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PLC506 Coaching Presence: Personal And Professional Development Assignment Sample SUSS Singapore

The PLC506 Coaching Presence: Personal and Professional Development focuses on the development of coaches. Students will be facilitated to discover their core values, beliefs or perspectives that shape how they see things; then learn techniques for self-managing to enhance your presence as a therapist so it’s more likely you can have an impact on those who seek treatment from you.

The course will also touch on the three coaching presence pillars: emotional, cognitive, and behavioural. To create a safe and effective space for change to happen, coaches need to be aware of their own emotions and how they are impacting their clients. They also need to understand the cognitive process that underlies human behaviour, as well as how to create and apply behavioural change techniques.

The idea is to know yourself better so that you can be an even more effective agent for change. By reflecting on your presence, it invites students to explore how they engage coaches—both proactive and reactive perspectives are considered in this exploration of working “Here & Now” with. clients. Learning to coach in this way honours the client’s unique experience and supports their innate ability for change.

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Try Free Sample For PLC506 Coaching Presence: Personal And Professional Development Assignment 

We’re excited to offer you a free sample of our PLC506 coaching presence personal and professional development assignment. This assignment is designed to help you develop your coaching presence and understand the skills needed to be an effective coach.

In this assignment, you will be asked to reflect on your coaching presence and practice. You will also be asked to provide feedback on the coaching presence of two other individuals. Finally, you will identify one skill that you would like to develop further as a coach.

Assignment Activity 1: Explain the concept of coaching presence.

Coaching presence is a term used to describe the qualities that make up an effective coach. These include things such as being able to build trust and rapport with your client, having strong listening skills, being able to ask open-ended questions, and demonstrating empathy and understanding.

Coaching presence is important because it helps ensure that the coach can be fully present and attentive to the client, which in turn allows for a more productive coaching session. The presence of a good coach can help clients feel safe enough to explore new possibilities and take risks, all while maintaining accountability.

If you are looking to improve your coaching presence, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure that you are genuinely interested in and invested in the success of your clients. Next, focus on developing strong listening skills so that you can understand what your client is saying and what they need. Finally, be aware of your body language and tone of voice, and make sure that you are communicating warmth, support, and understanding.

Assignment Activity 2: Define and distinguish between the experiencing self and the observing self.

There are two types of selves that we experience in our lives – the experiencing self and the observing self. The experiencing self is the one who is actively engaged at the moment, participating in and experiencing life firsthand. The observing self is the detached observer, standing back and watching as life unfolds. Both selves are important to our lives, but they serve different purposes.

The experiencing self is where we find most of our happiness and fulfilment in life. This is because when we are fully engaged in an experience, we are more likely to be present and focused on what is happening in the here and now. This allows us to appreciate all the good that is happening around us and savour positive experiences as they occur. The observing self can also bring happiness, but it tends to be more of retrospective happiness, in that we appreciate things after the fact.

The observing self is important because it allows us to step back and reflect on our experiences. This can help us learn from our mistakes, grow as individuals, and gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. The observing self can also help us to maintain a sense of perspective, especially during difficult times.

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Assignment Activity 3: Consider Rogers’ core conditions and evaluate their relevance for coaching.

Consideration of Rogers’ core conditions is particularly relevant when thinking about coaching. Coaching involves helping people to develop and achieve their goals, and the three core conditions identified by Rogers – empathy, unconditional positive regard, and congruence – are all key ingredients in establishing a successful coaching relationship. 

Empathy involves understanding the client’s perspective and viewing the world from their frame of reference. It’s important to be able to see things from the client’s perspective to truly understand their situation and figure out how best to help them. Unconditional positive regard means accepting the client unconditionally, without judgement. This creates a safe environment for openness and growth. Congruence refers to being real with the client – being honest and authentic in our interactions. This builds trust and allows for a more meaningful connection.

All of these core conditions are essential for creating a successful coaching relationship. They help to establish trust, openness, and rapport, which are key ingredients in helping clients achieve their goals.

Assignment Activity 4: Review the coach’s role and evaluate its significance for the co-created reality within the coaching relationship.

Within the coaching relationship, the coach’s role is to support the coachee in achieving their desired outcomes. The coach provides a safe and confidential space for the coachee to explore their thoughts and feelings, and to develop new insights and skills. The coach also holds the coachee accountable for their commitments and helps them to stay on track towards their goals.

The coach’s significance for the co-created reality is that they help the coachee to create a reality that is based on their values and desires, rather than on what others may expect or want from them. The coach supports the coachee in breaking free from self-defeating patterns of thinking and behaviour, and in stepping into their power t oo create a life that is authentic and meaningful to them. In this way, the coach plays a vital role in helping the coachee discover their unique potential and live a more fulfilling life.

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Assignment Activity 5: Demonstrate the capability to work with coachees in a manner that is simultaneously engaged and detached.

The professional coach must be capable of working with coachees in a manner that is simultaneously engaged and detached.

On the one hand, the coach needs to be fully present and emotionally connected to the coachee to fully understand their situation and effectively support them. 

On the other hand, the coach must maintain sufficient emotional distance so as not to become personally invested in the coachee’s outcome or get pulled into drama or negative thinking patterns. This balance is essential for creating a safe, supportive space in which the coachee can explore their challenges openly and honestly.

The coach’s ability to maintain this balance is also key in helping the coachee develop their self-awareness and emotional intelligence. By remaining emotionally present yet detached, the coach can help the coachee learn to tolerate difficult emotions and see themselves more objectively. This ultimately leads to a more empowered and authentic sense of self.

Assignment Activity 6: Critique on personal coaching development journey within the context of theoretical understanding.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to develop as a personal coach will vary depending on your individual goals and context. However, there are some important things to keep in mind if you want to maximize your coaching development journey.

First, it’s important to have a strong theoretical understanding of coaching. This means understanding the different approaches and models out there, and what they can offer you in terms of developing your skills and technique. There are many great resources available on this topic, so make sure to do your research and learn as much as you can.

Second, don’t be afraid to experiment with different approaches and strategies. Even if you have a good theoretical understanding, it’s important to try out new things and see what works best for you and your clients. This can be a challenging but ultimately rewarding process and will help you to become a more effective coach.

Finally, it’s important to stay humble and always be willing to learn. No matter how experienced you become as a coach, there is always something new to learn and ways to improve your skills. Keep an open mind, be patient, and continue learning and developing as a coach. This is the key to success in this field.

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