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What is an environmental impact assessment?

Environmental impact assessment can be defined as the process by which we can gather the information related to environmental effects, assess it and come to the conclusion that whether we can approve the proposed development or not. The major aim of such an assessment is to enhance the decision making quality by making the identification of latent environmental issues related to the project.

Environmental statement with respect to EIA:

An environmental statement can be seen as the publicly accessible document. It sets out the very own assessment of the developer of the beyond question environmental effects of his intended development. It’s prepared by the developer and submitted along with his coming up with application. Whereas the dependability for getting ready the environmental statement lies with the developer, his responsibility is to see those civic authorities with appropriate info. Those bodies square measure needed to form out there to the developer such environmental info as is also relevant.

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Each of the environmental statements that is prepared should embody an outline of the project, the most impacts it’s doubtless to own on the surroundings, an outline of the way envisaged to shun, scale back or solution vital unpleasant environmental effects, an outline of the most alternatives considered by the developer and a outline, in non-technical language.

The developments that are subject to EIA taken as the part of the planning procedures:

EIA can be defined as either of the following:

Schedule 1 development: In such development, the environmental statement is required in all cases.

Schedule 2 development: In such development, EIA is essential only if the project is likely to give mount to noteworthy environmental impacts.

In case any art of the projected development belongs to the sensitive area or any threshold in Column 2 of that Schedule is exceeded or met, EIA might be needed.

What do you understand by a sensitive area?

Sensitive areas can be defined as Special Areas of Conservation under the Habitats Directive), European Sites (Special Protection Areas classified under the Wild Birds Directive, world heritage sites, national parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs), Areas of Special Scientific Interest (ASSIs).

Who confirms the necessity of EIA?

It is the responsibility of developer to decide whether the project falls under schedule 1 or schedule 2 or whether is in or partly in a sensitive area and submit an ES with his planning application. The developer also can send an application to the department to ask the requirement of EIA. It is necessary to ask to the department about the requirement as soon as he is able to provide the basic information. In case of an EIA application you cannot process it until the you have receive the ES.

How can we determine the importance in case of schedule 2 projects?

There are 3 fundamental contemplations to be considered:

The qualities of the improvement, including its size, cumulation with different advancements, utilization of regular assets, creation of waste, contamination and disturbance and the danger of mishaps having respect to the substances and innovations utilized;

The area of the advancement for example the current land use, the wealth of regular assets in the zone and whether it is expected for a delicate area; and

The attributes of the potential effect, its length and recurrence, transfrontier nature and so on.

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The benefits of EIA:

Ecological Impact Assessment ought to give a premise to better basic leadership for the Department and other open bodies with natural duties. For engineers, the procedure should draw consideration at a beginning time, to the potential environmental impacts of the proposition so the choices can be analyzed or medicinal estimates joined in the plans. Another bit of leeway is that the ramifications of proposed new advancement ought to be completely broke down before an arranging application is made, and increasingly extensive data furnished with the application.

The role of EIA to help public:

The general public’s concern about new development is generally about the unknown and the unseen. By providing a full analysis of the environmental effects, EIA can help allay fears created by a lack of information.  At the same time, it can also inform the public on the main issues which the Department will address in reaching its decision on the planning application.

Discuss the development that is not related to EIA:

Where EIA isn’t required, natural impacts will be among the contemplations considered by the Department in choosing whether or not to allow arranging consent.

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