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Investors Relations Communication Essay Sample

If you all are wondering what exactly investor relations communication is all about. This post is for you readers.

IR Communication is the corporate communication dedicated to maintaining the relationship between an organization and its financial stakeholders, including critical intermediaries. IR audiences are summed up as a financial community which encompasses both institutional and retail investors (equity as well as debt investors), analysts, financial journalists, and rating agencies, brokers, and regulatory bodies.

It refers to dealing with an investor, financial journalist, rating agencies, regulator bodies shareholders, and other parties as well. It is long-term strategic management rather than a function that businesses occasionally undertake. There are investment relation professionals out there that assist the businesses to make a well-informed decision about the fair value.

So, investor relations communication activities include press releases, interacting through various media, meeting, a presentation with investors, annual reports, and maintain web pages.

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The prime aim is to inform stakeholders about the business so that they are well informed about its financial performance, governance, and prospects. IR begins after the IPO phase. Investor relations act as a way, passage for investors through which investors and communities’ executives communicate, but let’s break a bit more through our post.

What is the Goal of Investor Relation Communication?

You must be wondering or inquisitive to learn what is the purpose or goal behind investor relation communication.

You perhaps heard about the famous phrase the more you tell the more you sell. The more a company effort to make their valuable customer aware of the existence, business, and strategies as well, the more likely there are chances to increase sales of its stock.

It doesn’t mean to spin a campaign, but a proper program to communicate, educate as well as interact with the investors about the company’s market, strength, and potential as an investment.

It is dedicated to maintaining and fostering the relationship between a for-profit organization and its financial stakeholders, consisting of critical intermediaries.

  • To provide transparent facts for investors
  • Maintain the public view of an organization
  • Actively structure the understanding of the company’s financial reputation to key audiences.
  • Increases a company’s visibility with the financial community.

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3 Types of Investor relations Communications

We live in such an extensive business world where corporations or businesses are bound to interact with their investors at every level. A broad range or type of investors needs to be taken into consideration so that proper information is transformed into an accurate group of investors.

1.Institutional Investors Communication

Interacting with an investor is a significant part of any investor relations program. Elite institutions such as insurance companies are willing to contribute a significant amount of capital than a single person. Firms have realized and as well as acting on the importance of interacting with an institutional investor. It can be best done through researching, then sorting them through groups or target audiences based on the characteristics of the entity. This sort of research will save time from spending oodles of time communicated with uninterested investors.

2.Individual Investors Communication

Individual Investors need a different sort of communication when compare to institutional investors. An individual investor could be the employee. There are many times communicated directly through a personal message or maybe one-one-one meetings.

3.Intermediaries Communication

Communication with the individual as well as an institutional investor is one thing or one method, by which businesses proceed with information, updates, and news. Corporations can also communicate directly through intermediaries also known as the third person such as sell-side agents and rating agencies and ratings. These third parties generate detailed and complete researched reports that offer recommendations. One of the most pertinent actions undertaken by a company going through a crisis is media.

Rating agents play an alike role sell-side agent but the same lay major focus on investee credibility and reputation.

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Investors Relations (IR) Strategies

So now we will bring light to IR communication strategies or the best practices that can be used to present or deliver the investment proposition to key stockholders.

So, below are a few proven IR strategies

  • Build a strong and sound Impression with your website if you wish to strengthen your proposition Any information or updated demanded or needed by financial analyst or investors should be readily available.
  • Create a High-Quality Annual Report
  •  Key financial highlights and strategic initiatives
  • Letter to shareholders
  • Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A)
  • Financial statements
  • Auditor’s report
  • Corporate governance
  • The annual report should strike a balance between being concise and comprehensible
  • Develop Effective Investor Presentations
  • Conduct an Informative Earnings Conference Call
  • Use Social Media as an Alternative Information Source

Typical content that needs to be aggregated includes

  • Webinar series
  • Product information
  • Client testimonials
  • Executive interviews
  • Analyst Days
  • Advisor communications
  • Online conference.

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Communication through Investor Relations Programs

It is believed that communication through an investor relations program is effective as well as successful when implemented or executed via IR programs. IR programs could be in-house that consists of a few officers

  • Proactive Communication
  • Reactive Communication
  • Investor Relations Advancement

Final Words

Over the years, IR has come across more complex and strategic. It is very important to keep a close watch or monitor every information that is being posted on social media. Be candid about all the challenges your companies confront. The publicly traded business makes great effort to add value to their entities to maximize or amplify the benefits received. Above everything, companies need to follow a strategy that consists of a clear understanding of the company’s objective and thorough analysis so the right message could be crafted and successfully delivered.

Modern-day business is making great strides and thriving in investor communication with the help of technology and the internet. Being a business one should take every possible way to have the best as well as precise communication with investors, and corporations.

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking websites where information is quickly released and updates for millions of users.

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