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ECE 102 Children as Thinkers and Meaning Makers Assignment Sample SUSS Singapore

ECE 102 Children as Thinkers and Meaning Makers Assignment Sample SUSS

In this assignment sample, we will be going to the ECE 102 Children as Thinkers and Meaning Makers Assignment Sample SUSS, Singapore. This course examines how young children think and learn as they make sense of the world around them. It builds upon the introduction to key learning theories from ECE 100, zeroing in on the process of knowledge construction by children.

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The importance of fostering an executive function will be considered; including dispositions such as curiosity, persistence, flexibility, reflectiveness, and a collaborative outlook to problem-solving that helps kids become engaged learners.

This course was designed to help participants to develop stronger learning dispositions through specific reflective ideas. Students will be able to conceptualize the significance of their own inner voice and explore how they can encourage reflection in young children.

This course also offers an opportunity for you to reflect on your past experiences as a young child, re-imagine your current situations as a teacher or parent, and consider future visions about how children may learn best based on their stages of cognitive growth as well as their social contexts.

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At the end of this course, students will be able to understand ECE 102 Children as Thinkers and Meaning Makers with the help of these learning outcomes:

1.Identify the key assumptions underlying the three main theories of development

Out-of-school learning: In this theory, development is primarily driven by what children are doing in their everyday lives. Sometimes called experiential-learning theories, these ideas have strong roots both in the work of Jean Piaget and in the influential work of Lev Vygotsky.

Quarterly Progress Report Sent to Parents (Parent): This viewpoint assumes that a child’s progress occurs at regular intervals and is not continuous across time. This approach does not take into consideration the child’s varied life circumstances or how they may affect the developmental course.

Model for Educational Evaluation (ME): Development is seen as varying between future achievers who develop steadily throughout elementary school and slackers who need considerable intervention during all school.

2.Discuss the importance of critical thinking as a foundation for the development

Critical thinking is a powerful, and necessary, foundation of every successful individual. It equips a person with the mental skills and mindsets to solve complex problems and make decisions for them.

A person with good critical thinking skills can easily evaluate any claim on its merits in order to determine if it’s valid or not. They can then examine every reasoning process that leads up to that conclusion in order to better understand how it was formed, where the flaws may be, and what other conclusions are possible given those same arguments.

3.Explain the relationship between the five key dispositions and learning

The Five Dispositions towards learning is all about where you are going. To become an excellent learner, start by cultivating these four dispositions for learning and learning skills: curiosity, optimism, self-efficacy, and diligence. And you must also have appropriate systems that guide your actions in the process of designing even more effective strategies.

“Cultivating these four dispositions for learning can help learners to separate from their biases (caused by environment or inertia) while building a good feedback culture in which they can learn from mistakes.”

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4.Describe the theories underlying the notion of constructivism

The notion of constructivism is a concept that one’s knowledge, thoughts, and understanding are not passively received from the environment. Rather, an individual makes them himself or herself through participation in an experience.

The philosophy can be traced back to the earlier social-constructionist theories such as the componential model developed by Charles Snow and David Berliner. It also has roots in Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development stage by Robert Kegan’s theory of adult human development (although they are often on different scales).

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5.Analyze the implications of intentionality in teaching

There are a number of implications for intentionality in the teaching and learning process. One of the most common implications is that students learn more when given explicit instruction. In this context, “explicit” means that teachers articulate to their students what they want them to do with support tools such as graphics and animations.

It has been found students who receive explicit instruction develop better conceptual understanding as opposed to students who have merely observed the activity up until this point in time.

The overall gist is that intentionality matters when it comes down to teaching and learning so educators should make every effort possible to be conscious of their actions so no detail goes unnoticed or unplanned for realizing how much impact they can have on a student’s life overall.

6.Propose play-based strategies for promoting critical thinking skills in young children

Playing games is a great way to promote critical think skills. As children, we typically learn by playing and asking questions, which are both core components in critical thinking. Games give children the opportunity to explore their thoughts and feelings while being active participants in navigating their way through a decision-making process that includes many options.

One way of doing this is by imagining themselves in different pretend roles or taking on different perspectives. For example, they could ask themselves what would happen if Batman had not thought of his plan before going on patrol or why Joe does not share more with Jill when it makes times fun just as much for him too.

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