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CM8003 From Alchemy to Chemistry- NTU Assignment Help Singapore

We start our day with chemistry. Chemistry has become an inevitable part of our routine life. Although we don’t realize this but we can find chemistry in the air we are breathing, in the food we are eating, in the cleaning chemicals used in our households as well as our body is also made up of chemical compounds.

If the chemistry is your area of interest then you have landed the right page.

Singapore has become a hub of education by providing various course types like MBA, certification programs, advanced diploma, Masters, postgraduate, undergraduate, engineering and others.

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) situated in Singapore has included CM8003 from Alchemy to Chemistry course for students who want to make their career in the field of chemistry.

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Alchemy is considered as the most important factor in the development of modern Chemistry, psychology and medicine.

Here enclosing sample assignment which will provide details of course content and the learning objectives from the assignments provided in this course.

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Structure of the CM8003 course

Alchemy is considered to be an ancient branch which focuses on natural phenomenon, scientific tradition and philosophy practiced throughout Asia in earlier centuries.

Students go through various Engineering and Technology samples to deeply understand each topic included in this course.

Various topics are about Alchemy; the compare and contrast of ancient world chemistry and its future; the Rise of Biochemistry; the development of analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry.

About skeptical chemist and how chemistry turned into a science.The bonding and structure of quantum mechanics.

The Student thinks of the breakup of marks that will finally form their grade sheet.

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Assessment of the CM8003 course

This course consists of three academic units (au). The Student will be assessed through a written examination of 60 % and a continuous assessment of 40 %.

These assessments include various essay writing, assignment, writing case studies, report writing, multiple quizzes, homework, timed online assessment and others.

Plus, these assignments require proper formatting, Precision and accuracy of facts which becomes a time-consuming process for the students as they are involved in other activities simultaneously.

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Moreover, these assessments become a major factor in up scaling the grades of the students.

Also, students search for about the salary structure of a chemical engineer in Singapore.

The average salary turns to be around $52,028 for a chemical Engineer fresher in Singapore.

Moreover, due to many chemical industries being setting up in Singapore there is a hike in demand for chemical engineers in the past few years.

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Educational attainment through CM8003

The knowledge of the students is determined by their performance in various chemistry assignments given to them.

The learning objective behind these assignments is to understand about chemistry and its development from ancient to present time.

About the future scope of chemistry and its utilization in the chemical industry.

Also, it includes a theoretical and practical approach to studying the history of chemistry from ancient civilizations to medieval times until now.

Even more, students will develop laboratory skills needed to conduct, interpret and design chemical research safely.

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Question 2 what are the career options available that a student can pursue after studying chemistry subjects?

Answer the various career options available related to chemistry subjects that a student can pursue are

  • pharmacologist
  • analytical chemist
  • forensic scientist
  • chemical engineer
  • geochemist
  • material scientist
  • water chemist
  • toxicologist and others

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