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Updated on: 6th May 2023
LAW 201 Critical Thinking and Legal Interpretation Assignment SUSS Singapore

LAW 201 Critical Thinking and Legal Interpretation Assignment Sample SUSS  Singapore

In this assignment sample, we are going to discuss critical thinking and legal interpretation. LAW201 Critical Thinking and Legal Interpretation helps students be more effective thinkers, readers, and creators. The course introduces students to reading critically with an active mind as well as the art of legal interpretation-not only how to read statutes but also how a judge reads contracts in context for accuracy.

Students will learn about using logic reasoning and critical thinking skills while analyzing arguments or writing their own case briefs on topics ranging from cyberbullying enforcement laws to constitutional law matters like freedom of speech or property rights.

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The aim of this course is to help students become better thinkers, readers, and writers. Thoughtful analysis of the law is a critical skill not only for lawyers but also for those interested in politics and government policymaking, journalism, education, business decision-making, and international relations.

This course was designed to help students develop the knowledge and skills needed to analyze and evaluate arguments about the law through critical thinking, logic reasoning, and argumentation. By analyzing the way people reason about legal issues, this course will help students think more critically in their own lives about topics that are not necessarily legal.

Students will be challenged to apply what they learn in this course to real-world situations when evaluating a variety of positions on important public policy issues such as gun control laws; death penalty cases; affirmative action programs; free speech debates; environmental regulation schemes; drug sentencing regulations; health care reform proposals; immigration policies; LGBT rights disputes; property rights battles among individual citizens, corporations, and governmental bodies like cities or states.

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TMA, GBA, TOA Assignment Solution of Critical Thinking and Legal Interpretation module SUSS, Singapore

This course concludes with the skills to draw and work as a when analyst, signifying their ability to understand what they’re seeing.

1.Explain the sources of law, and how it is made and developed; of the institutions within which that law is administered and the personnel who practice law-

Law is made by the institutions within which it is administered, and the personnel that compose them. Courts make law with their rulings, and likely they also renew these rulings; legislatures make law with legislation passed by voting-in representatives.

The hierarchical head of authority figures (judges) makes decisions for applications in individual cases as various points of conflict arise.

For example, legal proceedings establish how a plaintiff or defendant should be compensated in a given circumstance. Overturning this decision is only possible if another agency would decide to change the outcome or impose a conflicting opinion into a new trial which then outranks all other lower courts -making its ruling as the final decision on that particular topic.

2.Express judge’s knowledge and understanding of a wide range of key thinking concepts, values, principles, and rules of the thinking and logic and explain the relationship between them in a number of subject areas.

Judges need to be familiar with the assumptions and key thinking in a particular field before they can make intelligent decisions.

For example, judges should be well-versed in Constitutional law before judging cases involving that. It is important for a judge to decide who to appoint as an arbitrator if this was ordered by another judge; the consideration must go beyond conventional considerations such as age, gender, or race actually taking into account their understanding of how laws are applied.

There are actually two kinds of logic, deductive and inductive. Deductive reasoning moves from the general to the specific, from a set of premises or axiomatic statements to a logical conclusion. Inductive reasoning goes in the opposite direction. It begins with observations and proceeds towards more general conclusions that apply to a whole class.

Inductive Logic is also known as the scientific method and relies heavily on experimentation while Deductive Logic is seen in mathematics where proofs can be devised for strictly provable statements about equations and sets of equations such as Fermat’s Last Theorem which putatively took over 350 years to prove.

Thinking is an internal process that refers specifically to the processes of coming up with ideas, imagination, and synthesis. Logic is a thinking tool, or kind of mental logic that guides the process through which thoughts come together.

3.Demonstrate the ability to construct and deconstruct legal arguments.

Constructing a legal argument may be more difficult as they’re many moving parts, so it’s best to break the process down. To begin, prepare adequately in advance and ensure that your research is properly done and organized.

