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LOG207 Warehousing And Material Handling TMA Assignment Sample

Improving material handling by proper execution of production, storage, distribution, consumption, etc. is a necessary part of an organization’s supply chain. The students who are willing to build their career in a business administration arena should understand the importance of warehousing and material handling. Hence, the Singapore University of Social Sciences offers a course namely LOG207 Warehousing And Material Handling.

SUSS university introduces the LOG207 course to the business students so that they can further analyze and explain the design, storage, and handling considerations for optimizing warehouse operations.

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Along with the great knowledge and information, this course also exposes the students to different writing tasks like Tutor Marked Assignments, Group Based Assignments, pre-course quizzes, and ultimately written exams.

Moreover, the students also need to complete their SUSS Timed Online Assignments which come under the online exam category.

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Key Aim Of SUSS LOG207 Course

The major objective behind introducing the LOG207 course to the business students of SUSS university is to make them aware of the material handling process and the warehousing activities. This course teaches the studnets how the warehousing and fulfilling centers support the business to shine on a global level as well as simultaneously ensuring customer satisfaction too.

Moreover, the SUSS LOG207 course aims to provide the SUSS students with in-depth knowledge of the concepts and applications for managing warehouse operations in the era of the digital economy.

What Is Material Handling In Warehouse?

Material handling is all about storing, moving, protecting, and controlling the materials and products throughout the entire process from manufacturing to disposal while proceeding through warehousing, distribution, consumption as well.

Besides, warehousing is a logistics activity that is found in form of- Procurement, Fulfilment, and Planning.

Being an essential process, material handling includes various automated, semi-automated as well as manual equipment and systems that back the logistics and promote the effective working of the supply chain.

How Are Materials Handled In A Warehouse?

Here are some of the effective tricks to handle material in order to make the warehouse better: –

  • By improving forecast accuracy and inventory management
  • Utilizing all the available space effectively
  • Optimizing the Warehouse Layout design
  • Using an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS Solutions)
  • Maximizing the warehouse material handling equipment

Fundamental Warehouse Activities

After receiving and further shipping process, there are some essential internal warehouse activities that are needed to perform in order to ensure effective flow through the warehouse while organizing and maintaining the organization’s inventories.

Mainly the warehouse activities include: –

  • Putting items away
  • Moving goods inside or between warehouses
  • Picking items for assembly, production, or shipment

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Topics Included In LOG207 Warehousing And Material Handling Course

The SUSS LOG207 course teaches the students various things related to warehousing and material handling and their importance as well. It also lets the students know how warehousing facilitates product accumulation, consolidation, and customisation. Besides, students also get to comprehend how warehousing improves logistics accuracy and minimizes the effects of supply chain inefficiencies.

Moreover, the basic topics which this course includes are as follows: –

  • Role of Warehousing in the Supply Chain
  • Warehouse Administration and Processes
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Receiving and Putaway
  • Order Picking and Other Processes
  • Warehouse Layout Design
  • Innovations in Warehousing
  • Pricing for Warehousing
  • Storage and Handling Equipment
  • Warehouse Performance Management
  • Workplace Safety and Health
  • The Warehouse of the Future

These topics fuel up the students with immense knowledge that they can solve all the timed online questions assigned during the course by themselves.

Learning Upshots Of SUSS LOG207 Course

SUSS students learn every aspect of warehousing and material handling. They gain insights into how warehousing adds value to the organization’s supply chain. Besides, they also get to know how warehousing decisions can increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Furthermore, the major educational outcomes of the LOG207 course are as follows: –

  • Discuss and implement the appropriate processes for efficient and effective warehouse operations.
  • Elucidate the importance of warehousing in the supply chain.
  • Examine the innovations that enable efficiencies in warehouse operations.
  • Analyze the relevant costing models and key performance indicators for warehouse performance management.
  • Produce effective policies and procedures to manage workplace safety and health.

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