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About LAW401 Ethical Legal Practice and Client Care course

LAW401 Ethical Legal Practice and Client Care course offered by Singapore universities introduces students to the ethical principles that govern Advocates and Solicitors in their day-to-day work. This covers the lawyer’s responsibility to the Court, to their client, and to the profession. A commitment to legal ethics involves a commitment to the introduction of Codes of Ethics or Standards of Professional Practice. An example is the standards reflected in the International Bar Association General Principles of Ethics. However, not all jurisdictions have Professional Codes and not all of those that do give sufficient attention to their enforcement.

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Prospects of the LAW401 Ethical Legal Practice and Client Care

The course is very beneficial for the students who are studying it, because of the dynamic role of a law practitioner at present times, which is not only limited to practicing law in courts but also they are needed in big corporations, Law Firms, Government and Non- government institutes, Firms, Educational institutes, Health sector as Law advisors, Attorneys, Associates, etc.

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Problems faced by students in making LAW401 Ethical Legal Practice and Client Care assignments 

In the changing legal or economic landscape LAW401 Ethical Legal Practice and Client Care course includes the professional etiquette and the lawyer/client relationship. In any case, the lawyer who acts in accordance with a professional code of ethics may still be engaging in unethical practice. This is important to know for students that one should not use the term ‘ethics’ to mean only compliance with standards of common, basic morality. This is not generally understood by clients, or by some lawyers who carry the notion of the duty to the client too far and engage in practices that are unethical and that go to defeat the interests of justice. Due to the complexity of the cases and course students of Singapore Universities may need to study in-depth and sometimes it is hard to manage time in assignment submission and daily problem-solving. We assist students from Singapore to complete this course smoothly and with a good score by providing needful assignments.

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The students from Singapore who are studying LAW401Ethical  Legal Practice and Client Care courses offered by Singapore universities should be well versed in understanding the need to know which legal practices are ethical and which ones are unethical with due care of Singapore law. They also need to be well -informed of not only in distinguishing the various sources of law and its origin, examining it, analyzing it with facts and concepts but also with the focus on values, principles, procedures related to Singapore law. Applying the law after succession of the course will also need a deep understanding in providing the competing arguments and to make a reasoned choice between alternatives.

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