Firstly Decide which type of legal argument you are constructing e.g., deductive/inductive reasoning, proposition-based arguments, the categorical syllogism, or linear sequential flow of logic.

4.Respond to a given legal document form and apply the right rules of interpretation to the document

Legal document form – Define what a reply is in the context of legal work, as well as what it means to “file a claim” and how to file one.

A reply is usually an answer or response to something. In the context of legal work, with most law firms (though not all), it means responding to a previous client’s complaint with your own argument about why you should get off on that complaint or any other arguments you have for dismissing them. To dismiss someone is just another way of saying exonerate. Some law firms may also call this filing a claim, however, that doesn’t affect its meaning at all (in our opinion).

There are four main approaches to interpreting a document. The most common and fundamental approach is the plain meaning rule, which states that “at its most basic level, the text speaks for itself” (Bennett). A literal interpretation of words in a sentence is not taken into account outside of word order.

Other ways include textualism which interprets representations and symbols in a document at their face value rather than tries to read behind or bring other factors into it. In other words, they take a simplistic understanding of every detail in the document without reading past what’s there. Then there is internationalism which assumes that writers have “sincerely intended” something (ibid).

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5.Research and analyze independently the areas of law from standard legal resources on specific matters

Make a list of all the possible sources, then subcategorize them based on their reliability (student blogs are not reliable). Then prioritize them based on how quickly you need an answer – court cases will take longer but have more information than secondary sources such as books or articles.

We can analyze independently the areas of law from standard legal resources. One way in which this is accomplished is by using a second opinion book, such as Fundamentals of Legal Research: A Practical Guide to Doing Your Own Legal Research (4th ed., 1988). A second opinion book discusses specialized concepts in in-depth detail that might be missed by general textbooks or other sources geared primarily toward lawyers.

6.Discuss positions taken in a group setting and in a team environment

In a group setting, order and clarity are more dependent on whoever can be most persuasive while in a team environment, dissenters are not ignored because of their dissenting opinion. Leaders in a team environment also understand that it is important to listen to everyone’s opinion when thinking about the issue at hand.

In contrast, group settings tend to allow for anyone to offer an opinion based on fact without consideration for whether they have much experience with the topic at hand or little understanding of any factors involved in the topic.

7.Express ideas, concepts, and arguments in the English language and legal terminology with care and accuracy

Legal terminology in English is a very large and diverse subject. However, most definitions of these terms can be reduced to “norms of detailed behavior in matters pertaining to law” or “the specific mandatory requirements that can apply to someone’s behavior.”

A basic idea would include the following:

* Laws are made by lawmakers and enforced by governments

* Oftentimes people who break the law are put into prison

* Breaking a law carries social consequences such as being shunned from society

Attempting to describe ideas, concepts, and arguments for all legal terms in the English language would not be possible. But there are some basics that should clear up any confusion on what definition underlies each term. And how these norms of detailed

We can express legal terminology with care and accuracy by changing terminology, acknowledging the complexity of an idea, and summarizing points that leave us on shaky ground. We use terms like “illegally accessing” to replace “hacking”.

For example, because it’s less complicated than hacking and doesn’t prompt readers to think we’re suggesting a moral or ethical equivalency. We also define what info is protected so they don’t feel targeted, then provide a short summary at the end of our answer when we get into territory that makes us nervous.

It helps them take in the idea without feeling bad along the way; there’s a lot of education needed before any comprehensive change takes place but it’s better than doing nothing.

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8. Employ information technology in an office environment for the search for information, the preparation of documents and presentations

The first thing you need to do is identify which type of law you want to enforce, such as human rights law. We can help you assess different strengths and weaknesses in your argument. There are many ways to build a positive argument we will guide you in being persuasive at the same time.

For example, for preparation of presentations, we will give tips on how aspects of the design can be exploited more positively-like color schemes for presenting data or layouts using dividers and clear titles for points that should be introduced at what stage in order not to confuse the audience with too much information.

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