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ECS1005 Communication & Information Literacy SUSS Assignment Sample

Communication and Information Literacy are two of the most important skills in today’s world. Your ability to communicate effectively while using information wisely can help you succeed in your studies, your career, and even your relationships.

ECS1005 Communication & Information Literacy SUSS Assignment Sample

This ECS1005 communication and information literacy assignment focuses on the importance of communication and information literacy in a digital world. Therefore, you will need to use a range of communication and information literacy skills in order to complete the continuous assessment tasks.

Aim And Objective Of (ECS1005) Communication And Information Literacy Assignment

The aim and objective of the Communications and Information Literacy course are to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become competent users of information in a variety of personal and work-related settings. The course prepares students for employment or further study in careers that require understanding information from a variety of sources; supports lifelong learning, and helps individuals develop habits and behaviors that lead to responsible citizenship in an increasingly technological society.

Through critical thinking, communications skills instruction, awareness of privacy issues, research approaches/skills development opportunities (including access), socio-culturally diverse literacies will be addressed.

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There are some points about the Importance of Communication and Information Literacy:

  1. The ability to identify and discuss various types of digital communication. This includes social media, email marketing campaigns, or any other type that may arise in today’s ever-changing world!
  2. In a world where information is constantly being created and consumed, the ability to manage it effectively has become more important than ever.
  3. The nature of today’s society has changed drastically, and so too must our methods for communicating. If ethically ad dependably is key values in which you wish to engage then it is essential that these two concepts be paired with each other when identifying appropriate communication technologies such as email or social media platforms like Facebook etc.
  4. Improving our understanding of the world by using new information, communication, and technology tools.
  5. Have you ever wondered how people react when they start to use electronic media? What I’m talking about here is the power of social issues and their intersections with technology like Facebook, Twitter, etc. It can be really eye-opening for some users as well!

Different Types Of Assessment

  1. Tutorial assessments
  2. Computer-based assessment
  3. Continuous assessment
  4. Summative assessment
  5. Formative assessment
  6. Reflective writing

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