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EGS1002 Global Studies Assignment Sample Singapore

This assessment can provide students with the skills they’ll need for their cross-cultural experience. They will study how to deal effectively in a global environment, including an understanding of different cultures and important principles like hospitality or respectfulness towards other people’s customs so that interaction doesn’t get too awkward! In addition, there are courses on politics & economics which prepare one to take part actively within society at large – whether locally or abroad. The last hour covers social sciences such as technology but also historical facts about each specific country where you might end up working after graduation day.

EGS1002 Global Studies Assignment Sample Singapore

The study of Global Studies is an interesting one. It requires you to have a global mindset so that you are not blinded by the local perspective. This course will teach you about different cultures and how they interrelate with each other, as well as give you insights into globalization. Learning about the world through this lens will give you a fresh perspective on your own environment and community.

Objective Of (EGS1002) Global Studies Course

Objectives of this (EGS1002) Global Studies course are to learn about the importance of cultural and environmental sustainability, identify and understand the interconnectedness of local issues such as climate change, global trade behavior, etc. and develop an understanding that cultural identity is not necessarily tied to one’s ethnicity. This will be accomplished through readings, lectures by guest speakers, videos, and physical tours/field trips which also encompass social justice topics.

We’ll address current events in our region and around the world -such as immigration, refugee populations, etc. while deepening your awareness about population growth: its implications for governments policies; inevitable resource depletion; migration patterns; increased food scarcity, etc. And we will examine global production processes affecting the environment; increasing the frequency of natural disasters and climate change.

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Course Contents

Global Studies is a very broad course and the entire world is our focus. We’ll start off with Singapore, as this country has unique characteristics as a society since it’s such a small island nation, as well as new to many of us on campus. There are different ethnicities and religions which requires you to be open-minded and truly understand how multiculturalism works before we can appreciate other cultures even more deeply.

The instructor will give some background information about its history and political structure especially considering how new it is as a country, having only gained independence in 1965! Then we will work together to develop strategies for economic survival on an international scale – using case studies from around the world. And we’ll expose ourselves to countries in Southeast Asia and beyond through literature and current events, as well as understand the political and economic consequences of our actions.

This Global Studies course encompasses a great deal of information about world cultures, social structures, global production processes, and the environment. During this course, students will make use of what they know about Singapore as well as develop their cross-cultural communication skills to interact more effectively with people from another culture.

A lot of pre-course work is required before coming to class (reading, research, videos/YouTube), which can be done at home or in the library. Class time will mostly involve group discussion and sharing of personal experiences.

Different types of assignment that include in this course:

  • Group based assignment
  • Individual assignment
  • Tutor marked assignment
  • Timed online assignment

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