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NTUC FairPrice Case Study For Singaporean

NTUC FairPrice Case Study For Singaporean

This is NTUC FairPrice Case Study for Singaporeans, here we will discuss the overview of NTUC fairprice, Are FairPrice and NTUC the same? NTUC FairPrice do, NTUC fairprice business model for Singaporean, NTUC fair price supply chain management, NTUC FairPrice is well known, NTUC FairPrice procurement, NTUC FairPrice key partners, etc.

This FairPrice is one of Singapore’s leading supermarket chains. They have been in the market for more than 40 years and are a household name to many Singaporeans. With FairPrice case study’s ever-evolving retail landscape, they offer customers a convenient shopping experience with competitive prices that will fit any budget.  It always focused on delivering quality products at affordable prices, as well as an award-winning customer service experience.

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NTUC fairprice: Overview

NTUC fairprice is a hypermarket chain in Singapore that offers groceries and general merchandise. It has established its presence with over 30 outlets island-wide, providing shoppers a convenience to purchase food for the week on their way home from work.

The company mainly operates in two major areas membership services and department store retailing, comprising supermarkets, clothing stores, plant nurseries, and other related merchandising operations.

These FairPrice was founded by a group of Singaporean retailers, including Mr. Lim Hng Kiang who is the Chairman and Managing Director, as an efficient grocery retailer for the ‘everyday person in 1984. It has since grown to become a full-fledged chain of supermarkets that offers groceries at affordable prices.

From one single neighborhood stall in 1976, NTUC FairPrice Group now operates 10 hypermarkets and 62 neighborhood stores across Singapore to provide customers with convenient access to affordable quality products that are plainly packaged and presented.

Are FairPrice and NTUC the same?

No, they are not.

This is also a large supermarket chain in Singapore and Malaysia owned by NTUC FairPrice Co-operative Limited or its wholly-owned subsidiary, United Consumers Cooperative Society Limited (United).

FairPrice has outlets that are either company-owned or franchised. The company also operates a wholesale center, which distributes groceries to other retailers.

NTUC owns roughly 40% of the total number of shares on issue in FairPrice and has two representatives who sit at the Board of Directors.

NTUC FairPrice do

These FairPrice is the number one retailer of groceries and household products in Singapore, one of the fastest-growing outbound retail markets in Asia. The company has undergone a sustained transformation from being a ‘discount’ provider to being an integrated supermarket offering on par with international brands.

NTUC FairPrice case study vision is to provide customers with the freshest, widest, and most affordable range of products at its 3,200 supermarkets around Singapore (2,500 self-checkout outlets) for them to put together their own weekly grocery shop; 2 wholesale distribution centers supporting 774 points-of-sale nationwide; 116 petrol stations supplying fuel and convenience items as well as selected F&B lines.

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NTUC fairprice business model for Singaporean

The business model of NTUC fairprice was to provide a trading environment, convenience, and professional customer service.

These FairPrice has had six different phases with newer shopping concepts that stay true to the company’s core beliefs and store design strategies.

Phase 1 focused on NTUC’s commitment to competitiveness in pricing for relevant goods while building fair working conditions for employees.

Phase 2 In line with Phase 1, it introduced more innovatory ways to get more relevant products and redistribute them widely through its network of stores, thereby providing a personalized retailing experience whilst maintaining competitive prices- giving customers access to products not available at other retailers

Phase 3 saw NTUC becoming larger still encompassing both in house brands as well as popular international brands and the introduction of in-store services such as pharmacies, bakeries, delicatessens

Phase 4 is marked by a change from mass to class retailing.  It was also when NTUC FairPrice left its rental premises for its own buildings with larger space – an investment that has paid off in terms of increased revenue and profit.

Phase 5 saw NTUC diversify into food processing through the acquisitions of key food manufacturers.

Phase 6 is about becoming smarter at providing consumers with what they want, where they want it.

NTUC fair price supply chain management

NTUC fairprice supply chain management in Singapore is an efficient operation through a range of measures. Firstly, the company needs to know what products are needed for its stores-retailers and wholesale customers. It then determines the country in which these products are produced and what agents (trade groups/organizations) can be used to source them.

In most countries, there will be either state agencies or private companies that identify potential sources of produce who set up shop at the local International Agribusiness Exhibition (Agritex), or alternatively through catalogs, websites, suppliers, etc.

Exploration begins by identifying potential sellers of goods on offer as well as examining any possible liaisons with other enterprises within the firm’s supply chain such as trade organizations in the country of manufacture.

A seller will be selected, based on the price at which they offer a product (inclusive of freight and other charges), their reliability in providing goods as demanded by the NTUC FairPrice case study, and any possible positive effects that this would have not only for them but also to other members within the firm’s supply chain.

NTUC FairPrice is well known 

These Fair Price aims to deliver more value to customers by offering competitive prices on everyday household staples, as well as providing high-quality products and friendly services.

NTUC FairPrice is therefore famous for its competitive pricing and high quality!

(NTUC stands for “National Trades Union Congress”) – The retailer was spun off in 2007 from Singapore Labour Foundation with the sole purpose of catering to a broader spectrum of workers, which includes professionals & managerial staff.

NTUC FairPrice procurement

With the these FairPrice procurement, you will be able to purchase a wide range of grocery items in a single stop.

NTUC FairPrice is Singapore’s largest retailer, sourcing close to 40% of all supermarket retail volumes sold. Another 15% comes from Sheng Siong and Parkson which are subsidiaries of NTCU subsidiaries.

You can find everything under one roof with the NTUC Fairprice procurement including fresh produce, meat, bread and pastries, fish and seafood products. IPPUDO, deli meats, as well as prepared food from OTOTOY, also found here too.

These FairPrice ranks among Asia’s top five retailers with over 350 outlets around the island at locations such as NEX, Bedok Mall, Changi City Point, and Bukit Panjang Plaza.

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NTUC FairPrice key partners

These FairPrice’s key partners are Cold Storage, Pasardaya Jaya, NTIS (National Trade Union Congress), F&N Food Mart.

The company is proud of its close partnership with its organizations and their respective goals to inject creativity and catalyze innovation in order to deliver future-oriented products and services for Singaporeans.

These FairPrice has collaborated with these organizations to develop products such as SOS Packs which help those affected by disasters or accidents; Red Packets, a Chinese New Year tradition it brought into local supermarkets; supermarket-provided preparation service that offers delivery service for trolleys before each customer board the vehicle.

Overall Annual Benefits from Standards

These Fairprice Standards have enabled us to reduce our perishable waste by 44%. These are significant savings that can be reinvested in sustainable agricultural solutions.

Another way we’re contributing to a healthier planet is through the creation of The Cambodian Rice Mill, which will contribute greatly to increased rice production and yield for farmers.

This mill will provide an entire village with clean water, agricultural tools, and equipment and machinery technology. It will also allow us time for training courses on irrigation and grain handling practices so that they can produce higher quality rice- meaning more income-generating opportunities for communities.


The NTUC FairPrice Case Study was conducted to see how the organization could increase sales. They started by looking at their customer’s buying habits and motivations, before moving on to developing a strategy for increasing product visibility in-store. By understanding what consumers want, they were able to create an approach that not only increased sales but also made customers happier with their shopping experience. If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing for your academic essay writing, get in touch!

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Hope Singaporean students understood the NTUC FairPrice case study.

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