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Updated on: 3rd Jun 2022

PSS101 Introduction To The Singapore Legal System Assignment Sample SUSS Singapore

The Singapore Legal System is a complex web of rules, guidelines and laws that generate an in-depth understanding to work through. Every case has its set procedure which must be adhered to if you want any chance at succeeding with your argument or defence against charges filed by opponents who may not play fair during litigation proceedings but instead try their best efforts possible when filing claims made against others as well those belonging on behalves parties involved including yourself so please take note.

The Singapore legal system is based on the English common law system and has been influenced by other legal systems such as the Chinese, Indian, Malayan and Islamic law. The Constitution of Singapore is the supreme law of Singapore, and any law that is inconsistent with it is void. Other sources of law in Singapore include legislation, judicial precedent, and custom.

The judiciary is the independent body that interprets and applies the law in Singapore. The court system in Singapore is hierarchical, with the Supreme Court at the apex, followed by the Court of Appeal and the High Court. There are also subordinate courts, such as the District Courts and Magistrates’ Courts, which hear less serious criminal offences and civil cases respectively.

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When it comes to the Singapore legal system, the things you need to know to ace your assignment. It’s important to understand the difference between civil law and criminal law. Civil law deals with disputes between individuals, businesses, or other organizations, while criminal law is concerned with punishable offences committed by individuals.

Assignment Task 1: Examine the operational context of the Singapore Legal System including the Criminal Justice System

The Singapore criminal justice system is one of the most efficient in the world. It is based on the British common law system and operates largely based on precedent. The criminal justice system is made up of three parts: prevention, prosecution and punishment.

The Singapore Police Force is responsible for preventing crime, while the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) prosecutes offenders. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) oversees both the police force and the AGC and is also responsible for administering punishment, which includes fines, imprisonment and caning.

The Singapore legal system is often praised for its efficiency and its ability to deal with cases quickly. This has been attributed to several factors, including a well-trained and professional police force, and effective prosecution system, and a relatively short trial process.

Assignment Task 2: Explain the roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders comprising the SCJS

The Singapore criminal justice system is made up of various stakeholders, each of whom plays an important role in ensuring that justice is carried out. Here is a brief overview of the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder:

The Police Force is responsible for investigating crimes and apprehending suspects. They work closely with the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) to build strong cases against offenders.

The AGC comprises prosecutors who decide whether to charge a suspect in court and what charges should be brought against them. They also work closely with the police in building cases against offenders.

Judges preside over court proceedings and decide on sentences for those convicted of offences. In doing so, they take into account the facts of the case, as well as the impact of the crime on victims and society.

The Singapore Prison Service manages prisons and rehabilitates offenders. They work with other agencies to provide programmes and support that help offenders reintegrate back into society.

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Assignment Task 3: Discuss trends and challenges within the Singapore Criminal Justice System

Singapore’s criminal justice system is facing a few challenges lately. Some of the challenges include overcrowding in prisons, rising crime rates, and an increasing number of foreigners committing crimes in Singapore.

There are many factors contributing to these problems. For example, Singapore’s low prison population density means that the country has fewer prisons than it needs, which results in overcrowding. In addition, Singapore’s increasing population and economic growth mean that more people are committing crimes, and the number of foreigners living in Singapore continues to grow.

The government is taking steps to address these issues. For example, it is investing in new prison facilities and increasing the number of police officers on the streets. But there is still much work to be done in Singapore to maintain its low crime rate and high level of safety.

Assignment Task 4: Review the effectiveness of SCJS in achieving its aims

The criminal justice system in Singapore has been effective in achieving its main aims, which are to investigate crime, bring offenders to justice, and prevent crime.

Investigation of crime is conducted by the Singapore Police Force (SPF), which is responsible for solving crimes and keeping the peace. The SPF works closely with other law enforcement agencies, both local and overseas, to gather intelligence and investigate transnational crimes.

To bring offenders to justice, the SPF works with the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) in prosecutorial proceedings. The AGC initiates criminal prosecutions in court after taking into account the findings of police investigations.

Preventing crime is a multi-faceted effort that involves the police, the courts, and other government agencies. The SPF works to deter crime through its visible policing presence, while the courts hand down deterrent sentences to convicted offenders. Other government agencies also play a role in crime prevention, such as the Singapore Prison Service (SPS), which rehabilitates offenders and helps them reintegrate into society upon their release.

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Assignment Task 5: Describe and discuss the hierarchy of courts in the Singapore Criminal Justice System and the role of precedent

The hierarchy of courts in the Singapore Criminal Justice System is as follows:

  1. The Supreme Court of Singapore
  2. The Court of Appeal
  3. The High Court
  4. The District Court
  5. The Magistrates’ Courts
  6. The Coroner’s Court
  7. Juvenile Courts (for offenders below 16 years old) 

Precedent plays an important role in the Singapore legal system, particularly in the higher courts. Judges are bound by previous decisions of their court and higher appellate courts unless there are good reasons to differ from those decisions. This ensures that there is consistency and fairness in the application of the law and that similar cases are decided similarly. It also makes the law more predictable and certain, which is beneficial for both citizens and businesses. Precedent is particularly important in the areas of criminal law and constitutional law, where there is often little statutory guidance on how cases should be decided.

Assignment Task 6: Identify the key principles underpinning the Singapore Criminal Justice System

The key principles underpinning the Singapore Criminal Justice System are rehabilitation, deterrence, and retribution.

Rehabilitation is the principle that offenders should be allowed to reform and become law-abiding members of society. This is done through a variety of measures such as education and training, counselling, and job placement assistance.

Deterrence is the principle that crime should not pay. Offenders should be punished in a manner that is sufficient enough to deter them from committing future crimes.

Retribution is the principle that offenders should be made to suffer for their crimes. This serves as both a deterrent and a form of justice for victims and their families. The Singapore Criminal Justice System is founded on these three key principles to create a safe and just society.

Assignment Task 7: Formulate strategies relating to the delivery of justice

There is no shortage of strategies relating to the delivery of justice, but which ones are most effective? It depends on the particular situation, but here are some general ideas: 

1) Improve access to legal services. This includes making sure people have information about their rights and resources available to them, as well as reducing financial barriers to accessing the justice system. 

2) Increase accountability and transparency in the criminal justice system. This can be done through things like body cameras for police officers, independent reviews of police conduct, and public reporting of prosecutorial outcomes. 

3)improve coordination and communication between different agencies involved in the delivery of justice (police, prosecutors, courts). This helps to ensure that cases are handled effectively and efficiently and that everyone is on the same page. 

4) Implement restorative justice practices. This approach focuses on repairing the harm caused by crime, rather than simply punishing the offender. It can involve things like community service, victim-offender mediation, and restitution. 

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