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GER 505 Physiology and Healthcare Assignment Sample SUSS Singapore

GER 505 Physiology and Healthcare Assignment Sample of SUSS, Singapore

In this assignment sample, we will be going to discuss the Physiology and Healthcare SUSS, Singapore. GER 505 Physiology and Healthcare is a course that explores the importance of universal healthcare provision in various societies, as well as what individuals are expected to do throughout their lives for themselves.

The life-course perspective looks at how a lifelong healthy lifestyle can affect old-age health status, including primary secondary, and tertiary level care provisions. Preventive screenings related to food habits or choices will also be discussed with regards to an individual’s life stage– these considerations play important roles in one’s long-term health prospects later in adulthood.

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This course was designed to teach students about health-seeking behaviors, how culture influences these behaviors, and how to intervene effectively to give people the tools they need to live healthy lives. This course includes a wide variety of perspectives and skills which are commonly found in health services or other related professions.

Some ethical aspects will be discussed as well as learning objectives for mental health, behavioral change, screening tests and various public health policies that may be considered unethical from some perspective.

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At the end of this course, the student will be able to understand the Physiology and Healthcare module with the help of the following learning outcomes:

1.Discuss and gain insight into the physiological changes in aging and healthcare.

There are many physiological changes that occur in the aging process. Let’s focus on three major aspects of these changes, one for each point in our stages of life: childhood, adulthood, and old age.

In childhood, growth hormones increase by as much as 300% which helps children go through a period called “somatopause,” where most of the development is done before adults reach puberty. In contrast to children who have a lot going on physiologically with their growth phase, adults experience a decrease in hormones such as testosterone and estrogen which lead to less muscle strength along with female menopause (or about 2-3 years prior), which includes symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats all leading up to the increased risk of heart disease.

Lastly, with old age, a decrease in hormones such as sex hormones and growth hormone leads to an increase in body fat along with muscle atrophy. So what does this have to do with anything?

“Aging is not a process of accumulation of bodily faults or cellular damage that slowly incapacitates humans.” In fact, aging is dependent on many factors including (but not limited to) the stress response hormones, how well we heal, exercise adaptation, immune health, behavior choices, positive social connections, and family support structure.

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2.Examine the common age-related diseases, their symptoms, and how they affect overall health

We can examine the common age-related diseases, their symptoms, and how they affect overall health through a positive lens by connecting the dots between stress and disease. For clarity, it is important to note that aging does not equal disease or death, as humans are able to survive well beyond the average lifespan of most animals; however, many diseases do contribute to a less than ideal quality of life as humans age.

I have previously written about inflammation, its role in cardiovascular disease and cancer, how stress hormones can induce chronic inflammation, as well as how chronic inflammation leads to a loss of microbiome diversity. I would highly encourage reading this previous article for more information on metabolism-related inflammatory issues associated with aging.

3.Formulate assessment and evaluation of clients, in terms of function, social factors, and disabilities due to the various disease processes

We can formulate assessment and evaluation of clients, in terms of function, social factors, and disabilities due to the various disease processes through the use of the mind-body matrix. To do this we can use the 8 causes of disease found in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), toxic forms, cellular stress, deficient nutrient intake or metabolism, internal organ impairment, trauma and tissue damage/weakness, musculoskeletal dysfunction (facial tissue), and miscellaneous factors such as impaired immunity due to genetics or other conditions. For a complete list please see my previous article on Metabolic Syndrome here.

We can teach evidence-based practice like lifestyle modification and specific dietary protocols according to current nutrition science through the use of the mind-body matrix.

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4.Discuss the benefits of regular physical activity for older adults.

There are three primary benefits of regular physical activity for older adults. First, it significantly reduces the risk of heart disease. Second, those who exercise on a regular basis are much less likely to fall and break a limb–a common cause of disability among older adults. Third, and most importantly for our purposes, increased physical activity decreases feelings of loneliness which can lead to depression. In addition to these benefits, there is also good evidence that exercise can prolong life by mitigating the effects of aging on cardiovascular health in senior years.”

Regular physical activity benefits adults of all ages, but even more when considering older adults. Physical exercise has been shown to increase cognitive function, curb depression and improve mood. It also aids in weight control as time progresses by improving insulin sensitivity, reducing the risk for developing type 2 diabetes, and decreasing the likelihood of developing cancer.

Physical exercise improves the quality of life in later years through the promotion of improved mobility through controlled body weight and increased muscle strength and endurance that assists with activities of daily living (ADL). Several studies report that healthy lifestyle changes including regular physical exercise appear to hold stronger potential than prescription medication for slowing or even preventing age-related health declines such as heart disease, dementia, arthritis pain, and bone loss among others.

5.Analyze the key healthcare issues for older adults across the continuum of care and services

Older adults are at risk of having problems with their health, as the human body is subject to aging. A healthy lifestyle that incorporates exercise and proper nutrition can help lower this risk, but we need a care plan for older adults across the continuum of care.

Particularly in his or her later years, an older adult safety could be more at risk due to chronic age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. They may also lose some muscle strength or have difficulty with physical activity and mobility because of reduced bone mineral density. This will increase the likelihood they’ll be limited on what they might do physically and in social support network obligations such as getting out for errands, appointments, meals, etc.

We can analyze the key healthcare issues for older adults across the continuum of care and services through the lens of three domains: Physical, Functional, and Socio-Emotional. Each domain provides a framework for understanding the risk factors associated with an aging older adult’s physical health, functional ability to perform tasks or activities of daily living, as well as psychological needs and preferences which will impact their quality of life.

Clear communication is even more important than ever when caring for an older adult with dementia. The language you use should be simple, direct, and non-judgmental. In short, it must help guide them to the right action at the right time in an environment that feels safe and secure.

6. Develop competency and collaborative skills to work in a multidisciplinary team

We can develop competency and collaborative skills to work in a multidisciplinary team by selling and marketing our products and services, developing plans for the future, working with associations, participating in networking events, learning from others who have gone before us (mentors), and developing an open mind to new ideas.

Even the best-planned program can go off course if we are not proficient at communication. This is accomplished by breaking down barriers of person-to-person interaction: language differences, social stature/standing/power differentials between people within a group or organization. Allowing everyone to have their voices heard will increase trust which will lead to respect for one another’s a contribution to the whole effort – hence a collaborative team is born!

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