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It is important to understand the difference between good and bad leadership because it can make or break an organisation. Leaders are often a primary source of conflict in organisations, but this does not mean they’re ineffective at their jobs; rather than being seen as enemies who needlessly stir up trouble among coworkers, smart leaders know when enough’s enough and should step down so others may take over for them with ease

A leader has many hats – whether these be administrative roles like accountant or payroll clerk (or even more hands-on responsibilities) depends entirely upon each person’s job description within your company . Some workers might function primarily as independent contractors, while others might have more team-oriented positions that require them to work closely with other employees. But, in order to be a successful leader no matter the position you hold within your company, it’s important that you learn how to manage and lead people.

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This course teaches you about the theory, research and practice of leadership effectiveness. You’ll learn how each element works in order to build your own understanding for future use as a leader or non-leader alike.

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Assignment Task 1: Examine the dynamics of leadership and its impact on employees and the organisational activities

If an organisation is about to embark on a new leadership style it needs to be careful that the change does not cause further negative effects rather than positive ones. Effects can include loss of respect, which then leads to the next issue of decreased productivity since people do poorly when they are feeling unappreciated. Leaders need to consider their employees’ wellbeing and well-being as part of their leader responsibilities, which also includes respecting them and taking care in how they are approached with changes or suggestions about their work situations. One way leaders can create trust is having open dialogue with employees so people know what’s going on from more than one source and feel needed every step of the way during times of change.

Another way to create trust is by doing what you say and saying what you do, demonstrating that the leader is trustworthy and will keep their word. If employees see with their own eyes examples of someone’s words matching their actions then they know for sure that not only are you who you are but also that your words are true. Moreover, if one of your promises is not fulfilled, you need to deal with this quickly and in a way that makes up for the lack of action. A good trick here is to reassure everyone that they will be looked after during this time of change.

Leaders also have the ability to create trust by inspiring others through a strong vision setting. This is important because it shows the employees that the leader cares about the future and is not just focused on what’s happening in the present. When people feel like they’re a part of something greater than themselves, they are more likely to trust the leader and be willing to go above and beyond for them. Leaders can also foster a sense of trust by being authentic and showing their flaws. Although this sounds counter intuitive, showing people that you don’t have it all together is actually more attractive than having things perfect on the outside but messy on the inside.

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Assignment Task 2: Appraise various leadership styles and their impact on organisations

Delegating authority is one of the most effective ways to maximize every employee’s potential. Delegates are not only motivators but are also entrusted with your company’s task and should be treated as such. They know what needs to happen and how it will be carried out and should be allowed to make those decisions. There can come a point, though, when delegation becomes counter productive because there is too much pressure on the delegate. When this happens it may not be their fault that they no longer want responsibility or feel like they cannot handle as much as before due to other responsibilities ruining time management capabilities; it could just mean that you’re biting off more than you can chew and need to delegate better tasks to them. If you are ever in this situation, here are a few tips on how to get your delegates back on track:

  • Start by understanding their current workload.
  • Assess and reassess their capabilities and see if they are still able to take on new responsibilities.
  • If they are overloaded and unable to take on new tasks, start by removing some of the lower priority tasks from their plate.
  • Finally, if all else fails, you may need to consider hiring a new delegate.

It is important to note that delegating authority is not a one-way street. As a delegate, it is important to remember that you are still responsible for the outcome of the task. This means that if something goes wrong, you need to be able to own up to your mistakes and take corrective action. Remember, too, that when delegating authority, it is important to give clear instructions and provide all the necessary information. This will help to avoid any confusion and will ensure that the delegate is able to carry out the task effectively.

Assignment Task 3: Design a strategy to enhance leadership performance

To design a strategy to enhance leadership performance there are three steps that must be taken.

First, the company and its culture must be evaluated and analyzed in order to consider what factors will support or negate performance.

Next, a customized modeling process that will disrupt factors outside of an individual’s control while improving skills within their control is developed for each employee. 

