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MNGT3002: Knowledge Management assignment sample UON Singapore

MNGT3002: Knowledge Management  assignment sample UON Singapore 

Knowledge is a critical factor for business success and, by extension, individual careers. Knowledge Management understands the importance of nurturing intangible assets such as human knowledge in order to secure competitive advantage not only within an organization but also on a global scale.

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Recognizing that industry often shapes graduate needs before academia can educate students about these changes, this course focuses on ensuring you have both technical skills necessary for working with information technology systems  which are more widely used than ever due to technological advancement and people management skills needed given that Information Systems departments typically deal most closely with employees or customers who provide tangible value rather than those involved in developing knowledge itself.

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At the end of this course, Singaporean students will be able to learn knowledge Management module with the help of the following learning outcomes:

1.Explain the key theories and models that inform knowledge management

There are three theories that inform knowledge management. They are David Snowden’s Drawer theory, Nonaka and Takeuchi’s Theory on “The Knowledge Creating Company”, and Ryan’s Models of Management.

Drawer Theory is meant to illustrate the predominance of tacit knowledge or understanding in many fields of study, such as engineering. This means that some parts of innovation, process redesigns, etc., may be better done internally as a result of personal expertise rather than outsourced.

Nonaka and Taeuchi believe knowledge management finds its best fruits in companies where the capability exists for those with organizational authority to push for changes or improvements without being concerned with what their superiors might think (such as through a brainstorming environment). Ideally this should be a collaborative environment for knowledge creation.

Ryan’s models of management come from the 1960s and 1970s. The four models are: Planning & Control, Human Relationships, Treatment Action Approach (TAA) and General Systems Theory.

2.Critically apply theory to organisations in order to identify and justify effective knowledge management strategies and activities

In order to critically apply theory to organisations, it is essential that the key features of the organisation are identified. Once this has been done, a theoretical framework can be applied which seeks to explain these features. The chosen framework will need to be appropriate-so pertinent and applicable-to the organization in question that it will elucidate its unique aspects.

Knowledge management can take many forms, from hiring content strategists to developing corporate strategy. To optimize successful knowledge management activities at a company, leaders should consider aspects like collaboration and innovation from the beginning.

Collaboration is the key to major companies such as Google and IBM. They realized that problems cannot be solved without open discussion. It provides an avenue for employees’ insights, solutions or opinions on what has been discussed (as long as it aligns with the company’s values).

Think about your companies’ mission statement and then explore different forms of knowledge management that would make sense fitting with said values; a few practical examples are learning styles or data visualization skills.

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3.Apply theory related to creative organisations

One of the most basic ways to apply theory related to creative organisations is by adopting a more fluid organisational structure, which may include team-oriented working sessions, freely cohesive groups and/or flexible work arrangements. A “futurist company” will put emphasis on flexibility and respond to the different needs in different times by being agile and responsive.

Another way of applying this theory would be to empower employees with decision-making powers in order not to have too many people in one room who are only there for information sharing or status updates. It can also mean transferring greater responsibility for tasks onto individual employees in terms of developing budgets, choosing strategies or running meetings.

4.Access and evaluate current literature and research findings relating to knowledge management

The internet has created a vast network of data repositories that are growing at an exponential rate. It is estimated that up to 80% of the world’s knowledge resides behind paywalls and will never be accessed by the general public. There are two potential solutions for your knowledge management problem then, either access research articles through the researcher’s institution as mentioned in my first response, or purchase individual articles from open-access databases found online such as SciELO.

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5.Communicate clearly and effectively incorporating varying formats and technologies

A key determinant in successful communication is understanding what audience the message is meant for. Another important consideration is how they will receive the message (i.e. whether they are print-literate versus “digital natives”)

When navigating advances in technology such as AI, automation, or robotics it’s important not to incorporate them solely for advances sake without considering their implications on society at large

Technology has opened up many opportunities to communicate clearer and more efficiently than ever before but maintaining clarity of thought while incorporating varying forms of communication can be challenging By following these simple guidelines however, you can engage with content better, create a sense of belonging where there was none before and create feelings that would not usually have been possible.

6.Design problem solutions based upon research findings and critical assessment of current theory and practice

Design problem solutions based upon research findings, the advice is not new. However it is just as critical today, despite recent calls for “dismantling” and abandoning traditional methods of scientific inquiry.

The way to remain in step with these sentiments is by honing one’s skills with newer paradigms like computational analysis. One should also balance out these approaches with updating his or her knowledge base on design thinking techniques and the field of psychology that addresses human decision-making processes.

The individual designing today must be prepared to shift her process according to the required who she is working with from time to time if he or she does not already do so on an ongoing basis.

7.Reflect upon different knowledge management paradigms and their value to the organisation

The most transferred paradigm is the SOCIAL KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT which consists of 3 steps:

Asking, discussing and creating. This process is dynamic, as we will always need to change from one knowledge management paradigm if there are any changes to our environment or changes in working processes.

In this discussion I would like to present a different system based on QUESTION KNOWLEDGED MANAGEMENT which can be defined as the active questioning of all involved actors and stakeholders for gathering information about needs, concerns, interests and conflict opportunities. The concern here is not only gathering knowledge but also transforming them into transformable assets that empower people with skills and capacities essential for generating collective intelligence.

The first step consist in understanding what seem as the most important need concerning a specific topic, by consulting the team and stakeholders. The second step consists in ask why is this need so urgent to solve it now? Why not solve it later? Is there any previous experience related to this issue that might help us to understand better what are we facing now at work? What you can do if there is no such previous experience?

The third step consists on creating a new intent; for example, how can we move from A to B if nobody has done it before or tried something similar but unsuccessful with our team members. We have also an opportunity here as well: How will be communicated this information?

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8.Inform your practice by understanding the ethical and legal implications in managing knowledge

To be successful at body practice, understand the ethical and legal implications in managing knowledge.

This is one of the key components for a successful clinician. It’s imperative to know what your patient needs from you and what information they may need or request before, during and after their treatment. In order to initiate an open conversation, start with “why” questions about why they’re coming in for a service–while it might seem like a general question or irrelevant detail, they can actually invoke real understandings about how certain workflows might impact not only their client’s health but also interaction with regulatory agencies such as insurance providers or Medicare/Medicaid services.

It’s important to consider not only technical aspects of care that can be easily measured, but also non-technical aspects such as information exchange to create a comprehensive picture of the patient.

In the case of pain management there are many different approaches and techniques that can be used in order to treat patients with acute or chronic pain conditions. These include acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic medicine and physical therapy among others.  The principles across all these practices are similar: provide high quality care for your patients while remaining compliant within legal parameters and regulations to which you must adhere .

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