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Hazardous Management Plan Essay Sample

This essay sample will provide an insight into the toxic waste management plan in Singapore. Further, we will discuss Singaporean companies handling waste recycling and Management. Every company set up there must follow toxic management guidelines provided by the government. For the maintenance of a Sustainable environment, elimination of Industrial waste is necessary. Let’s indulge in more details.

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Hazardous waste management plan in Singapore

Developing a hazardous waste management plan is significant to

  • Promote human safety and health
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Manage different site wastes
  • Manage disposal cost
  • Reduce negative effects on the environment
    More than 2000 companies are operating in Singapore that handles and uses toxic chemicals. It generates toxic industrial waste. The main types are waste oil, acid, sludge, and solvents. Singapore has adopted a zero-waste plan, the objective of which is to increase the domestic recycling rate up to 30%.

The environmental protection and Management regulations (EPMA) in Singapore

Toxic Industrial waste regulations (TIWR)

This regulation in Singapore controls waste containing alkalis, gallium arsenide, and other toxic components. To prevent illegal disposal and dumping of hazardous industrial waste, tracking of every waste consignment through an e-Tracking system is done.

Waste minimization

The waste and resource management department (WRMD) of the national environment agency (NEA) of Singapore is to formulate policies to promote waste minimization. Some activities promoted by them are

  • Waste exchange– NEA provides links to industries in exchange for waste. Waste for one can be a resource to another company. For example, alkali waste generated by one can be used by another to neutralize the acid waste.
  • Waste audit– companies carry out waste audits to improve process performance and maximize resource Optimisation.
  • Use of clean Technology– industries use Clean Technologies that will help in minimizing waste generation.
  • Reuse and recycling– companies are increasing to set up waste recycling plants. They are encouraged to recycle and reuse waste.

Tran’s boundary movement of hazardous waste

Singapore has adopted conventions on control of the movement of toxic waste and its disposal. It is in the direction to control the transit, export, and import of hazardous and toxic Industrial waste.

Licensing control

Singapore has adopted various licensing controls. Some of them are

  • Hazardous substances license and permit control: Any person or industry that wishes to export, sell, and import hazardous substances must obtain a permit or license.
  • Transport approval control: Any individual who wishes to transport hazardous and toxic substances in quantities exceeding the permissible limit must obtain transport approval.
  • Import control: All chemicals importing to Singapore must be safely handled and managed by approved license holders. The environmental protection and management act ensures the safe handling and management of toxic substances.
  • Storage and transport requirements: The Storage area should be sheltered and have adequate safety facilities. Organizations must
    ensure fire protection, leakage of toxic gases, and warning devices to be installed.

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Key market trends of Singapore waste management

Waste management in Singapore is according to the waste type. It includes plastic waste, industrial waste, Biomedical Waste, and E-waste. The key trends include

  • Recycling: The government implements recycling programs at the Industrial Estate and household level. Singapore has implemented nationwide residential recycling programs. Setting up the recycle bins near every residential area. Adopting various recycling programs to promote and build awareness among localities.
  • Incineration practices: In Singapore, incineration of 93% of toxic waste and the rest is landfilled offshore. The nation has four incineration plants that serve as Land efficient methods of toxic management. They assist in providing 4% of Singapore electricity needs.
  • Competitive landscape: Many local companies are bringing their comprehensive package of cost-effective value-added service to consumers globally. Singapore assists companies in entering the value chain of waste management. It ranges from collecting to recycling waste, treating energy, recovery methods, and landfill management.

Examples of Singapore companies

Many companies have been awarded safety awards for hazard reporting. KK Asia plastic recycling plant- this plant assists in recycling plastic scrap and pellets after extrusion and heat.
Ecowise– the company subsidiary, Bee Joo industries Pte ltd is the first Singapore Company to formulate the clean development mechanism project. UGL Singapore- maintains solid waste management and is the waste solutions provider.
SEMBWASTE– this group helps in e-waste recycling services and is the leader in optimized Resource Management
LHT Ecotech Resources– this company provides innovative Waste Management services and solutions. It helps in the disposal and treatment of waste material.


From the above article, we can conclude that Singapore possesses a strong toxic management market. The government has taken various measures to minimize and recycle the waste at Industrial and business setup. Being a Small Island, immense challenges are faced to keep the environment healthy and clean. The perfect solution is proper environmental infrastructure and planning controls.

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The above article throws light on hazardous Industrial waste management. Students studying management in Singapore educational institutions can refer to this article.

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