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To have a good understanding of this topic let’s start from the basic

What is an organization?

An organization is a structure which is composed of individuals who are working collectively and independently in a team or group to make a department, and such departments make an organization. An organization is a formal structure and its department work in a coordinated and collaborative manner.

The work of the individuals or departments may differ but they should have a common motive. For ex. University, which has many departments, departments of subjects, administration, students admission library, etc. but all departments work toward the common goal of education. Different Organizations have been set up to realize the different needs of the people. In today’s world which is full of competition, organizations have to be growth-oriented.

Definition of Organizational behavior

It is an investigation of the behavior of the individuals, group in an organizational structure for the purpose of applying that knowledge for improving productivity. The scope of the organizational behavior study implies improvement in leadership roles, creating an effective team for the particular task, increasing motivation of employees, improving their performance and making the environment of the organization conducive for work. It may also increase productivity with respect to the quantity of product to be produced with zero error quality.

Why Organizational behavior is important?

As a Management student, you have to be aware of the expected behavior of an individual in any organization. Behavior matters to work in a team. Working as a manager or team leader one has to be predictable about the behavior of the team members or the employees of the organization.

In the competitive world, only intelligence doesn’t matter but it should be associated with emotional intelligence, value system, knowing about the culture of the organization, job design and work to manage the large team. One has to know the cause and effect relationship which plays an important role in predicting the behavior of a person in any particular situation and his/her productivity.

Significant aspects to study Organizational behavior

The study of organizational behavior is scientific and systematic. These are the special areas to focus on in this regard.

  • Study of Individual behavior, its aptitude in learning and generally
  • Study of various organizational structures
  • Study of perceptions
  • Study of the impact of the culture on the behavior
  • Studying of the stress management techniques and managing capacities
  • Study of politics in group and power games

How study of organizational behavior benefits an organization?

  • It makes a conducive environment for work.
  • It may improve the division of labor.
  • It may create the job redesigning concept according to the behavioral aspects.
  • It may shift the power to the employees accordingly. It promotes cultural integration.
  • It will definitely increase the productivity of an organization.
  • It will make an organization competitive in the globalization era.
  • It may lead to efficiency and expansion of an organization.

Thus organizational behavior concentrates on delegation of authority and responsibility, Principle of unity of command, formulation of objectives and its allotment to various groups so that all employees realize essential level of job satisfaction with enhanced productivity.

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