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LEA1011 Leadership: Essential Attributes & Practice 1 Assignment Sample Singapore

Leadership is an art form that requires dedication and attention. LEAP 1, 2, and 3 are fundamental courses to cultivate leadership skills in you through developing personal core values which will serve as the foundation for your credibility with others; these character-based courses also help build up one’s influence within their community or organization

LEA1011 Leadership: Essential Attributes & Practice 1 Assignment Sample Singapore

The three modules of this program help students develop attitudes towards themselves by establishing life goals while learning how they should interact socially in work situations. They provide guidance on improving communication methods between co-workers and even enhance job performance. It teaches students how to handle difficult situations in a constructive manner.

Objective Of (LEA1011) Leadership: Essential Attributes & Practice 1 Course

The (LEA1011) Leadership: Essential Attributes & Practice 1-course objectives include identifying the characteristics and competencies of leadership and adapting current skills to become a leader.

One of the main goals of this course is to explore the qualities that make up effective leaders. This includes recognizing individual strengths, understanding how to develop those strengths, and uncovering how we can use these skills in our daily lives as well as strategies for advancement. We’ll also be looking at what it means to effectively delegate responsibility along with practical tools like timelines, charts, etc., which will help students understand how they can support others both inside and outside their workplace.

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The LEAP program has established a well-designed course that taps into students to develop their leadership skills. This is done through helping others and doing your job to the best of your ability, just as much as it’s understanding yourself and what it takes to be a leader.

We’ll also look at different strategies for advancement based on how we can use leadership skills in our daily lives.

Students will learn the six core values that every leader must have:

1) Professionalism – ethical and accountable at all times

2) Communication – active listening and effective verbal and written communication are essential to lead others.

3) Teamwork – understanding how to work together with others as a team towards common goals makes for an effective leader

4) Initiative – taking ownership of one’s role and responsibilities and demonstrating resourcefulness creates trust, responsibility, & accountability.

5) Accountability – having integrity; this means accepting responsibility for one’s actions both good and bad.

6) Influence – It is important to take initiative and responsibility for one’s actions, but it’s equally essential to know how to guide others through this process.

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The first module will focus on the student’s own personal attributes that are important for them to develop within themselves. Developing these qualities sets a strong foundation for all future modules which will help you understand how you can use your skills in everyday situations.

After LEAP1 students should be able to:

1) Understand what professionalism means, where their responsibilities lie within this role, and how they can deliver on those expectations.

2) Know the importance of good communication with both self & others; having an understanding of different styles of communication and when best to use them.

3) Understand that teamwork is key when working with others; knowing how to recognize your strengths and weaknesses in a team environment and what each role requires.

4) Be able to take initiative and understand the importance of proactively looking for ways in which they can contribute and add value within the organization. Understanding the relationship between their job & time management is also important here.

5) Show accountability by understanding one’s own motivations, behaviors, values are all part of our character which contributes towards success or failure after taking ownership for both good & bad choices.

6) Know how to influence others, by understanding that influence is about more than just the “what” and knowing where to take control of a situation. It’s also important to know when not to be controlling and allow others to make their own decisions.

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