Finally, this process must be reinforced by management through explicit expectations and continual feedback systems which highlight positive behavior change and coaching style can help attain peak leadership performance.

In order to properly evaluate the company and its culture, a diagnostic assessment should be conducted. The purpose of this assessment is to look at how the organization is structured, how work is done, what values are promoted, and what type of communication exists. It will also identify the leadership’s strengths and weaknesses. Once this assessment is complete, it can help to develop a leadership development strategy.

Assignment Task 4: Create a leadership competencies framework to enable the activities of work teams to meet strategic goals

Simply articulated, leadership competencies provide benchmarks for recognizing who is an effective leader and how these leaders demonstrate their leadership. Leaders are instrumental in identifying the most-appropriate ways to refine practices with the goal of achieving superior performance. With many teams operating across borders or time zones, comparisons of quality and effectiveness become challenging. As a result, it’s critical that metrics be adaptively designed against which measurements can be reliably made. Leadership competencies answer the question “how do we measure competence?” 

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Competency frameworks need to align with strategic priorities for maximum value generation — once they are aligned it becomes incredibly valuable because this information provides insight into where gaps may exist or upcoming skills development needs exist; deficiencies they arrest before any damage is done to the bottom line. They also provide benchmarking by which we can measure and give us insight into our leadership effectiveness.

When selecting competencies for a team or organization, it is important to consider whether they are tied closely enough to business strategy. This allows the team to focus on activities that are truly important for meeting organizational goals, increasing efficiency and effectiveness. The competency framework can help individuals and teams assess their strengths and weaknesses, set priorities, and make decisions about where to focus their efforts. It can also help identify areas for improvement and development.

Assignment Task 5: Evaluate the self and plan personal strategies to increase one’s leadership capacities

The first step to increasing one’s leadership capacity is to take the time to evaluate oneself. A person has to know their strengths, weaknesses, what they are passionate about, how they react with people who are different from them etc. 

Step two is for that person then plan personal strategies. They need to figure out how they can use their qualities against their perceived weaknesses and vise versa. For example if a leader sees that they have too much anxiety in certain situations then maybe he or she can try not letting themselves get so worked up beforehand so as not to panic when the situation presents itself again. Or if someone finds themselves being too hard on others because of anger management issues then maybe he or she needs create some boundaries for themselves and stick to them.

The third step is taking action. Leaders need to start putting their plans into motion and begin practicing what they preach. This means trying new things, making mistakes, and learning from them. It also means being consistent with the new behaviours that have been put in place and not giving up when things get tough.

The fourth and final step is reflection. After taking action, leaders need to reflect on how things went. What went well? What didn’t go so well? What could have been done differently? This is important in order to learn and grow as a leader.

In conclusion, increasing one’s leadership capacity takes time, but if a leader is committed to constantly working on themselves and their leadership skills, then they will be able to become better equipped as a leader.

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Assignment Task 6: Critique the fundamentals of, and perspectives on, leadership

Leadership embraces a range of behaviors and styles, with fundamental concepts such as power, authority and social responsibility. There is no single model or methodological approach to leadership; what constitutes effective leadership will depend on an individual’s personality as well as the situation.

Leadership theories have been applied over the centuries in different contexts to explain how individuals gain followership despite appearing to operate within a democratic system where everyone supposedly has equal opportunity. One of the most influential theory was authored by Max Weber in his 1920 book “The Theory of Social and Economic Organization” who defines a leader as someone who can organize people with formal social rank—those having command over other people,—to achieve organizational or community goals through formally communicated expectations about how people should behave in a given situation.

In more contemporary times, leadership is studied through a social-psychological perspective in which the leader is understood as a leader of a particular group with an individual psychology that shapes their interactions with followers. In this context, the good follower finds ways to provide valuable resources when they are expected to be available and is able to deal with their own shortcomings and weaknesses, while a poor follower is less capable of performing these tasks.

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