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MTD205 Audio Technology Assignment Sample SUSS Singapore

MTD205 Audio Technology Assignment Sample SUSS Singapore

This course provides the theoretical foundation on how audio systems work as components used in multimedia production, distribution, and reproduction. Students will be given a broad perspective of what transforms, signal theory, discrete mathematics (e.g., calculus), information theory (how data is encoded) electronics, and physics all come together in audio applications.

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TOA, TMA, GBA Assignment sample of Audio Technology module SUSS Singapore

At the end of this course, Singaporean students will be able to learn the Audio Technology Models module with the help of the following learning outcomes:

1. Describe the principles of audio technology

Audio technology is the science and engineering that are applied to identify, transmit, store audio information. In short, it’s the science of sound.

Audio technology is a broad subject that encompasses any device or method used for transforming physical energy into sound waves by means of an oscillating air pressure differential (a difference in air pressure), such as between diaphragms attached to acoustic horns. The term has been consistently applied since 1880 when Thomas Alva Edison invented what became known as the phonograph.

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2. Explain sound generation and transducers

Sound is generated as a sound wave that vibrates the eardrum. The transducer converts that into electric impulses that our ears are able to hear.

An acoustic instrument creates sound by moving air across the face of a free vibrating surface (such as a stretched string). Different places on the strings cause different frequencies and amplitudes, for instance, changing their pitch as they move against one another and produce vibration.

A person’s vocal cords are also considered to be an acoustic instrument where muscle contractions pull tight against one another in order to create vibrations.

In order to capture these sounds with any type of microphone or receiver, its leads need to be pulled tight so that electrical impulses produced can flow down them adequately. At the same time, it must be tuned to a specific frequency so that it can pick up sound waves only.

In the case of digital recording devices, the sound is captured by measuring changes in air pressure and converting them into an electrical signal that can be measured. This is done through some sort of microphone.

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3. Demonstrate the application of audio technology in multimedia

Audio increases the volume of video, helps to draw attention and focus and provides background music. Audio is an integral part of multimedia, but it should be used sparingly and with a purpose.

In the case that audio is your primary objective for multimedia development, then pre-existing material from other sources can also be obtained or heard in order to provide sound effects. This will cut down on production costs as well as the time it would take to create custom sound effects exclusively for that project.

However, if audio is merely meant to serve as support in conjunction with other video elements or sound effects then these can still be created by working in tandem with a professional musician or recording engineer who specializes in producing original tracks.

4. Execute sampling for audio technology

Sampling is a process in audio engineering where many raw audio sounds are recorded into one wave file. The result of sampling can also be thought of as an analysis of the structure of sound waves and their duration. One can only reproduce the same exact signal by using these samples to create a new recording or allow them to loop naturally.

Sampling is used for example in popular music culture and throughout hip-hop history as part of the creative process, with some artists sampled hundreds or thousands of times on one record (such as James Brown) but has been most popularized by this method when done by Dr. Dre, changing how producers and musicians view production techniques then leading it to become a widespread approach producing grunge ballads like Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit.”.

5. Analyse audio compression and spatial audio

Audio compression is the process of reducing the volume variation throughout an audio signal in order to make it more manageable.

For example, people often use compression to even out a recording that features sudden peaks and valleys in volume.

Spatial audio refers to sounds that are represented by two loudspeakers or headphones within appropriate distances for how high, low and loud they sound as you hear them naturally with your ears. People experience this process through binaural head technique receivers or headsets using their left and right ears respectively (bi).

Binaurals can activate how our brain controls perception on a subconscious level when it hears virtual surroundings from what were originally two speakers or headsets coming from just one channel(mono).

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6. Discuss synthesizing an audio system

There are two common techniques for synthesizing an audio system. The first is the calculation of a pure sinusoid that matches the instantaneous fundamental frequency. These frequencies can be calculated using Welch’s method, or equivalently by determining a phase-wise linear approximation of the discrete Fourier transform of a sampled signal multiplied by the pre-calculated coefficients from Galo’s tables and summed across all phases.

First, these sinusoids can be mixed to simulate reverberation (audio decay) at different delays and intensities as we perceive sound as it travels around in any space, including what is called comb filtering: This name comes from how those comb filters separate different angles in 3D music waves when they bounce around a space.

Second, more complex ADPCM waveforms can be synthesized by encoding PCM samples successively and then applying an inverse DPCM process, which requires fewer storage bits as well as allowing for random access of single PCM values within the compressed audio file.

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