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FMT101 Building Services is a beneficial and highly informative course that equips its students with key knowledge pertaining to the maintenance and operation of a building’s services. From plumbing and drainage systems to air-conditioning and fire protection, this course sets its participants up with a thorough understanding of the various systems within any given building.

Multiple modules provide an in-depth approach to topics such as power supply, safety requirements, and certification. Engaging lectures complete with interactive activities offer classroom support and variety, making FMT101 Building Services an ideal solution for those looking to take the first step into their professional career in construction.

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Herein, we will be offering some assignment tasks. These include:

Assignment Task 1: Name the design principles of the various M&E systems.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) systems consist of a set of design principles that provide a blueprint for an organization to follow, allowing it to assess its progress toward achieving goals. These design principles usually include elements such as stakeholder engagement, project management, data collection, data analysis, findings orientation, indicator tracking and monitoring framework, evaluation framework, and capacity building.

While some organizations may tailor these principles to suit their needs and structure, the fundamental principle remains the same: after deployment of the M&E system, all stakeholders involved should be enabled to track performance along measurable indicators in order to understand what direction the organization is heading in.

Assignment Task 2: Describe the functions and components in the systems.

Systems are an integral part of many operations and processes in businesses, organizations, and other settings. The basic components of a system include input and output devices, processing elements, inputs, outputs, components that store data (e.g., memory) and instructions (e.g. programs), a feedback loop and control mechanisms. Systems perform functions such as accepting data or instructions from users, transforming input into output, responding to changing conditions in study systems’ environments or enabling a system to interface with another system and collecting and displaying results/information.

Hence, system functions encompass activities involved in sensing changes in the environment; actuating changes; data processing (acquiring data from the environment or user interfaces); theorizing about possible goals; problem-solving; selecting from alternatives; decision-making; integrating sensory-motor tasks with cognitive tasks; using memory to support sequential processing of information.

Assignment Task 3: Demonstrate understanding of installation, testing and commissioning of the systems.

Installation, testing and commissioning of systems require a comprehensive understanding of components and their interaction. Successful accomplishment of each step involves identifying existing data or locating pertinent information to ensure systems will function to specification. Through testing and successful completion of the commissioning process, operational parameters, performance criteria and maintenance responsibility can be verified. These processes provide valuable insight into user expectations as well as increase the chances of reliable operation in the long term.

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Assignment Task 4: Identify the problem when there is a building service breakdown.

When there is a breakdown in building services, such as plumbing, electricity and air conditioning, it can be difficult to immediately identify the problem and find an efficient solution. It is important to take the right steps to ensure that any damage caused by the breakdown can be minimized and rectified in a timely manner. Comprehensive fault diagnosis must be conducted in order to accurately determine where the problem lies and who is responsible for fixing it. In some cases, multiple organizations may need to cooperate with one another to ensure that all necessary repairs are carried out quickly. As soon as the issue has been identified, action should be taken straight away in order to restore the building service without further disruption.

Assignment Task 5: Review building services if they adhere to the relevant standards, regulations and safety requirements.

Building services should always adhere to the relevant standards, regulations and safety requirements. It is important that these services are reviewed regularly to ensure they remain in line with current industry standards and regulations, while also adhering to all safety requirements applicable. It is essential to examine any building service from its start-up phase through to routine maintenance of operation, as well as monitor related tests, inspections and data findings for accuracy and information. Regular review of building services allows for timely updates as needed and promotes an efficient operating cycle.

Assignment Task 6: Determine action to take when there are faults or breakdowns.

When faults or breakdowns occur, it is important to take the necessary steps to identify and address the issue quickly. Firstly, make sure that appropriate safety protocols are followed so as to minimize any potential risks. Next, attempt to diagnose the problem and its causes by testing components of the system and other related elements.

After diagnosing the cause of the fault, create a plan for rectifying it according to safety requirements. Finally, follow through on the corrective measures outlined in order to restore the functioning of the system correctly. Utilizing this approach ensures that faults or breakdowns are handled quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption caused.

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