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Business Plan for Investors Essay Sample

If you are looking for a business plan for investors, you have come to the right place. In this sample essay, we will be discussing the topic of business plans for investors. As we all know getting investors for your business is a tough job as touch as running a business. Moreover, with a good plan, you also need to present it in a good way. In order to make the best out of your resources, you should know how to write a good business plan that will attract investors.

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Moreover, on our website, we discussed the topic of “business plan development” which is also related to this sample essay. Singapore students may find it helpful as it creates a clear picture of how to write a business proposal.

Therefore by reading this essay you will get the idea of how o write one. Moreover, we will be discussing all the aspects of this topic. These include the importance of a good plan for investors

Importance of business plan for investors

Every business requires some form of investing to run. To attract investors and make them invest in your business, you need to convince them. As we know business meetings are formal setting and precede formal manner. So a business plan is presented to investors to give them an insight into the business. Adding to that, this plan gives potential investors an idea of how the business will work, what are the advantages and disadvantages, potential investment opportunities, and more.

Furthermore, a plan can greatly affect the decisions of potential investors, for better or for worse. As mentioned earlier, just a good business idea is not enough; it must be created into a good business plan for investors. Nevertheless, further in this essay, we will be discussing all the important factors to making a good plan for investors.

Points of focus in a business plan for investors

While writing a good plan for investors, you want to make it interesting. Earlier, the plan used to be 40 to 100 pages long. However, in current scenarios, you should keep it under 20 pages to make it look more like an attractive business plan for investors and less like a book.

Moreover while creating a plan for investors one should focus on the following things:

  • Executive summary
  • Investment opportunity
  • Overview of team
  • Market opportunities
  • Revenue model
  • Differentiating Factors
  • Target Audience

Following are the points one must keep in mind while writing a business plan for investors. Nevertheless, we shall discuss these points in brief below.

Executive summary of business plan

The executive summary contains the main ideas from across the business plan. In fact, if one reads just the executive summary, they will get a clear image of the whole plan. Moreover, it is the first thing in a business plan. However, it is advised to write an executive summary at last. Because by then one will have been through a whole plan.

Investment opportunity

As the name implies, in this part of the business plan one tells what the investment opportunities of the business are.   Adding to that, it also mentions why investors should invest in the business, how their money is helping businesses and what will they get in return for their investment.

Nevertheless, the following must be included in this part of the business plan for an investor:

  • Your Funding Goal: how much funding is needed for the plan to get running
  • Return: what will investors be gaining by funding your business plan
  • Using the Funds: how to do company plan to use the funding
  • Milestones: how the funding will help the business goals

Overview of team

In this section, the team is introduced to the investor. As this team will be handling all the money, investors would want to know them. Moreover, stating the team’s achievements will help the investor see their potential. Adding to that, it will also show them why your team is best and most fitting for the job.

An overview of the team also helps in winning the trust of the investors and making them more likely to invest in your business plan.

Market opportunities

This section covers two major points; first, the problem being tackled by the business and second, the reason why your company will be successful in the market. Addressing these two points will give investors points to consider while anticipating the performance of the company. Moreover, adding these two points to your business plan for investors will make it more attractive.

Revenue model

This could the most asked question in a business meeting “how much will the business make?” Also, investors are interested in this too. The revenue model gives an idea of the profit the business will be making. Plus, this helps investors predict how much they will be getting back from the business.

Moreover, this makes the revenue model one of the most important sections of a business plan for investors if the most. Hence must be paid extra attention to.

Differentiating Factors

As the name suggests, this section contains the factors that differentiate you from others. Meaning how your products or services are different from those already available in the market. Plus, it presents an idea of why your product is unique. Also creating a surety that it will capture people’s attention, hence will sell in good numbers.

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Target Audience of business plan

Now that investors know how’s your product unique, the revenue model of the business, the opportunities in the market for the business and why they should invest in your business; it’s time to discuss the target audience. Obviously, the target audience means the group of people you will be targeting. In a broader sense here you discuss the niche of your business.

Tips for making an attractive business plan for investor

Above we discussed points of focus in a business plan for investors. However, there are some tips to make an even more eye-catching and hard to ignore business plan for investors. Nevertheless, these tips are as stated below:

  • Paying special attention to the executive summary
  • Double-checking the plan and proofreading
  • Being able to back your data
  • Knowing what investors want to see
  • Who are your target investors

Moreover, we shall discuss these tips in brief below:

Paying special attention to the executive summary

Usually, investors are very busy with their own work so there are chances that they won’t read the whole business plan. Therefore, writing a better executive summary will attract the investor. As we discussed executive summary is basically minimized version of the plan. Hence, busy potential

The investor is more likely to read the executive summary as compared to the whole business plan.

Double-checking the plan and proofreading the business plan

As the business plans are quite a large piece of documentation, containing a lot of specific information double-checking them is very important. In fact, while writing such large documents people tend to make few mistakes. However, investors are not as forgiving of such mistakes as it reflects the quality of carelessness to them. Therefore, you must ask some trustable to proofread and double-check all the data and information in the business plan or may do it yourself.

Being able to back your data

Investors often ask the presenter what is written in the business plan. Moreover, they may also ask you questions about the stats. However, if you fail to support your business plan, it will send a bad sign to investors and you might lose potential opportunities. Therefore, the person presenting the plan to the investor must always be ready to support the business plan and back the data.

Knowing what investors want to see

While creating a business plan for investors, one should consider what the investors want to see. Moreover, adding this to your plan will attract more potential investors like kids are attracted to candy. Resulting in, increasing the chance of getting investment and reaching the target funding.

Who are your target investors?

It is as important to know your target investors as knowing your target audience. Some investors look for investment opportunities in certain areas. Therefore, studying and analyzing investors’ previous projects will help you target the ones who are more likely to hear your offer. As a result, you have higher chances of getting funding.

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