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CV8005 Ancient Chinese Architecture and Manmade wonders NTU Assessment

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) ancient Chinese architecture and manmade wonders module will focus on traditional Chinese architecture and man-made wonders. The ntu CV8005 course will focus on their cultural and historical background also.

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The CV8005 ancient Chinese architecture and manmade wonders module Learning outcome

The ntu ancient Chinese architecture and manmade wonders course are the Ntu Liberal Arts (LA) and liberal studies (LS) electives.

By the end of the CV8005 ntu module, you as a student would be able to learn the following

1. To enhance candidates knowledge of aesthetics related to traditional Chinese architectures

Candidates will have an opportunity to learn the aesthetics and knowledge of Chinese architecture through the CV8005 subject. The beauty of its architecture lies in the features like wood in construction, auspicious colours, symmetrical layout, Geographic variation, and great consistency.

2. To enrich the candidate’s knowledge of engineering perspective related to ancient Chinese architecture

The engineering aspects of Chinese architecture will include structural forms, foundations, construction material, and infrastructure systems in ancient Chinese architecture and manmade wonders assignments. Chinese architecture has unique features and style which is visible through elegant Gardens to the palaces.

3. To make students learn the basic form of traditional Chinese architecture

You will get to introduce to the basic form of Chinese architecture that will include Gardens, tombs, temples, homes, and palaces in NTU ancient Chinese architecture and manmade wonders curriculum.

4. To make students learn about the historical background of ancient Chinese architecture

Students would be able to track the long history of the Ancient Chinese architecture, their layout, and structures. You will study the blend of Arabian and European architecture used to create such architectural miracles in ntu CV8005 notes.

5. To enable scholars getting an insight into the cultural background of the Chinese architecture

We will study how the Chinese deep culture i.e. displayed wonderfully by its unique architecture. Also to know How does it vary by religion, the period of history, ethnicity, and by region by attending ancient Chinese architecture and manmade wonders lectures.

6. Students would have the opportunity to give comments and study the architectures from the Civil Engineering perspectives.

They would be able to learn ancient and modern architecture from the Civil Engineering perspective covered in this ntu module. We will study the wooden building construction and how the building will survive the typhoon, earthquake, and easier to rebuild.

7. Learners would learn about the characteristics of Chinese ancient architectures

The characteristics of Chinese architecture will include town planning, use of space, landscape; Gardens, world compounds, wooden panelling, and columns raised pavilions. These are still playing a significant role in modern architecture across Asia. The ntu CV8005 syllabus will cover such topics.

8. They would also get an introduction to various man-made wonders in traditional China

  • In this ntu ancient Chinese architecture and manmade wonders module, Scholars will learn about man-made wonders in ancient times of Chinese life, the great canal, the great wall, and the Dujiangyan dam.
  • China has wonderful man-made structures, the greatest civilizations, and ancient Empires. They have the manpower and skills to accomplish amazing art, engineering, and architecture.

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Frequently asked questions

Q.1 What is the CV8005 ancient Chinese architecture and manmade wonders course content?

Ans:  The content of the NTU CV8005 course will include traditional Chinese architecture, its cultural and historical background, engineering, and introduction to man-made wonders. Before enrolling you can go through subject reviews provided online to know more about this ntu module.

Q.2 Is this CV8005 NTU module easier to get good marks?

Ans:  Yes the ancient Chinese architecture and manmade wonders NTU syllabus are easier to achieve good marks. For this, you need to study from ntu past year paper answers and attend regular lectures. You also need to submit assignments, essays, and coursework assigned by your instructors before reaching the deadline date.

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