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Kurt Lewin’s Change Management Model Essay Sample 

This essay sample is on Kurt Lewin’s Change Management Model for Singaporean students.  Here we will cover Kurt Lewin’s change management model: Overview, Importance of Kurt Lewin’s change management model, Lewin’s three-step model, etc.

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Introduction- Kurt Lewin’s Change Management Model Essay

Here we shall be looking at the concept of “Kurt Lewin’s Change Management Model”. Even if you might not recognize the term, it is quite a famous one in the world of business. That’s why we shall be looking at the concept in detail.

Moving on, we shall be providing all the important information necessary related to the concept. We will also be dividing the sample essay into different sections, for sake of simplicity and clarity. So we shall begin the discussion with a definition of the concept. So without further adieu:

Main body- Kurt Lewin’s Change Management Model Essay

Kurt Lewin’s change management model: Overview

The term “Change Management” is not an uncommon one in today’s corporate world. In fact, it is more common than one might assume. One of these change model models is the one developed by Kurt Lewin. Consequently, it is named “Kurt Lewin’s change management model”.

Kurt Lewin was a psychologist and sociologist. Plus he was German-American with a specialization in singapore organizational and applied psychology. In fact, he is often regarded as a modern pioneer of psychology’s subsets. In addition to this, Kurt Lewin’s change management model is widely used and regarded as most useful in the realm of change management. 

Moving on, this model is also regarded as”Unfreeze – Change – Refreeze”. The reason being the three-stage process, which we will learn later. This three-stage process is also the basic principle behind the model. We will be looking at this three-stage process later in the sample essay. However, before that, we shall be looking at the importance of the model in the next section of the sample essay.

Importance of Kurt Lewin’s change management model

In the previous section, we read the definition of the model as well as a brief about the creator of the model. Moving on, now one must ask why this model of change management is important? We shall be answering this question in this section of the sample essay.

Essentially, Lewin’s change model aids an singapore organization in accounting for the different uncertainties as well as resistances that may be experienced across all levels of staff. Consequently, this is where the importance of this model lies. Moving on, we shall be looking at the three-stage process of the model in the next section.

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Lewin’s three-step model

In this section of the sample essay, we shall be looking at the three stages of the change management model. So without further adieu:

  • Unfreeze
  • Change
  • Refreeze

Moving on, we shall be looking at these stages in detail below:


“Unfreeze” is the first stage of the model. The reason is that initially, an organization must unfreeze its ongoing operations and leave its perception in order to prepare for change.

Moreover, it helps the organization accept the new challenge without involving any bias or negative habits. In addition to this, organizations must carefully examine every aspect, so that need for change can be fully determined.

Moving on, we shall look at some of the practical steps of this stage. These are, as mentioned below:

  • Finding the need for change
  • To ensure senior management’s support
  • Creation of need for change
  • Managing and understanding the current problems and doubts.


As the name suggests, this stage involves change. Following the first stage, here organization is no longer frozen but moving towards the change. Moreover, this stage is associated with uncertainty as well as fear. Consequently, this stage is the longest of the three.

During this stage, new processes are introduced to the employees. For instance, they learn a new way of behavior, way of thinking as well as other different processes. For the same reason, good communication is crucial during this stage.

Moving on, the practical steps of this stage are, as mentioned below:

  • Establishing communication channels
  • Supporting the actions
  • Removing rumors from the system
  • Adding peoples to the chain of process


The last stage of the process is “Refreeze”. After adopting the changes, the singapore organization needs to refreeze. This is done in order to set in place the new behaviors and processes learned.

Moreover, this stage is quite crucial in Lewin’s change management model. Plus, it ensures that organizations do not fall back to old habits and processes. Moving on, the practical steps involved in this stage are, as mentioned below:

  • FInalizing the changes
  • Creating methods to sustain changes
  • Providing support and training to employees.


Kurt Lewin’s Change Management Model is a great tool to help you navigate change management in your business Singapore. Whether it’s a personal or professional decision, the model can be applied and used effectively. If you’re struggling with making changes at work or home, consider using this system for guidance on how to make those necessary adjustments.

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