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OHSE 3630 Hygiene and Toxicology II assignment sample UON Singapore

OHSE 3630 Hygiene and Toxicology II assignment sample UON Singapore

In this course, you’ll gain knowledge and skills to improve occupational hygiene practices. You will also learn how to analyze chemicals for toxicity levels in the field and conduct risk assessments on hazardous substances.

This course has been revised to reflect the recommendations of the National Competency Standards for Occupational Hygiene and the AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Hygiene Code of Practice. No prior knowledge is needed to enter this course, however it’s recommended that you have completed OHSE 3620 Risk Assessment & Control Technologies.

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The course aim at the completion of the course to Understand the concepts and principles for applying occupational hygiene to hazard identification, risk assessment and control, workplace monitoring, health surveillance, personal protective equipment (PPE) selection and change room provisions;  Apply knowledge of occupational hygiene to identify hazards in workplaces or environmental sites; assess risks arising from these hazards undertaking a formal risk assessment process; etc.

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 At the end of this course, Singaporean students will be able to learn Hygiene and Toxicology II module with the help of the following learning outcomes:

1.Conduct and report on a dust  and noise survey

Performing and completing a survey of noise and dust levels is a great way to ensure that work surroundings are safe. Once the data has been collected, it can be used to create actionable reporting in order to better inform all parties involved about how they might reduce noise levels or prevent build up of dust in certain areas.

One thing that I would advise you keep track of is employee comment cards. When employees are consulted on objective topics like air quality, it has shown to have a positive impact on engagement with the management team when there’s an issue identified by one or more employees and the desired outcome is achieved because of these surveys.

2.Discuss the classification of  toxicity with reference to international harmonization of labelling of  hazardous substances

The classification of toxicity with reference to international harmonization is an interesting concept that has grown in popularity and importance over the years. The reasons for this are for two primary reasons.

Firstly, it’s important to have a universally agreed upon system of toxicity classification because the industry is global, but each country may consider chemicals in their country differently.

Secondly, there needs to be a mechanism in place to ensure that consumers can make informed decisions about what they’re exposed to through cosmetics or industrial chemicals without having inconsistencies among different industries – harmonization provides clarity on how these products should be classified as well as a framework to measure risks posed by substances deemed hazardous.

Successful international harmonization means minimizing trade barriers and supporting free trade; reducing duplication of testing and providing consumer protection; supporting sustainable development through environmental protection; and promoting safety, health and sustainability in industry.

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3.Discuss the scientific, social and ethical issues in risk assessment

The ethical question in risk assessment is at what point we assess the probability and the fatal consequences of a risk. Because of our finite lifespan, risks with a low probability but severe consequences are seen as more significant than risks with a high probability but mild consequences. Social issues are bound up with taking risks that society sees as acceptable or unacceptable.

For instance, cigarette smoking is viewed as an unacceptable form of risk-taking; while so too is speeding on country roads where there may be many children crossing for school or playing football nearby. In contrast, people constantly take dietary risks such as consuming bacon from meats containing unhealthy levels of injection hormones; and yet this consumption remains socially acceptable.

4.Review scientific data used in setting hygiene standards

In a study by Cross et al. (2007) on the effectiveness of hand hygiene in preparing health care workers for protection from patient-acquired infection, they found that only 2% of participants showed evidence of total bacterial contamination after having washed their hands with an antimicrobial soap and dried them with a disposable towel.

Moreover, not a single person’s hands or fingertips were contaminated with pathogens like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aurous – which can cause deadly illnesses like hospital-acquired staph infections or community-associated MRSA.

In other words, having healthy practices such as washing your hands or sanitizing your surfaces does provide some level of protection against these bacteria without know in someone’s health status.

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5.Conduct hazardous substances  risk assessments

Hazardous substances risk assessments can be conducted passively through laboratory analysis of samples and data from previous accidents, or dynamically with the use of field risk assessment methods.

Negligible quantities are created in normal industrial processes. There have been a few highly publicized cases involving confiscated drugs but these do not represent any kind of significant level for professionals to actually worry about when evaluating their ecosystems.

Most people who do this kind of work should only have one overactive system at most – if they get this space-y feeling off every day there is always an underlying problem that needs attention like chronic allergies, leaky gut syndrome/parasitic infection, or environmental exposure to chemical irritants without adequate control measures (indoors and outdoors).

6.Explain the key factors involved in determining hygiene standards and describe the types and applicability of hygiene standards used in Singapore

There are two major factors that help determine hygiene standards; namely the frequency of exposure and its level. High levels of environmental contaminants are more likely to result in a greater risk, due to their proximity or intensity. Environmental factors such as soil type can also be significant.

Thus dirty hands, feet and skin contact would have a higher chance of exposing one’s self to contaminants the longer they stay there compared to other means such as eating from unclean dishes or using contaminated cups when drinking water.

The study concluded that there is not a buildup effect with high moisture items such as sandwiches, where bacteria levels stay relatively constant even after making tens of thousands of sandwiches with those materials because they contain very little water.

7.Describe the principles of operation and methods of use of a range of instruments for monitoring  environmental pollutants

Monitoring environmental pollutants is most commonly performed through surveys, which are created either on site or remotely with the use of remote sensing tools (e.g., satellite). The survey process can either be focused on a limited geographic area or serve as a catchment for more than one area.

Remote sensing coupled with constant monitoring over time will reveal sources of emissions and distribution patterns that cannot be detected by direct observation, such as fog events and airborne pollutant events. Pollution from fires may not be detected during low visibility conditions, but infrared imaging greatly enhances viewing in these conditions.

It also has the requirement of being able to view large areas at any given time, which typically limits its usefulness to post-hoc reporting rather than short- term monitoring.

The Monitoring Results are then fed into an environment-specific pollution model that calculates the health effects and risks to humans, if any, present over a certain period of time as well as providing insight on how they might be reduced through the use of technical controls such as those described below .

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8.Work effectively as part of a  team or group to achieve a shared goal

Work effectively as part of a team or group to achieve a shared goal.

A main importance of working successfully in teams is the selfless nature that comes with it- knowing you’re not alone in your need for progress but also knowing that everyone needs help, and trusting in each other to let them. Another important element is being able to do things from someone else’s perspective such as finishing their thought when they’re interrupted and following through on work done by others.

All requires patience, taking responsibility for your own work and being accountable for the consequences of what you do, which are very important parts of any role in life but especially one where cohesiveness can be built or undone by small instances–a simple misunderstanding made all the more destructive by unaddressed mistakes.

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