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MPM904 Attitude Measurement and Personality Assessment Example, Singapore

This course will help you discover the non-cognitive aspects of educational assessment. Attitudes, interests and personality are all important to 21st century education for students yet they often get overlooked by traditional tests alone! The instructor also shares his experiences with cognitive assessments which complement MEd grad programs nicely because it provides a broader understanding about what graduates should know as well as how much time has passed since each student enrolled into higher ed institutions.

As a researcher and developer of psychological scales, this course helps to give you an understanding on how we use affective measurements in research. You’ll also learn the skills necessary for selecting published measures or adapting them according to your needs as well.

The perfect tool for business executives looking to assess the personality, intelligence and attitudes of their employees. With this test you can quickly detect any toxic or positive workplace culture in your company before it’s too late.

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Learning Outcomes in MPM904 – Attitude Measurement and Personality Assessment

At the end of this course, Singaporean students will have taken their first steps towards achieving career success in Attitude Measurement and Personality Assessment. They’ll be able to do this by solving the following learning outcomes: 

Assignment Task 1: Understands the unit’s, department’s and/or school’s assessment plan 

Understanding the assessment plan can advance your career by enhancing your competitive edge in the workforce. One major reason for this is that employers have a tendency to require that you have a strong understanding of assessments because they want to be sure they’re investing their time and money into someone who has a clear idea about how these evaluations work. Additionally, comprehension of assessment plans ensures you’re meeting performance objectives and executing on your professional duties accordingly.

Learning about assessments encourages self-awareness and offers an opportunity to develop skills that will make you more attractive as an employee or supervisor should you need to switch companies or departments. Finally, it’s important for students because high school students should consider taking assessments such as SATs and ACTs while undergraduates could apply to graduate schools and military recruits are required to take the ASVAB.

Individuals who work at companies that conduct assessments can expect to improve their workplace performance because more information allows them to make educated decisions. This includes training employees about how these tests will function in relation to a workplace, hiring practices and ongoing development initiatives across a company.

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Assignment Task 2: Communicates the purposes and criteria of assessment to students, parents, colleagues, and other stakeholders 

Each student is assessed by an evaluator who rates the work on criteria outlined in advance. A numerical score (a percentile, or letter-grade) then summarises that assessment.

A multiple-choice question is usually answered using two of three possible options to choose from, with one correct answer; essay questions may be evaluated for organization and coherence, argumentative writing may be judged on the appropriateness of evidence and conclusions, lab reports graded on accuracy and completeness of data.

The teacher grades for narrative clarity, idea development, use of evidence supporting claims made, control over grammar and mechanics; whatever qualities are valued in each curriculum area will determine the evaluator’s marking approach. 

Many students are accustomed to learning in ways that involve solving problems, so it’s logical for instructors who want them to succeed at tasks they’ve never seen before to provide some kind of scaffolding.

Assignment Task 3: Adapts strategies in co-constructing assessment criteria with students of different profiles 

Find out what is considered to be too hard or easy on the student’s part first. After that, ask them for some more specific traits they would like on their assessments. Ask about what works best for them realistically according to their schedule, fashion of learning, personality type, etc. A lot of times it will be easier to find a strategy that works best for various students by talking with them and getting more background on who they are as opposed to trying different approaches blindly. This also gives students ownership of an assigned task-they can multiply the effect by future assessment making.

After you have set expectations together with the complete group it is time to interpret these parameters in an objective way so all parties can see how paper will look before  grading it.

Even though academic writing is different from other types of papers, there are some similarities that should not be overlooked. For instance, students can get ideas for their books or essays by examining examples of good academic papers found online.

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