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Human resource development (HRD) is an essential part of the overall human resources management system. The course teaches students about how to create and implement effective training programs, balancing needs for learning alongside other important factors like time constraints in order make sure that each individual gets all their desired results from it.

In this fast paced world full immersion virtual HRD classes can provide learners with vital information they need at any given moment – anytime anywhere across multiple devices via online video conferencing technology which connects them not only physically but also virtually allowing us access into one another’s thoughts by way use emoticons emojis reaction GIFs and other visual queues . It can truly revolutionize the way HRD is taught.

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Face to face interactions by video conference would be an exceptional tool for collaboration and increasing retention in training courses – allowing participants to draw diagrams on the virtual whiteboard that everyone else sees via screenshare or just share their screen with others in real time which allows for a back and forth dialogue which is key for learning.

HRD professionals can also use video conferencing technology to interview candidates, conduct focus groups, or deliver training sessions to employees in different locations. Additionally, by using video conferencing software, trainers can record their training sessions and make them available online for employees who were unable to attend the session or for employees in other locations.

The average classroom training system is often outdated, but with virtual education, students can receive information from a provider offering an advanced education and using cutting edge technology to present it. These courses will enable learners to perform better on the job and become more engaged members of the workforce.

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Assignment Brief 1: Describe the frameworks and concepts of learning, training and development

Learning is the act of gaining knowledge, skills or competences. The goals of lifelong learning are basic intellectual growth and fulfillment, achieving greater independence in meeting new personal challenges, and continually adapting to an ever-changing world. The most common type of participants in lifelong learning programs are adults.

Possible reasons for industry level adoption include the demand for high-skilled jobs; need for increased understanding of customer behavior; changing requirements due to technological advances; skills required by regulations (for example, environmental regulations); economic competitiveness; regulations on business size (e.g., small business); liability risk associated with legal action by employees due to unsafe workplace conditions … Training refers to formalized work experience that provides positive reinforcement through repetition and handovers from experienced workers to new employees.

Training covers the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competences required for work. It is a structured process that uses methods and tools to meet specific learning objectives. Training is delivered by organizations or professionals who have the necessary expertise in their field.

Assignment Brief 2: Discuss HRD tools and approaches in addressing learning and development issues

Employee development needs are identified through formal performance appraisal discussions. Learning needs assessments must be conducted in order to identify gaps in skills and knowledge, which are not being addressed through informal learning. Successfully addressing organizational developmental strategies depends on effective management of leadership talent or HR processes with quality staff training approaches. HRD tools used when planning the overall performance improvement process include formal training programs, job/task analysis, planned ignore actions plans, goal setting objectives for organization members and how they can help achieve these goals.

One important tool of HRD is the competency framework. This framework summarizes personnel requirements for a given position vs task demands by comparing inventory of key attributes (skills) that exist within the organization with competencies required of the person occupying the role. Thus, competency development is a central theme in human resource development and is linked to organizational strategy and overall performance improvement.

HRD strategies include: formal training programs, job/task analysis, planned ignore actions plans, goal setting objectives organization members and how they can help achieve these goals.

Assignment Brief 3: Relate future trends and applications in HRD

HR is rapidly evolving. With exponentially advancing technologies, new job skills are generated daily. Consequently, people are becoming less specialized in their work and will need to be versatile across various industries or suffer economic disadvantages for future jobs.

HRD departments must continuously develop diverse skills that can teach employees new ways of doing things without the time investment of fully-fledged training courses by leveraging cross-functional teams with expertise in different fields or industry areas. Experts agree that this will lead to hyper-competitive systems where only the best talent lands on top growing corporations which they currently serve up to their clients – essentially putting HRD in charge of building quality candidates rather than just recruiting them.

Quality of referrals is a significant factor that influences the quality of hire as well as candidate’s satisfaction, likelihood to refer and retention rate. According to our research it seems to be even more important than the referral bonus. In fact, 67% of respondents stated that receiving a bonus would have not made them refer another person for an open position. Overall, it’s important for HR professionals to remember that the quality and quantity of referrals is not directly proportional to the referral bonus amount.

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Assignment Brief 4: Analyse and assess training and development needs

Given the scope of an organization, it is often necessary for specific training to take place. One way in which organizations are able to meet this need is by providing classes which will inform personnel of the company’s policy and procedures. These courses also give insight into how best to work within that organization’s expectations. Such guidelines help ensure achievement in line with organizational goals. As well, courses designed around workplace culture provide guidance on appropriate behaviour when working professionally among your peers at any given time – whether during office hours or after-hours socializing. Organizations also use these courses as a means of heightening sensitivity for employee well-being and supporting mental health initiatives.

There are five broad categories that describe workplace culture:

  1. Cooperative culture
  2. Competitive culture
  3. Hierarchical culture
  4. Individualistic culture
  5. Achievement-oriented culture

All of these categories have a range of different factors that contribute to their development and display, making it essential for organizations to be cognizant of the specific needs These types of courses and others like them, help employees take control and responsibility for their own success.

Assignment Brief 5: Apply HRD concepts and tools in putting together a training plan

A training plan consists of both input and output components. Inputs are the desired skills to be acquired by the employee, outputs are the desirable behaviors that change as a result of that learning.

The HRD professional can help determine what general kind of developmental training would be appropriate for an individual’s needs based on their personality type (using Myers-Briggs personality type), readiness for development (measured using RAPID), and knowledge level (often uncovered in an interview). Skill areas might include conflict resolution or leadership skills; attitudes may include patience or persistence. The goal is to increase the individual’s effectiveness in his/her current job as well as provide opportunities for better employment options should any arise at some future time.

Once the skill and attitude areas have been determined, a training plan can be designed to provide the appropriate inputs. Many organizations now subscribe to online training providers that offer courses on a variety of topics related to human resources. Other input sources might include books, articles, or videos that are specific to the needs of the individual. face-to-face or computer-based training may be used. The HRD professional should visit the person’s current work site to actually observe the job being done before the training plan is implemented. This allows for better planning and implementation of specific activities that are needed to enhance performance in that particular situation, as well as fine tuning the design of any new skills.

Assignment Brief 6: Evaluate a human resource training programme

Training programmes are an ongoing process, but they’re absolutely necessary for any company looking to create a work environment where employees are happy and motivated. However, it does become difficult for companies to ensure that the training offered is effective because the reliance on external service providers may be subject to demand-driven supply issues. Employees may also have mixed views on whether or not something has translated into positive learning outcomes as well as how often their learning needs should be addressed through ongoing training programmes. Still, with all these challenges in mind – adopting ongoing formalised learning processes is essential in guaranteeing current staff remain up-to-date with new skills/knowledge required by them outside of their regular work duties. It also sends a clear message to potential employees that the company is willing to invest in their development and has a commitment to employee growth – which could be a deciding factor when looking for a new job.

There are a variety of training methods that can be used in order to achieve these objectives, and the most effective approach for any given organisation will depend on its specific needs. However, many experts agree that a blended learning model is often the best way to go – incorporating both classroom-based and online learning experiences. This allows employees to learn in spaces that are convenient to them, when they have time available for training. It also means that staff can work at their own pace, which is particularly useful for junior employees who might be less confident in their abilities at first.

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