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FEM203 Procurement Management TMA Assignment Sample

Procurement management is one of those essential processes that a construction project should take care of. Thus, it has become a more necessary concern for the management students to have a keen knowledge of. In order to understand and gain effective knowledge and skills in the procurement process, Singaporean students opt for the FEM203 Procurement Management offered at Singapore University of Social Sciences.

This course teaches the students a variety of topics providing them with sound knowledge of the procurement plans & strategies as well as the entire process. Not only this, but students also get various types of writing tasks along with the expertise of the subject.

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Students get an opportunity to score high through their Tutor Marked Assignments and GBAs that contains 30-40% weightage of marks in the final course result. In order to score well in these students go through various FEM203 Procurement Management TMA assignments samples which help them to produce an effective assignment.

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Major Objective Of SUSS FEM203 Course

SUSS University offers the FEM203 course with an aim to train the management students with an understanding of the procurement process for construction projects. This course equips the students with the skills of preparing tender documents as well as the tendering procedures.

Moreover, this course also covers traditional procurement methods which make the students efficient to implement the suitable one in the practical scenario. Also, students get to learn the designing & building, management contracting, comprehensive contracts, two-stage tendering.

The entire course will train the students with effective knowledge that they become able to comprehend the pros and cons of different procurement methods.

Besides, the SUSS FEM203 course also aims to furnish the SG students with writing skills of simple specifications and descriptions for works and services.

Introduction To Procurement Management

Procurement management can be referred as a strategic approach to optimize the organization’s spend. This is a process that enables the organization to work effectively in terms of acquiring good/ products. It involves sourcing, requisitioning, ordering, inspection, and reconciliation. This means obtaining the products/ goods from the right vendor in the estimated budget on or before the deadline.

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Subject Matter Of SUSS FEM203 Procurement Management Course

As the SUSS FEM203 course teaches various things about whats, whys, and how about the process of procurement management; this whole information and knowledge is bound in form of discrete topics.

The main topics that the FEM203 SUSS course includes are as follows: –

  • Development of Procurement Plan and Strategies
  • Procurement Management for Developers
  • Procurement Management for Contractors (e.g. sub-contractors and suppliers)
  • Tendering Procedures
  • Contractual Arrangements
  • Classification and Registration of Contractors, Suppliers, and Consultants
  • Prequalification of Contractor
  • Specification and Descriptions Writing
  • Tender Evaluation & Award
  • Tendering Documentation
  • Trends and Development in Contractual Arrangements and Procurement
  • Moving Forward in Procurement

Notable Learning Outcomes Of SUSS FEM203 Course

Pursuing a course like FEM203 is proved to be very beneficial for the management students. They get to learn in-depth knowledge and outstanding skills to perform well in the relevant practical arena.

Here are the basic educational upshots that students gain from the FEM203 Procurement Management course: –

  • They will be able to explain the entire procurement process and tendering procedures
  • Discuss the positives and negatives of different procurement methods
  • Capable of translating simple specifications and descriptions for works and services
  • Review procurement assessment criteria and compare tenders
  • Prepare tender documents
  • Utilize working knowledge of finance, budgeting, and resource allocation to manage the procurement process for projects

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