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CM8002, CM8012, CM8022 Forensic science NTU Assessment

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) CM8002, CM8012, CM8022 NTU module will focus on aspects of various Physical evidence of the Crime Scene like drug identification, fingerprinting, and DNA methods. The Forensic science course will further provide knowledge on forensic medicine, forensic science, and its related areas in the context of Singapore.

For this CM8002, CM8012, CM8022 modules students need to do various university assignments also.

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The CM8002, CM8012, CM8022 Forensic Science Module Educational learning attainments

Forensic science is a GER (General Education Requirement) course and is a part of an STS (Science Technology and Society) elective.

On completion of this CM8002, CM8012, CM8022 Forensic science module you would be able to learn the following:

1. Students will appreciate and understand how basic science is applied to the criminal cases solutions

The Forensic science lecture notes will teach students the basic science behind criminal cases and how it affects its solutions. You would be able to know about the solutions related to criminal cases by studying case studies on real-life criminal situations.

2. You will understand the basic Biology, Physics, and Chemistry behind forensic science and how to apply this knowledge further

  • You will learn about the application of basic science through CM8002, CM8012, CM8022 polling. This is organized before the lecture to get an insight of an understanding by the student regardless of whether the answer is right or wrong.
  • The polling is done to judge the basic knowledge of chemistry, physics, and biology acquired by the students up till now.

3. Understanding how forensic science will fit into the form of other police work and legal system alongside.

Students will learn about the legal system and police work related to forensic science by analyzing various Forensic science case studies. The case study would be provided to students with a series of illustrated diagrams related to the crime scene and the background of the case.

4. You will appreciate the scope of forensic science that is what it can do beyond its limits

  • It will provide you with the basics of forensic science that also includes various real-life case studies including firearms and fingerprinting.
  • You will further learn to analyze, preserve, and collect scientific evidence found during the investigation.

5. Provides general knowledge to detect criminal offences and knowledge of chemical Technology, the use of chemicals, and forensic science to commit.

In this CM8002, CM8012, CM8022 syllabus students will learn about physical evidence at the Crime Scene like drug identification, DNA methods, serology, fibres, hair, firearms, and ammunition and fingerprinting

6. To provide general knowledge in the related field of forensic medicine and forensic science in the context of Singapore

  • We will see the popularity of forensic science and forensic medicine as a career option in Singapore by pursuing the CM8002, CM8012, CM8022 Forensic science course.
  • You will get a brief idea about occupational hazards, working conditions, emotional effects, and the physical image of the forensic scientist working in Singapore.

7. You will develop an understanding of the use of chemical Technology and Chemicals to detect and commit criminal offences.

Candidates will understand the Chemicals and its technology used in forensic studies. It includes visible infrared and ultraviolet spectrophotometry, Atomic absorption spectrophotometry, neutron activation analysis, high-pressure liquid chromatography included in the NTU content topics.

8. Students would be able to analyze and understand the modern development in fields of crime detection

Learners will learn some amazing techniques used in forensic science and the upcoming development like DNA sequencer, fingerprint analysis, hair analysis, forensic facial reconstruction, polymerase chain reaction, and luminol spray. They will learn about them while solving questions asked in CM8002, CM8012, CM8022 Forensic science exams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1 What are various forensic science jobs available in Singapore?

Ans: Various forensic science jobs in Singapore include cyber forensic analyst, clinical research technician, forensic scientist, data analytics (forensic), and other related jobs.

Q. 2 What is the salary of a forensic scientist in Singapore?

Ans: The salary of a forensic scientist in Singapore is around S$50,000 on average. The work of forensic scientist will include aiding investigation by analyzing, protecting, storing and collecting evidence from the crime scenes. Besides, preparing lab report and present them in courts to be used as evidence in law courts. They work both in the field and in forensic laboratories.

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