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Low Salinity Water Flooding Essay

Low Salinity water flooding is the method which is generally used for the recovery of oil. It tries to maintain the reservoir pressure and displace the oil from pore space to viscous forces. The knowledge of this method from the physicochemical point of view is still not developed. Petro physics and petrochemical engineers are still trying to develop the process through injecting salinity in the petro pores.

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The effect of low salinity water flooding on oil extraction

To extract the high amount of oil the low salinity injecting helps more than the traditional high salinity method. The big companies now had started using the low salinity method to extract a high amount of oil. Many giant oil producers are attracted to this method and started trying it in the field.

For low paraffinic crude oil, this technique had been used and it also had low acid in it. This method may help in increasing the efficiency of oil recovery from the sea. For low salinity extracting oil, there are some steps that had already been taken as wettability alteration, pH induction, interfacial tension, double layer expansion, and microemulsion.

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Generally, the mineralogy and composition of crude oil are considered to be significant parameters. Some scientists say that low salinity works best for sandstone reservoirs but some think that it will work best for the sea crude oil extraction. The difference between their approaches shows less research on this till now.

There is always high acid in heavy crude oil, water flooding helped in decreasing the acid level in crude. High acid in crude shows the presence of the polar components and low salinity helps to reduce the level of acid thus polar components too. It increases the efficiency of getting crude oil. It is also tested on the high temperature by saturating the sand packs.

To use the low salinity method for crude there should be oil residual saturation. So overall there are some conditions that should be met to enhance the oil recovery. As oil is the backbone of the economy and extracting the oil with more purity is always the challenge.

Students need to be aware of the new developments in petrochemical engineering. The extraction of oil is a costly activity and takes a lot of time. Low salinity water flooding had been proved the efficient approach in the extraction of crude oil which will be less acidic and without any polar elements.

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