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EMT101 Events Planning and Management Assignment Sample SUSS Singapore

EMT101 Events Planning and Management Assignment Sample SUSS Singapore

EMT101 Events Planning and Management is the essential course for anyone looking to plan their next event. This class will cover everything from strategic planning, creativity, operational resources, marketing and sponsorship all while considering health safety as well as risk management in events. The more you know about this subject matter that affects so many people’s lives on a daily basis-the better!

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And you won’t just get an overview of what the event industry is like; you will also look at policy related problems which includes health safety risk management for all types of events including festivals concerts public gatherings parades house parties weddings or funerals!

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At the end of this course, Singaporean students will be able to learn Events Planning and Management module with the help of the following learning outcomes:

1.Describe the different types of events and their various objectives/intents

The various types of events are fundraising, cause awareness (social), Professional event, social connection.

Fundraising is a donation event for nonprofit organizations and charity. The aim of these events is to raise money for those in need and support worthy causes. Auctions are one form of fundraiser where donated items are sold with the proceeds benefiting the organizer’s organization(s). Examples include Art Auction, Clothes Drive or Garage Sale

Cause Awareness (Social) is an event dedicated to spreading awareness to something important happening in our world that needs addressing such as a delicate topic like human trafficking or march against nuclear proliferation. Events can be protests or marches that draw public attention towards whatever topic it intends on addressing and helps create more momentum towards making positive changes.

Professional Events are a type of event that will increase awareness in an area of specialty or professional field where people can network and share information on new methods they have found to be successful within their specific industry. Some examples include:

  • Continuing Education Conferences/Conventions – Conference providing continuing education opportunities for existing professionals as well as training for those seeking to enter the industry.
  • Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED) Talks – An annual conference held first in 1984 with leading thinkers sharing ideas worth spreading in areas such as technology, entertainment, design science etc.
  • Keynotes Address – A speech given typically by a distinguished guest speaker before an audience at a gathering or ceremony celebrating some sort of anniversary, graduation, or achievement.
  • Conferences – A large meeting of people who come together to discuss a particular issue or topic and hopefully comes out with resolutions that will help contribute towards resolving whatever problem the conference is addressing. Conferences can be held for various reasons including business, politics, science etc.

Social Connection Events such as house parties are organized so that people in the neighborhood have an opportunity to make new friends and meet other members of their community. These are informal social events where guests are generally known to one another unlike more public events like concerts or parades. Other examples include:  House Parties, Holiday Party/Christmas Party and Wedding Reception.

2. Explain the process of planning and managing events

The process of event planning typically falls into three main steps, Preparation, Execution and Recovery.

Preparation includes researching the market to find a need that can be met with an event and then thoroughly understanding the needs of potential consumers in that segment. It also includes developing a clear idea on the possible formats for the event, identifying how it would be positioned in order to persuade people to attend as well as who may benefit from attending (target audience).

Other tasks include selecting venue and suppliers. Developing relationships with potential sponsors is also important because they could have a huge impact on success. Finally Planning out estimated budgets is crucial step when estimating expenditures for events such as food catering or travel expenses.

Execution entails implementing & executing the ideas, plans and strategies outlined during planning and also managing any unexpected situations that may arise. Typically execution is broken into the following steps: actual programming (if relevant), design & implementation of promotion tools, recruitment for organizing committee members/committee chairperson, recruiting volunteers/volunteers to help with setup, running through all aspects of event-planning including vendor contracts etc.

Recovery entails analyzing effectiveness of the event by conducting surveys or exit interviews to determine whether a new product launch was successful or whether fund raising event reached its goals. The feedback gathered from attendees helps fine-tune future events in order to achieve greater success.

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3. Discuss the role of government(s) and public policy in events

Governments and public policies have a role to play in events when they are part of the event, or can be involved before, during or after an event. Governments often play a supportive role in that they provide funding for research or management as well as regulations. Public policy enforcement may depend on the type of event being discussed government policy may be enforced before, during and/or after disaster strikes but it is always present in some capacity.

Government regulation has played a large factor in disasters such as nuclear meltdown accidents at Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant following earthquakes and tsunamis respectively. Governments are also heavily involved with natural disasters due to their sheer size which sometimes destroys infrastructure disrupting governance systems that affect citizens.

4. Identify and manage the resources necessary for an event

It’s important to have a clear plan and objectives for any event as that will help you identify the necessary resources. Start by estimating attendees, other possible activities or speakers, equipment availability, indoor or outdoor location and food requirements.

If you need things like microphones or tables, it’s best to make sure these are available before time runs out – usually rental agencies work on tight deadlines. Consider what needs to be transported if renting vehicles are needed and have an idea of how much space is required well in advance of the event- this can mean significantly improving your budgeting process early on where possible.

5. Demonstrate the ability to plan and manage diverse range of events

They must be able to plan and manage events, which is paramount for event management professionals. They should have excellent customer service skills, strong organization abilities and the ability to work as a team player.

Roles in this profession include event planning coordinator, event coordinator based in field or at headquarters office or who works remotely from home, special events coordinators and operations executives; also includes staff-level positions such as assistant conference directors, committee managers on a board of directors/trustees or advisory board. Nowadays they are also called part of conferences rather than meeting planners due to clients focusing on the cost per person ratio for their meetings (e.g., per person registration fees).

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6. Review the outcomes, impacts, benefits, and costs of an event

There are many outcomes that can occur from an event. For better or worse, these events change our future. The impacts of the event usually arise before, during, and after the event. It’s this post-event period when the benefits and drawbacks may be most noticed by observers of said event. The costs of any given thing are often a bite to chew on for those who will spend their resources on it in both time and money.

This answer has attempted to put this into context for you insofar that there will always be some outcome given some circumstance or another and we should use our best judgement knowing the costs associated with what we do so as not to diminish what could come next because nobody knows what is going to happen just around.

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