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COM302 Corporate Communication SUSS TMA Assignment Sample

It is very essential for a student of Humanities and Social Sciences to understand how the issues and relationship between an organization and its different audiences are managed strategically. Hence, the great Singapore University of Social Sciences introduces a course namely COM302 Corporate Communication.

Most of the Singaporean students who wish to make their future bright in this field, opt for the SUSS COM302 course which helps them to enhance their knowledge and skills to fulfill the organization’s requirements. They comprehend the integrated approach that the organizations produce and direct to all the relevant target groups.

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Not only the extensive knowledge but this course also provides the students with various SUSS timed online assignments which help them to boost their knowledge and a chance to improve their overall academic results.

Goal of SUSS COM302 Corporate Communication Course

The SUSS COM302 course intends to enlighten the students with great knowledge and an intense understanding of the strategies important for developing a fine corporate communication system that can help the organization to stay one step ahead of the competition. Students get to know the importance of a corporate communication course and how it helps the enterprise to utilize the tools and strategies to maintain itself ahead of the game.

This course aims to equip the students with expertise in designing programs for crisis communication, develop various strategies in order to exhibit that the organization is a socially responsible subject, and concretize ideas to project an organization’s image, identity, and reputation.

What is Corporate Communication?

Corporate communications refer to the strategies/ ways that different businesses and organizations opt to communicate with their internal as well as external audiences.

These audiences can be: –

  • Employees
  • Customers and potential customers
  • The media and general public
  • Key stakeholders (eg. C-Suite and investors)
  • Government agencies and other third-party regulators

Corporate communications can be in different forms depending upon the type of audience. Eventually, the strategy of corporate communication is in the form of-

  • Written words eg. advertisements, emails, internal or external reports, press releases, website copies, memos, etc.
  • Spoken words eg. interviews, press conferences, meetings, video, etc.
  • Non-spoken words eg. infographics, photographs, illustrations, general branding.

Objectives of Corporate Communication

As corporate communication focuses on developing good relationships between the business/ organization and audiences, this consists of various objectives. The major aims of corporate communications are: –

  • Building a positive relationship and trust
  • Develop a good image and reputation for the organization
  • Promote awareness towards the company’s business, products, and services
  • Generate total communication to achieve the company’s planned objectives
  • Build engaged relationships via-
  1. Two-way communication
  2. Speaking and listening
  3. Push and pull communication

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Topics Included In The COM302 SUSS Course

The COM302 SUSS course explains every little fact or information through different case studies and real-life examples so that the students can analyze the functions of corporate communication. That will ultimately include developing effective communication messages to both its internal and external audiences.

This entire outstanding mastery is provided in the form of different topics.

These are some of the main topics of the SUSS COM302 course:

  • Introduction to Corporate Communication
  • Corporate Identity and Corporate Advertising
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Issues & Crisis Management
  • Media Relations
  • Internal Communications
  • Government Relations
  • Investor Relations
  • Case Studies

Educational Outcomes of SUSS COM302 Course

The students get to learn a lot from this course and become capable of explaining every small thing relevant to the subject. They get a complete understanding of the government, media, investors, as well as public relations with the business.

Here are the major learning outcomes of the SUSS COM302 Corporate Communication course: –

  • Explain the principles and key objectives of corporate communication
  • Inspect the intention of corporate responsibility and the aspects of sponsorship decisions
  • Explain the importance of writing in corporate communication with respect to media
  • Discuss the significance of communication in dealing with issues and during crises
  • Suggest a corporate responsibility program
  • Draft effective press releases
  • Students will be able to design a program to maintain good relations with investors
  • Compose a strong internal communications program

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