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Ocean Freight Management in Singapore

Ocean freight management is quite important in today’s time. Moreover, as Singapore is the center of commerce, we shall discuss ocean freight management in Singapore. For management students, this is quite important concept to grasp. So in his sample essay, we shall discuss the very same topic.

Therefore we shall go through different points to understand this topic. Moreover, the following points must be discussed: what is ocean freight management? Ocean freight management in Singapore, advantages of ocean freight management.

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What is ocean freight management?

Ocean Freight refers to the method in which large quantities of goods are transported through the seaways. Moreover, products are put in large containers which are then loaded onto ships. However, there is a difference between freight and logistics which will be discussed later in the essay.

Moving on, ocean freight management is the process of moving freight across the network strategically and efficiently to use minimum capital and gain more profit while saving time. Moreover, the network is consist of a point of origin and the desired destination and also includes the use of various technologies to gain sight of work as to solve problem real-time.

Ocean freight management in Singapore

It is a known fact that Singapore is the epicenter of commerce in South East Asia. Adding to that, the Singapore city-state’s location is strategically important. The lion city also has a large coastline. All the ads up to make the city-state of Singapore a good location of freight management as it falls in major sea routes of south-East Asia.

Moreover, Singapore has located quite close to china which as we know houses all of the major industries in the world. Therefore, it is safe to say that the Singapore city-state receives tons of sea freight traffic. Moreover, leading companies of the world like DHL have their own freight forwarding services located in Singapore. All this says a lot about the ocean freight industry of Singapore city-state.

Advantages of ocean freight management

In this paragraph, we shall discuss the advantages of ocean freight. So without further adieu, the advantages of ocean freight are following:


The ocean freight industry is more competitive than any other. As a result, the cost is also competitive hence cheaper options are available to shippers. Especially to people who want to send stuff across the world.

Moreover, as compared to air freight, ocean freight costs less by 5 to 6 times. In fact, ocean freight is the cheapest option available if you are ready to compromise with time.

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Ocean freight is very efficient as no matter the size of the shipment, your needs can be accommodated. Moreover, smaller shipments can be grouped together and placed in the same container allowing cost-saving for the shipper and the service provider alike. Furthermore, ocean freight use ships that are designed to carry large shipments no matter the weight.

Cargo capability

The cargo capacity of sea freight is another advantage. As obviously it travels through sea medium the weight of the shipment is not quite concerning. Moreover, ships can easily handle bulky and heavy cargo which is known as break-bulk or not in trailer loads.

Furthermore, this cargo can include anything from cars, trucks to building materials. In fact, there are vessels that are capable of carrying other ships. This advantage comes in handy as air fright has limited cargo capacity as they can’t carry heavy and bulky loads.


Ocean freight vessels are designed to handle hazardous and dangerous goods. As we all known largest oil tankers in the world are ships. Moreover, the ocean freight industry being the oldest industry in its class is well versed with handling such goods safely while maintaining the safety of the crew, the shipment, the ship, and the environment.

Furthermore, the case of damage or lost carhop is extremely low as maritime safety is increasing. Adding to this, containers are designed to be sealed and locked during transportation for extra security.

Environmental friendliness

Compared to other freight modes like air and land, sea freight has quite a low carbon footprint, i.e. safer for the environment.  Moreover, as ships have larger cargo capacity, the gas emission to cargo ratio is quite high, which is good as it means less gas is emitted for cargo carried. Adding to that ships travel larger distances with lower fuel needed.

Furthermore, ships with newer technology are even more environmentally friendly as they also have the option of LPG-powered utilization.

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