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Updated on: 8th Dec 2022

EPEF013 Organisational Behaviour Assignment Sample Singapore

The EPEF013 Organisational Behaviour course at the European Post-experience Foundation is designed to help students understand how people work together in organisations and develop the skills needed to be effective leaders. Through a variety of interactive activities, students will learn about different theories of organisational behaviour, as well as how to apply these theories in real-world scenarios. The course is perfect for professionals who want to further their careers or transition into a leadership role.​

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Understand the key determinants of human behaviour at the individual, group and organisational levels.

Humans are complex and fascinating creatures, whose behaviour is determined by a range of factors. Understanding the key determinants of human behaviour at all levels is essential for successful organisation and management in the modern workplace. At the individual level, personal psychology and life experience shape behaviour caused by internal motivations such as attitudes and beliefs. At the group level, interactions between people trigger behaviours dictated by norms, roles and power relations among members of the group.

Finally, structural aspects at an organisational level, such as rules, standards or policies – as well as general conditions that are external to organisations – also guide behavioural patterns in groups or organisations. This makes it clear why understanding human behaviour is so important – all these determinants ultimately contribute to a healthy organisational culture and thus impact productivity in day-to-day operations.

Apply Organisational Behaviour concepts in improving personal, interpersonal and group interaction skills.

Organisational behaviour provides us with the tools needed to develop our personal, interpersonal and group interaction skills. Through practices such as role-playing and self-awareness activities, we are able to better understand how our communication style and behaviours may be impacting our relationships among others and how to effectively adjust them.

While these strategies can often provide an individual with the opportunity to make changes in their interactions on an individual level, they can also be invaluable when used to improve the way a team works together. By fostering an understanding of emotional intelligence through open dialogue and creating a safe space that enables team members to express themselves openly, people are better able to identify ways in which they can learn from one another and develop stronger working relationships between each other.

With this knowledge, individuals are then empowered to apply these behaviours within not just their teams but also wider organisational structures. By understanding dynamics among team members, individuals can work to build trust, resolve conflicts and promote collaboration between teams.

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Studying Organisational Behaviour provides us with the knowledge and skills needed to lead an organisation successfully.

Leadership is one of the most important roles in any organisation – successful leaders must possess a blend of management, communication and interpersonal skills. Studying Organisational Behaviour provides us with the knowledge and insights needed to effectively lead a team or organisation in today’s complex world.

At the European Post-experience Foundation, our Organisational Behaviour course is tailored to help individuals develop these skills by exploring different theories, models and tools used in leadership and management. The course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and theories of organisational behaviour, as well as how to apply these theories in real-world scenarios. Through this course, students will gain insights into building successful teams, managing conflicts and dealing with difficult situations – all of which are essential skills for any leader or manager.

By understanding human behaviour, we can create a workplace environment where employees are able to thrive and contribute to the organisation’s success.

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