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PSY107 Introduction to Psychology 1 TMA Assignment Sample

Having an understanding of human nature, thoughts, and behavior is a crucial part of life as well as a vital part of a student’s education pursuing any degree in Humanities & Social Sciences. In order to enlighten the psychology students with the knowledge of actual psychology, Singapore University of Social Sciences offers a primary cum introductory course namely PSY107 Introduction to Psychology 1 Course.

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Along with this dulcet course program, PSY107 Introduction to Psychology 1 TMA samples would also do good for a better understanding of psychological principles and concepts. Examples of PSY107 TMA assignments are also critical components of the SUSS PSY107 course as students need to write a number of TMA, GBA assignments in order to improve their performance in the final result.

Motif of PSY107 Introduction to Psychology 1 Course

The SUSS PSY107 is a modular undergraduate course program offered at SUSS University. The motif of introducing the PSY107 course program to the students of humanities in order to accustom them to the knowledge and understanding of basic psychological aspects.

The PSY107 course aims to season them with the comprehension of fundamental principles, concepts, and theories of the following key areas;

Introduction to psychology 1 course makes sure that students comprehend the real meaning of psychology and its core concepts. The PSY107 intends to provide the students with sound knowledge of major psychological perspectives &  psychological research methods. Also, it focuses on preparing students in a way that they critically evaluate psychological research and possess a more extensive understanding of human thought and behavior.

Insight of SUSS PSY107 Course

The PSY107 Introduction to Psychology 1 Course is all about the fundamental understanding of psychology. This course includes profound information regarding psychology.

Psychology is the scientific study of mental processes and behavior. This course let the students know and analyze how the psychologists utilize scientific methods to test their ideas empirically.

Moreover, students will also get to study the biological basis of behavior & various cognitive functions too which will, in turn, help them to comprehend human behavior in a better way.

Furthermore, course will deliver all the essential expertise by the means of pre-recorded lectures along with which there will also be various multimedia tutorials, videos, simulations, animations, tests, and quizzes. All those will be backed by interactive and instructive online resources supplementing the textbook and study guide.

This way the PSY107 Introduction to Psychology 1 course makes the learning accessible and stimulating.

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Major goals of Psychology

The psychology majorly aims at: –

No.1- Describe “What” – Operational definition, that involves the description of concepts concerned with the scientific study.

No. 2- Explain “Why” – Theory (verifiable explanation for a sort of facts or observations)

No. 3- Predict Future Behaviour

No. 4- Control/ Change Behavior by altering conditions

Topics in Introduction to Psychology 1 PSY107 Course

The PSY107 Psychology course includes various topics that can explain all the basic information precisely to the students.

Here are the substantial topics which students get to learn in PSY107 SUSS course program: –

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Biological Basis of Human Behaviour
  • Psychological Research
  • Sensation and Perception
  • Memory
  • Thinking and Intelligence

Educational Outcomes of SUSS PSY107 Course

Studying anything at any time never gets wasted but comes up with really outstanding outcomes. So the same case with the students studying hard for the PSY107 course. They also come forth with exceptional performance.

Some of the major learning upshots of PSY107 Introduction to Psychology 1 course are: –

  • Explain the concepts and principles of Psychology
  • Describe the biological or cognitive bases of human behavior and mental processes
  • Explain the behavior and mental processes employing the endorsing theoretical/empirical evidence
  • Recognize different components of a research article and research methods
  • Perform experimental reports writing
  • While referencing, the student will apply the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines

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