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Personnel Management Essay

There has been a substantial increase in the number of students who are pursuing management related courses.

The Management courses offer a variety of specializations related to finance, marketing, human resource and others.

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Since the last few years, there has been a drastic change in the curriculum of Universities and colleges of Singapore.

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Students who are looking for human resources as their career option can go through this personal management essay to gain knowledge about this topic.

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Outlining personal management

Prof. Jucius has defined personal management as the field of Management that organizes, plan, control and direct different operative functions like development, procuring, utilizing and maintaining a workforce so that the company’s objectives are attained effectively and economically.

According to the views of French personal management is defined as the recruitment, development, selection, accommodation and utilization of Manpower by the organization.

Nature of personnel management

  1. Managing people – managing of all the workers in the Enterprise like managers, executive and clerical staff
  2. Helping employees – giving appropriate opportunities to the employees that will improve their performance and will provide them job satisfaction
  3. Concerned with employees- motivating employees to attain the best results
  4. Continuous application- it is not a single day task it involves continuous assessment of the work force
  5. Universal application- use in every kind of organization like semi-government, non-profit organization and industries

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Objectives of personnel management

  • Personal objectives: this is aimed at giving mental satisfaction to every employee like a neat and clean workplace, proper work environment, job satisfaction, job security, good remuneration, perks and incentives, and avenues for promotion.
  • Enterprise objectives: achieving of the organizational goals is the topmost priority of personnel management.

Employees should be provided with proper training. To ensure recruitment and placement of the capable candidate. Employees should be given proper work culture, incentives and perks so that they are motivated to work for the benefit of the organization.

  • Social objectives: an enterprise should work for the betterment of the society. This can be done by offering employment opportunities and producing good quality products at cheaper rates.

Personnel management functions

Functions are divided into two main categories

  • Managerial functions – it deals in how to plan organize direct co-ordinate and control various activities of employees working within the organization.
  • Operative functions – it is also called as a service functions. It AIMS in how to take your develop compensate integrate and maintain of human force to attain organizational goals.

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Personal management challenges

In today’s era an enterprise has immense pressure to be faster, better and more competitive.

An organization can achieve their goals only by minimizing the challenges and problems related to personnel management.

Many changes are occurring worldwide some are listed below

  • Technological changes: like top quality management, operational efficiency, flexible manufacturing system and re-engineering processes
  • Globalization: organizations to become a global player should create a competitive advantage
  • Social factors: to meet the people and customers Expectations
  • Legal and political factors: government rules and regulations, legal laws, trade unions
  • Nature of work: the nature of work is changing due to deregulation, globalization, Technology, training, education
  • Diversity in workforce: it includes the level of education, women at work

Organizations can solve these problems

  • Designing Employees Wellness programs
  • Improving the comfort level of workforce like a clean workspace, proper work environment, office décor, proper furniture’s, proper ventilation and others
  • To design an Organization structure such as There can be a mutual understanding and interdependence between the staff
  • To properly integrate welfare and legal rules related to workforce
  • Job specification and job description should be according to the job requirement of the enterprise. The Right candidate with proper qualifications should be hired
  • Top management should give equal importance to the personnel department as they give to other functional departments.
  • Various research and educational institutes should update their curriculum according to the needs of the organization and develop a professional attitude among the candidates.

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Concluding This…

Personal management is set to require constant awareness and alertness. It cannot be seen as to be practiced for an hour or in a week. The Organization must understand the importance of human relations in every day operations.

There should be a proper delineation of employee contracts.

Hr department is formed to serve the company and should work for the betterment of the enterprise rather than individual goals.

The management and employees have equal contribution to make an organization successful.

It is the primary responsibility of the organization to resolve workforce related issues similarly an individual should understand his work responsibility.

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