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GER 503 Lifespan Development and Psychology of Ageing Assignment Sample SUSS Singapore

GER 503 Lifespan Development and Psychology of Ageing Assignment Sample of SUSS, Singapore

In this assignment sample, we will be going to discuss the Lifespan Development and Psychology of Ageing SUSS, Singapore. Lifespan and Psychology of Ageing is the study that examines how a person ages from birth to death, as well as what they go through psychologically. The course will discuss theories about aging bodies and minds; it also provides knowledge on developmental stages in old age.

Students can explore different issues faced by older adults such as gender or economic factors affecting their lives throughout time. They then learn assessment techniques for measuring individual psychological coping strategies – this helps them when working with people who are elderly themselves.

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This course was designed to provide knowledge on the physiology, psychology, and psychosocial issues of people that are middle-aged. It will discuss issues like family relationships or role transitions; it also explains how cognitive changes affect human behavior and how to adjust themselves accordingly.

Students can learn about several methods for helping them assess a client’s current state as well as their potential future issues by using different assessment tools such as checklists, rating scales, interviews, or biographical questionnaires.

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Assessment helps students know what they can do to help people cope with life in midlife so they can achieve overall welfare and wellness. Students also gain skills in designing treatment plans which incorporate an individual’s goals before planning interventions based on available resources for clients over 45 years old.

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At the end of this course, the student will be able to understand the Lifespan Development and Psychology module with the help of the following learning outcomes.

1.Apply the main psychological theories of aging

we can apply the main psychological theories of aging in our work with older adults. We can also relate these theories to real situations and make plans for intervention based on the theories of aging as well as other relevant psychological theories which are needed to design effective treatment plans.

  • Plan interventions for age-related problems: We can start planning appropriate interventions. These will be based on a defined problem, goal or objective, resources available, and consideration of potential risks involved in applying particular types of therapeutic intervention approaches.
  • Apply strategies related to positive psychology: Students will learn about the concepts and application of positive psychology in relation to the individual’s overall wellness during the midlife stage and how they can use this approach when making decisions about development programs or implementing activities for older adults. Students will understand how happiness is significantly influenced.

2.Construct critical connections between lifespan physiological and psychological changes in the aging process

We can construct critical connections between lifespan physiological and psychological changes in the aging process through middle age to old age, and how these changes are integrated into an individual’s behavior and personal identity in order to understand positive psychology.

It is important to note that during this period of development an individual has developed a sense of self, values, and beliefs (Ryff & Singer, 2008). Positive psychology focuses on what is normal in human experience rather than what is pathological.

The endeavor of positive psychology has the potential to develop psychological strengths that can be cultivated through individuals’ participation in ability-building or skill-building activities. It is possible therefore for older adults who participate in such programs to have happier lives as they age.

3.Examine the factors that slow the decline in cognitive functioning and contribute to resiliency in older adults

We can examine the factors that slow the decline in cognitive functioning and contribute to resiliency in older adults through the use of various research studies and their results. Many researchers are studying the various aspects that may contribute to successful aging, which is a key area in positive psychological practice because it can have many benefits for older adults.

We will explore how positive psychology is a useful skill when used by people who want to improve their lives, specifically in terms of increasing self-awareness, promoting social connections and activities, dealing with stress more effectively, managing negative emotions better, and cultivating strengths (Peterson & Park 2008).

Positive psychology has been shown to positively influence brain development in adulthood through what Peterson & Park (2008) call “positive engagement” or any behavior where an individual generates positive emotion.

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4.Analyze the psychological issues and challenges that accompany late life stages

We can analyze the psychological issues and challenges that accompany late life stages by looking at the individual’s worlds and how they impact their lives. We can look at their world psychologically, physically, socially (Peterson & Park 2008).

When we analyze an individual’s world psychologically, we would confront the issue of an identity crisis. Identity crisis is the process that every person goes through as they try to figure out who they are and where they fit in society. It usually starts when people become adolescents and then it begins to build on itself throughout adulthood. When analyzing identity crises in late life stages there can be two types of responses to these questions.

5.Improve competency in understanding the body-mind-spirit functions in older people in the context of gender, class, and culture

This would be useful in creating programs that can fit into the needs of older people. Cognitive processes are linked to memory loss and this is an issue with every person as they get older, it’s more prevalent with women since oftentimes the men in their lives tend to downplay things like this for fear of being ridiculed by other members of society who believe males should be strong.

In the same way that women are downplayed by members of society, people from lower economic classes will have a difficult time dealing with their cognitive processes and memory loss alone. This is simply because those who are at higher levels in society tend to be older in age and without a college education or degree as they usually don’t receive enough care during their younger days.

Improve competency in understanding body-mind-spirit functions of aging adults using diverse methodologies, such as qualitative research, action research, participatory research (action learning), evaluation techniques for program models directed toward older adults. Educational programs must include developing theories about cultural diversity and its influence on health attitudes and behaviors.

6.Assess psychological aspects of older adults using internationally recognized scales/indices

We can assess the psychological aspects of older adults using internationally recognized scales/indices through psychometric procedures. It is also important to assess how cultural identity, ageism, and sexism affect older adults’ mental health.

It is essential for us to learn more about issues related to death and dying that are relevant from an interdisciplinary perspective. It will be crucial for us, as researchers, to understand the perspectives of practitioners who work with older adults on various aspects such as end-of-life decision-making and grief counseling. This understanding may help us develop culturally appropriate interventions based on best evidence practices that are influenced by local culture-specific values and norms.

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