Course

The PSY207 Developmental Psychology course is introduced to the SUSS students with a motive to familiarize the SUSS students with different phases of human development during the entire life span. Also, it focuses on students to develop effective skills to apply different approaches to the scientific study of development.

The major objective of the PSY207 course is to enable the students to find the answers like-

  • What is developmental psychology?
  • How do the biological, socioemotional, and cognitive processes influence life span development?
  • What are the periods of prenatal development?

Not just these, but this course targets to make the students proficient in every manner regarding developmental psychology and related aspects.

What does the SUSS PSY207 Course Say?

The PSY207 course says many things regarding developmental psychology. This course explains the physical, cognitive, & social development of human beings. Students get to understand the regularities as well as differences in human development across the entire life span as well as learn about the interrelationship between the various influences on human development.

The SUSS PSY207 course elucidates the concept of prenatal development and answers for the related terms like- conception, implantation, periods of prenatal development, the difference between the periods, the support system for the developing organism, etc.

Not only these, but this course comprises a vast description of various matters like-

  • The newborn
  • Physical Development and Biological Aging
  • Health
  • Motor, Sensory and Perceptual Development, etc.

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It explains all the major issues and debates involved with the topic like-

  • Nature v/s Nurture
  • Continuity v/s Disconinuity
  • Stability v/s Change
  • Abnormal Behavior v/s Individual Differences

Principles of Human Growth and Development

The major principles on which the human growth and development relies are: –

  • Development is continuous
  • It is gradual
  • Development is sequential too
  • Rate of development varies from one to another individual
  • Development moves forward from General to Specific
  • Development is predictable
  • Most of the traits of development are correlated
  • Growth and development is a product of heredity and environment
  • There is a constant interplay between factors of development

Topics Knotted In The PSY207 Developmental Psychology Course

As the students receive intense understanding and great knowledge about what is and why should one study developmental psychology. Thorough learning is provided in the form of different topics.

The main topics of the SUSS PSY207 course are as follows: –

  • Introduction to Human Lifespan Development
  • Different perspectives to know about human development
  • Understanding the Family
  • Cognitive Development
  • Physical Development during the Prenatal Period
  • Biological and Environmental Influences on Development
  • Information-Processing and Memory
  • Language Development
  • The Conceptualisation of Self and Personality
  • Human Development and Relationships
  • Gender Role Development

Fruitful Learning Outcomes of SUSS PSY207 Course

The PSY207 course teaches the students multiple topics and makes them aware of the physical, cognitive, and social development of human beings. Hence, after completion of the course, the students come out to be highly knowledgeable and furnished with efficient skills.

Here are the main learning outcomes of the SUSS PSY207 course: –

  • Explain the major aspects and changes in the physical, cognitive and social development of human beings
  • Describe various aspects of development using biological and/or environmental explanations
  • Discuss how the different developmental theories help in understanding human development
  • Explicate the distinct stages of development
  • Scrutinize the issues and challenges that different age-groups people confront
  • Illustrate the different theories like cognitive development and gender role development with respect to developmental psychology

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