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EE8086 Astronomy – Stars, Galaxies & Cosmology – NTU Assignment Sample

Do stars, moon, Sun, planets or Galaxy is the terms that attract you?

Then my friend here Come a golden opportunity for you.

Singapore’s famous university very well known as Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is offering a course on astronomy.

Astronomy is based on a natural science of studying about galaxies, planets, stars, comets and other celestial bodies. It deals with their origin and about their evolution.

This course consists of academic units 3 which would be evaluated through written examination and continuous assessment in the ratio of 60:40.

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Here we are providing a brief about the course structure and key learning’s so that students can have an idea about assessments related to this course.

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Contents of the EE8086 Astronomy Course

Here we are enclosing details of the contents that are included in this course on which students would be writing examinations and assignments.

This course includes an introduction of modern astronomy and its origin.

Moreover, this will include in detail study about stars like how to read them, the life of stars and their beginning. The analysis of the entire solar system and the mysterious ahead. Finally the learners will study about space exploration and its future.

Also, students go through various Science and Technology samples to get in depth knowledge about this field.

In addition, students will learn about telescopes and binoculars use for observing the sky. Learning of basic star chart and understanding of celestial co-ordinate system.

Students wonder about what they will learn by the end of this course.

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Learning objectives of EE8086 Astronomy Course

The basic goal behind the designing of this course is to provide students with the fundamental knowledge about astronomy.

Moreover, through this course students will get to understand about the origin of galaxies, the birth of the universe, the formation of planets and the evolution of stars.

Even more, the main key area to be studied is our solar system. Various unanswered mysteries related to the universe and mankind will be studied which will help students undergo their own exploration.

Also, students will get to know about the diverse facts related to science and will have opportunities of participating in varied practical sessions.

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Students look for the alternative due to short deadlines, lack of time, unavailability of required textbooks and lack of various study material.

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Career path in astronomy

Astronomy has a vast scope in today’s era. It is becoming area of interest for students in present times. Various career options available are

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