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HS8018 Our Bodies, Ourselves NTU Assessment Answer

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) ‘our bodies, ourselves’ module will cover various aspects related to our bodies and ourselves. The HS8018 course will provide knowledge of the Medical Science of our body and you would be asked to do university assignments on related topics.

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The HS8018 our bodies, ourselves module Intended learning attainments

The NTU course is a part of liberal studies (LS), Liberal Arts (LA), and Art Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) electives.

Upon successfully, completing the HS8018 our bodies ourselves module, students would be able to acquire an understanding of the following:

1. To understand our body through a perspective of sociological inquiry

The HS8018 NTU syllabus is designed to make students gain a basic understanding of our body system and its importance socially. We will mainly learn its sociological perspective.

2. To analyze the critical reflective response of a body to the current changes in social factors

Here, in ‘our bodies, ourselves’ topics we will see how changes in social factors such as technological change and medical advancement have affected our body response critically.

3. To provide meaningful insight and knowledge on the body being used as a contested terrain

  • In the HS8018 notes, we will study the four dimensions required to build a disciplined body such as control, Desire, self-relatedness, and other-relatedness.
  • You will also study the characteristics of the disciplined body like the high degree of control, displaying predictable skills, and being well-ordered.

4. To analyze how our body fought the struggles over resistance and control established in contemporary societies

The body’s struggle would be taught in the NTU course by the theory of Medicalization which is the process to identify human problems and conditions.

5. To acquire medical knowledge as it will emphasize its various transformations

We will study the transformation on whether our mind changes our bodies, or our bodies change our mind? We will also see it from the perspective of the medical field in NTU HS8018 lessons.

6. To understand and analyze the body which has changed itself from the passive receptacle of various diseases

  • We will learn how our body has become home for various diseases and how it has overcome all of these with time.
  • We will see our body as a biological system that possesses specific functions required for everyday living as a part of HS8018 our bodies ourselves curriculum

7. To gain knowledge on the transformation to a responsible body and becoming an active agent of self-care

  • We will see how our body is becoming a self-caring agent and becoming more responsible through class discussions with your classmates as a part of HS8018 our bodies ourselves assessment component.
  • To examine the knowledge of our body system with regards to social competence.
  • The NTU tutorials will provide knowledge by studying the body from the sociological perspective whose life decisions and self-identity would be dependent on the medicalization and prevailing concepts related to health.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. 1 How to study for the final examination of the HS8018 our bodies, ourselves NTU module?

Ans: According to the instructors you should study from NTU past year paper solutions, prescribed textbooks and readings, class participation, complete all your assignments, and essays assigned during the class. This all will help in understanding the HS8018 our bodies, ourselves examination format.

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