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EAS101 Aerospace Management TMA Assignment Sample

There is a large demand for business graduates who have profound knowledge of the aerospace field, it’s needs, and relevant business strategies. Several Singaporean students aspire to learn a course namely EAS101 Aerospace Management at SUSS University.

The top leading Singapore University of Social Sciences offers a variety of course programs to the students of various fields. EAS101 is also one of those courses and provides the students with effective knowledge and understanding related to businesses related to the aerospace industry.

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Along with the great wisdom, like other courses, this EAS101 course also assigns different group-based assignments to the students. Besides, the GBAs do not come alone but with many more writing tasks like writing tutor assignments answers, case studies, report making, etc. For completing such tasks, students generally go through some EAS101 Aerospace Management TMA Assignment Samples.

What Does The SUSS EAS101 Course Focus On?

Since aerospace management is the backbone of the aviation business, the EAS101 course covers all the essential topics and information to make the students knowledgeable.

The EAS101 SUSS course aims to educate the students with potent knowledge of different areas of business and organizational management, using the aerospace industry’s specific needs as case studies.

Also, this course equips the students with efficient skills of supervising the routine operations that are undertaken by the ground personnel of the airport or by an organization in the aviation sector. EAS101 Aerospace Management course aims to make the SUSS students capable enough to work on high-level positions dealing with various responsibilities related to ground personnel.

In addition, this course also focuses on equipping the students with effective communication skills along with strong leadership as well as organizational skills.

Introduction to Aerospace Management

Aerospace management is a huge field that contains various topics related to aviation. This arena comprises of operation of airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturers, and the business related to the aerospace industry.

Aerospace/ aviation management shows up in the form of a course for students giving them knowledge of the operational field of aviation as a whole.

Moreover, aerospace management is all about running and managing the entire aviation field and the relevant business.

Course Structure Of EAS101 Aerospace Management?

The basic course structure of EAS101 comprises of the following topics: –

  • Airworthiness
  • Accounting
  • Commercial Law
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Leadership and Management

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Along with these topics and in-depth knowledge about these, the EAS101 course structure also comprises of some assignments and quizzes that are also an essential part of the course. This is so because these additional academic activities carry 30-40% weightage of the marks in the final course result.

Educational Attainments Of SUSS EAS101 Course

Here are the primary learning outcomes of the EAS101 SUSS course: –

  • Explain the principles of accounting and fundamentals of marketing
  • Cite key commercial law applications
  • Explain and implement the solid skills of human resource management and leadership as well
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of business fundamentals in the aviation industry
  • Analyze and work according to the requirement and regulations of Singapore aviation to ensure aircraft airworthiness
  • Effectively run and manage an aviation industry

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