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MTH219 Fundamentals of Statistic and Probability- SUSS Assignment Sample

Several students in Singapore pursue their educations degrees in some common fields like science and technology, mathematics, and many more. MTH219 Fundamentals of Statistic and Probability is one of such courses which is opted by a large number of Singaporean students with the eagerness of learning and zeal to solve complex problems. Besides, this course is offered at the most popular cum leading Singapore Unversity of Social Sciences (SUSS) in order to furnish the students with adequate basic knowledge of the probability and statistics.

The reason behind offering the MTH219 course along with different courses like financial management, healthcare management, etc. is the increasing interest of the students towards this field of study.

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Not only this, but the students also get several MTH219 Fundamentals of Statistic and Probability assignments as well. These so are given for a better understanding of the topic and more hand-on practice on the intricate problems. These assessments come in the form of Pre-Class quiz, Computer Marked Assignment, and Tutor Marked Assignments. These all possess a significant weightage of marks in the final result of the course program. Besides, you do not need to worry about all these as SUSS assignment writers are here to assist you with all kinds of assignment problems.

Objective of SUSS MTH219 Fundamentals of Statistic and Probability Course

The primary purpose behind introducing the MTH219 course in the study schedule of Singaporean students is to equip them with the basics of probability and statistics. This subject aims to induce the mind of students with the fundamental concepts and logic to solve statistics questions and probability problems.

This modular undergraduate course focuses on yielding the students with essential skills in solving problems on Statistics and Probability for data analysis.

Besides, while learning the crucial concepts and logic, the students will also be required to complete the given SUSS TMA and CMA in order to achieve good grades in their final result.

What we will learn in the Fundamentals of Statistic and Probability (MTH219) Course

In the MTH219 SUSS course, students will get to learn all the primary concepts to solve probability & statistics problems. They will get exposed to the learning from illustrative examples in various disciplines.

The MTH219 Fundamentals of Statistic and Probability course will focus on equipping the students with an understanding of data variability and uncertainty which will be useful for them to solve the problems of their MTH219 SUSS assignments easily.

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The course covers the introduction, fundamentals, & science of statistics. It will acquaint the Singaporean students with the collection, organization, and representation of numerical data. It also familiarises the students with elementary probability; the binomial Poisson distributions; and the measures of central tendency which will lead them to deal with each and every typical problem.

Also, students will get apprised with some more things like cultivating statistical thinking and applying statistical techniques which will help them in solving real-life practical problems. Besides all these, they will also get to learn the descriptive statistics and effective probability model.

Subject matter of the SUSS MTH219 Course

The MTH219 SUSS Fundamentals of Statistic and Probability course deals with the study of basic statistics and probability. It will explain to the students that probability is what deals with the possibility of a future event to occur whereas the statistics contend with the analysis of the frequency of past events.

Furthermore, the students will get to know a lot about these two concepts in detail.

Here are the primary topics that are included in the SUSS MTH219 Course: –

  • Exploring data
  • Data interpreting and analysis
  • Summary statistics
  • Modeling variation
  • Probability models
  • Expectation and variance of random variables
  • Normal distribution
  • Binomial
  • Poisson approximation for rare events and exponential models
  • Bernoulli trials
  • geometric and uniform distributions
  • Descriptive statistics, measures of location and dispersion
  • Functions of random variables

Educational Upshots of Fundamentals of Statistic and Probability MTH219 Course

After learning a lot about the statistics and probability, students will come out to be an expert of these concepts and will be able to analyze and solve every real-life practical problem by applying statistical techniques.

This knowledge will also help them to solve their MTH219 assignments as well as the BUS105 Statistics assignment too.

Here are some of the educational outcomes of the MTH219 Fundamentals of Statistic and Probability course: –

  • Students will be able to calculate the expectation, variance, and median of any random variables.
  • Determine the probability of events
  • Demonstrate the dependence or independence of the events
  • Able to give an opinion about the results acquired by the direct calculation of the probability of events v/s those gained by Normal/Poisson approximation
  • Implement the probability models into practical settings
  • Ascertain statistical information of a given data set

Along with obtaining these superb outcomes, students also need to write assignments for their course programs based on the critical information they grasped in the course. Besides, doing these assignments is also important because the quizzes, TMA, and CMA carry 30% weightage in the final result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are statistics and probability hard?

Ans. Statistics and probability aren’t hard. These are among the easiest topic of the mathematics subject. But when it comes to doing assignments, it gets difficult for the students as they do not get enough time to complete them.

Q2. What are the 2 types of statistics?

Ans. The 2 types of statistics used in data analysis are: – descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics are used to summarize the data from a sample operating on the mean and standard deviation. Whereas the inferential statistics are used when the data is considered as a subclass of a specific population.

Q3. Why is the probability so hard?

Ans. Up to some extent, the probability gets a bit difficult for the students and they cannot do their assignment problems. The probability is not really mathematics but just stuffed into mathematics. It requires an understanding of the language and then one can solve the problem. If you also face any difficulty, you can avail our ghost writing services which will provide you with appropriate solutions to your problems.

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