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Wouldn’t it be nice if you can develop the skill to assess personal financial health using financial statements and ratios, the value of money, taxation andinsurance planning? The course Managing Your Personal Finances (COR167) in SUSS or other management universities in Singapore offers you the best opportunity to learn this.

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There is a sample that may give you an idea about the Managing Your Personal Finances (COR167) course.

What is Personal Finance Management? 

Personal Finance depends on your income expenses living requirements, fulfilling goals and desires. One has to make most of his/her income by considering all financial constraints.

Personal Finance Management means managing the money in terms of saving and investments with due care of expenditures and changing financial scenarios. It is a financial journey to fulfill the desires and reach the setup goals through the management of an individual’s wealth properly. It involves wealth creation, growth, cash investment, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance planning, and tax planning. Personal finance management is not only important for individual personal planning but also for households and firms as it paves the way for good financial and investment opportunities.

How to manage personal Finance?

Setting priorities for your finance is at the utmost importance to manage personal finance. There should be a clear demarcation between short term and long term goals. For example in short term goals maybe you want to have a Europe trip so you need to save money for it from the current expenses but in long term planning like retirement, estate, you need to invest the money for the long term.

Some tips to make financial goals:

  • Collect the financial data, the sources, market information and prioritize your goals accordingly
  • Create the difference between short term and long term financial goals.

1-Short terms may include decreasing your money expense, paying credit bills, etc.

2-Long term goals include long term planning of finance like buying a home, retiring early, paying debt or loans.

  • Prioritize the goals with bit discipline like using budgeting system by yourself or with the help of budgeting software.
  • Monitoring the regular expenses is also necessary in this regard
  • Keep in mind the emergency situations like loss in job to decrease the fear or stress. Managing an emergency or contingency fund will also be necessary in that situation.

How COR167 course help Singapore University Management Students? 

As a student of management in Singapore universities, you will be well versed in personal financial planning and you can manage each financial decision with due consideration of short term and long term effects. Some examples of learning of this course are as such:

  • You can achieve ways to eliminate liabilities
  • One can develop the skill to assess the personal financial situation
  • You can easily create a personalized financial plan
  • You can make a realistic budget plan and adapt a debt-free lifestyle.
  • You will be well versed in the preparation of tax payments
  • This course helps to understand the importance of saving and investments.
  • After this course, you will be equipped with diverse practices to improve good financial management habits
  • You will be exposed to different plans of banks and other financial institutions.
  • You can lead a stress-free life with various financial cycles and can easily develop suitable retirement plans.

After this course, one can participate in effective financial planning. This course also opens the career prospects like a financial planner, financial advisor, Investment bankers, an equity analyst, finance managers, bankers.

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